Ker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker

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Ker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Ker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Anker makes incredibly portable Bluetooth speakers for $100. Not too long ago I reviewed the Soundcore Motion Plus ($100), which is a bit larger than your average wireless speaker, but delivers solid sound for its size and plenty of bass. The Rave Neo is a different animal — it’s called a “party speaker” and has a handle and LEDs — but it too costs $100 and packs a good punch.

Pilihan Anker Soundcore Motion Plus + Speaker Case

Anker explains this word as “a lot”. I won’t go into too much detail, but it can play really loud – it’s rated at 50 watts, for what it’s worth – and crank out a nice bass boost (the bassup bass boost mode sounds great with it always on. Turn it on). The sound is not exactly refined, but the sound profile works well outdoors or in large spaces because the bass is scattered and loses its explosion. In other words, it’s a great speaker when you’re not standing next to it. A little more distance is better. Anker has an in-home audio option on the speaker interface along with some EQ settings, so you can play around a bit and get it right.

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It is a mono speaker with a 4-inch woofer, 2-inch tweeter and a bass-less port. It weighs 7.7 pounds and is easy to move thanks to its integrated handle. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, it’s waterproof and can be fully submerged in shallow water for a while (if you leave it in a pool). Battery life is rated for at least 18 hours. That number drops significantly if you change things up.

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If you’re really into it, you can connect more than 100 other Rave Neo speakers or the Soundcore Flare 2 ($69) and sync sound and lights to create ambiance. The LEDs can be configured from an app for iOS and Android, and there’s even a button on the speaker itself to turn the light on. The audio input and USB output are hidden under a gasket, and the speaker plays via USB-C. It has Bluetooth 5.0, and I had no problem connecting it back and forth with the speaker.

Anker has released other portable party speakers, including the Soundcore Trans ($150). There was supposed to be a version of the wireless speaker (which not everyone likes or wants) called the Trans Go, but that version has been discontinued and probably won’t come out. The Rave Neo lights can be turned off if you find them annoying.

Anker’s Soundcore Rave Neo Review: This Under $100 Portable Party Speaker Sounds Surprisingly Good

Some companies make “party” speakers with LEDs, and I’ve tried some from JBL and Sony. They tend to be more expensive than this type and don’t sound as good. I haven’t tried Sony’s new SRS-XB43, an extra-bass version that costs $250, but the idea isn’t dissimilar: big sound in a small package with an emphasis on bass and fancy integration. electricity The Sony may be well built – and will probably hold up well over time – but it’s obviously very expensive.

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The long and short of it is that the Soundcore Rave Neo is a great value if you’re looking for affordable speakers that can be used indoors, at the beach or on the go. It works well indoors, but, as I said, its sound profile is limited for outdoor use.

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Ker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker

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