Kicker Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

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We can invest in a great-sounding, travel-friendly Bluetooth speaker. Right now, the market is flooded with plastic boxes that promise to take music anywhere. But not all speakers are worth your time. While a pair of $25 earbuds sounds good, a $25 speaker won’t, and you shouldn’t bother with a portable speaker unless it has some charm. But like the earbuds I tested this year, the portable speaker is industry-specific. My favorite pick of the year, the Fender Newport, impressed me with its sound design and quality, even though it couldn’t stand up to serious abuse or drowning. But if you need a speaker that’s durable and waterproof, or you need a minimalist speaker, or don’t compromise when studying mundane sounds, I’ve listed options in those categories too.

Kicker Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Kicker Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

The Newport is an almost ubiquitous mid-sized speaker that plays backwards and works really well. Sure, the new Port looks just like one of Fender’s guitar amps, with its classic logo all over the metal grille and volume, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder? The era of our push-button app control.

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But those unique plans will be in vain if the New Port speakers aren’t the best in our testing this year, not just the Vifa Oslo, the $550 model I’m reviewing below. It produces rich, surprising bass (if you like it) and plays at high volume without distortion. The Newport has a Bluetooth range of 33 feet and 12 hours of playback at moderate volume. Since your phone playing Spotify can run out of power before the speakers play, the new port has a USB output that lets you charge your phone while it’s playing. Operating the on/off toggle switch made a fairly loud click, something I hadn’t experienced in years, and I realized I was missing it. No need to cue, hold or look at the blinking lights – tons of clicks, frozen guitar strum cues, and you’re connected. The older you get, the more time you spend together.

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The new port can’t withstand the weather or big drops, but it’s built to be solid – my team tested it on the trails at the tail end, on business trips, and set it up next to the pool for hours of classic laziness blow. Play You can really control the amount of bounce and stick with a very limited sphere, although you can’t control it. Finally, at three pounds, it’s a bit heavy to carry around, but I think it’s worth the trade-off. Smaller speakers sound good. And because of its analogical nature, it’s easy or fun to use.

The BF200 is a heavy, well-built speaker that delivers rich, deep sound. Its rock-solid casing has a thick rubberized finish – the speakers are real – and its IP66 rating can withstand heavy rain (though not full immersion). Our test team got nearly 20 hours of playback on a single charge, which is excellent for a speaker with so much output. I’ve tested other sturdy models, like the fully submersible Vita Proof AQ11 ($300), which do most of what the Bullfrog does, but generally lack the charm and lemony sound.

The BF200 weighs 5.5 pounds, but thanks to the well-integrated handle, it’s never been as heavy as when we shopped. We wanted to put more thought into the basic elements, but otherwise, the outline was as comprehensive as ever. The BF200 has a built-in FM radio, an aux port, and the ability to connect two speakers 30 feet apart, though not true stereo (ie, left and right). It also has a 100-foot connection. I was impressed with the Kicker Connect app, which has a five-band equalizer, a battery-life indicator, and an FM tuner that lets you listen to stations.

Kicker 46kb6g Gray Indoor / Outdoor Full Range, High Efficiency Speakers, Pair

If I wanted to bring extra camp tunes or needed less stuff in my bag, this is the speaker I would go for. The Wonderboom is 4 inches tall and delivers rich 360-degree sound from a cute little pod that hangs only 15 inches. Its IP67 rating means the speaker can be submerged underwater. In my testing, raindrops, kicked into the river, were beautifully exposed to mud and grime. Like Bullfrog, Wonderboom allows two speakers to play music from the same device.

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Wonderboom is one of the best designed products we’ve seen this year. I used the handle to hang it on a branch like a Chinese lantern, and the six colors to choose from are its selling point. But don’t allow yourself to be foolishly deprived of looks. A strong heartbeat. The grand speakers here not only exercise full power within the party, but are also noble in comparison with other similar large units. The great circle is 100 feet; the battery life is ten hours.

Only one of the ultra-lightweight speakers I think has impressed us this year is the SoundLink Micro. Power-wise, it’s not in the same ballpark as larger speakers like the Oslo (below) or the Bullfrog, but it’s on par with the Mirabili in terms of bass and volume. The rubber body absorbs water droplets and is completely waterproof – even great for submersion. A super handy rubber strap is built into the bottom of the SoundLink so you can strap the speaker to the handlebars of a backpack or bike, which I’ve done on many vehicles in the Tucson area. My local bike path has some gentle tech blasts, and even audiobooks that help extend boring breaks and make me want to go for hours. If the SoundLink Micro doesn’t give the bigger speakers an edge when it comes to sound quality, it does have a battle: Bose claims 6 hours of playback time, significantly less than the Wonderboom. In our tests, SoundLink was slightly inferior to that feature. The SoundLink Micro is what you’ve come to expect from Bose—smooth, clear sound that keeps you noticed—and surprisingly affordable. The SoundLink weighs 10.2 inches and has a range of 30 feet.

Kicker Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Danish company Vifa has been selling its speakers in the U.S. for about three years, and it’s clearly designed with visuals in mind. The 11-inch-tall Osloa feels solidly constructed around an aluminum body with a fleece cover woven by fabric manufacturer Kvadrat. At 5.4 pounds, it’s good enough to carry around on a road trip, but I’d prefer to see this expensive speaker offer more weather and abuse-proof feel on the road.

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Kicker Kb6 2 Way Full Range Indoor Outdoor Speakers (pair)

Given how beautiful the views of Oslo are, I was almost stunned when I opened the first volume and heard how wonderful it sounded. The price clearly puts this speaker on the verge of cravings, but listening to it’s dynamic and powerful — an order of magnitude better than anything else in testing — we can’t get the hang of it here. I love my music and few bluetooth models handle such a wide range so perfectly, especially in the bass spectrum, you can feel it in your gut. You might even find yourself driving through Oslo on your local car speakers. sounds good.

All that said, I have one request Vifa: Please make the next speaker nice and rough so I’ll be more comfortable taking it out of the house. The Oslo circle is 33 feet; battery life is ten hours.

Our test team liked the Como Audio Amico ($400) for its retro look and ability to play FM radio, internet radio, Spotify, and more directly when paired with a phone. One major downside keeps us from making simple advice: it’s just too good to take it out. The Edifier MP700 ($180) is a mid-sized waterproof and dustproof product with clear sound, sturdy steel construction, a low-profile design, and great portability via a swing handle. The JBL Pulse 3 ($200) delivers 360-degree sound that syncs with a programmable light show to bring a party vibe to a campground or a boat’s pool. (It’s fully waterproof, but we want to be careful with drops.) Life Proof AQ11 ($299) – “Royal, Dust, Snow, Drop” is a rugged speaker you’ll find and offers above-average sound. Although not as much as the Kicker Bullfrog BF200. Nice touch: Built-in drying box.

. A team of three audio enthusiasts tested 23 units over four months, taking them on road trips and shopping trips, throwing dance parties, watching videos at campsites, knocking them down in the rain, and Install our various models of handlebars. We were splashed, washed, kicked into the dust, knocked down by speakers who were valued for their resistance to storms and onslaughts. The speaker sat down with us during hours of desk work to see how battery life held up. My situation has several speakers

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