Klipsch Bluetooth

Klipsch Bluetooth – Through mid-century modern design, the vision of Paul W. Klipsch, and innovative technology, the Klipsch Heritage Wireless One II Tabletop Stereo delivers concert-grade sound to any room in your home.

The One II tabletop stereo system is compact and versatile. Over a foot wide, this professionally tuned 2.1 stereo system delivers crystal clear acoustic performance. With Bluetooth® 4.0 and a 3.5mm analog input for any other audio source, you can get anywhere in your home.

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Klipsch Bluetooth

Klipsch Bluetooth

One II is a 2.1, professionally optimized stereo system that has been amplified twice for an unparalleled sound experience as if you were in the recording studio with the musicians.

Klipsch The One Ii Bluetooth Speaker System (walnut) 1067554 B&h

Featuring luxurious materials such as real wood veneer and tactile switches and buttons, the Klipsch Heritage Wireless Series powered audio systems combine Paul W. Klipsch’s classic design heritage with the newest technologies available today.

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Unfortunately, the speaker does not come with any treble and bass adjustments. However, the speaker has been professionally tuned to provide clear acoustic performance.

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