Kef Ls50 Stands

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Kef Ls50 Stands

Kef Ls50 Stands

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Set Kef Ls 50 Wireless Ii Speaker (active) 280w + S2 Stand + Kc 62 Subwoofer / รับประกัน 2 ปี โดยบริษัท Vgadz /audiomate

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The FS50’s design has been designed and engineered specifically for the KEF LS50 speaker and is based on the award-winning FS104 signature. It’s available in a choice of three finishes to match the LS50’s colors and retain its original look.

The performance improvements when you place your LS50 on this stand are significant, especially in terms of dynamics, which seem more open and free compared to conventionally centered, compact stands. Full-range imaging and real-time imaging bring more joy to your listening experience with perfect bass performance.

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Kef Performance Speaker Stands

The top plate is made of acoustic steel and the base plate is designed by KEF to fit the LS50s perfectly. Designed to have minimal impact on speaker performance, the stand has 5 support columns to provide stable support for those who need a comfortable and dynamic speaker performance.

A unique example of British craftsmanship, the main column on this speaker can be easily massaged, and the four satellite columns combine to produce a powerful speaker. To massage the column with the Custom Design Inert Filler, we recommend two bags for every 24″ column. If you need advice or help, give us a call. We love to talk Hi-Fi & Home Cinema, and we are open 9:30 -6 pm, Mon- Sat.

KEF Audio’s LS60 Wireless and LSX II Wireless both feature the latest versions of their amazing Uni-Q driver. What do you like? Why not visit us and see them both at the same time!

Kef Ls50 Stands

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Mix & Match: Kef Ls50 Wireless Ii + S2 Floor Stands

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Kef Ls50w Ii Speaker Stands 140 900mm Pair

These active speakers from KEF Audio are designed to deliver the perfect KEF stand.

The KEF Audio speaker stands are designed by engineers to ensure that the speakers perform well. This means good driver height, an aluminum mounting bracket and base plate with space available to add inert fillers for stability.

The Performance Speaker Stand is ideal for use with the KEF LS50 and KEF LS50 Wireless speakers, but can also be used with other speaker stands.

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Kef Ls50 Stands

Founded in 1961 by former electrical engineer Raymond Cooke OBE, KEF was originally based in the Nissen Hut on the site of Kent Engineering & Foundry (where the name KEF comes from), a steel company on the banks of the river. Medway, near Maidstone in Kent.

Fb Marketplace Luck: Scored Some Kef Ls50 (including Stands) And Sunfire Hrs12 Sub For $350!

From the beginning, the sonic discovery of KEF loudspeakers has been undeniable and for decades now, recording artists around the world have honored KEF for their innovative, high-performance, high-quality loudspeakers.

Come and listen to the LS60 Wireless & LSX Wireless II, both from KEF Audio. Carefully crafted and developed in the UK, the KEF S2 Speaker Stand has been designed to provide the perfect look and feel for KEF’s bookshelf speakers. Integrated cable management makes hidden cables effortless, making for a clean and stylish home decor.

A speaker stand is important when it comes to sound quality. KEF Performance Speaker Stands are specially designed in the UK to make these speakers sound perfect. This includes a good height driver, an aluminum mounting bracket and base plate, and space to add inert fillers for added stability. The Performance Speaker Stand is perfect for the KEF LS50, LS50 Wireless, LS50 Wireless 2, but can also be used with other KEF speaker stands. The stand has a simple and elegant design that allows you to match any home decor. The integrated wiring system allows countless cables to be hidden inside the stand to create a clean look, ideal for bookshelf speakers connected to a large soundstage.

1 year warranty from date of purchase. is a KEF authorized dealer. All KEF products purchased through an approved warranty. Our solid wood KEF LS50 Meta Wireless Speaker Stands offer excellent acoustic performance, making them perfect to complement the KEF LS50 Meta Wireless Speaker and other KEF stands including the LS50 IIs. Combining the unique qualities of solid wood with SONISPIKE’s unique isolation technology, the KEF LS50 Meta Wireless Speaker Stands suspends speakers from the floor and enhances the listening experience, eliminating the negative effects of vibrations, reflections and noise on what you hear.

Isoacoustic Stand On Top Of 24

Each speaker comes with 8 metal inputs to rest on the speaker, and 8 SONISPIKE© precision-engineered stainless steel spacers.

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Most speakers have a point on the speaker that is displayed, this can be the tweeter, or another selected location. Once you’ve set this up, you can now specify the height of the speaker and pause to make sure that this point fits your ears while listening to music. This helps you get the best possible performance from your speakers.

Standard lengths are 500, 600 and 700 mm, which is the total length from the bottom of the frame to the top of the frame. We can also make the KEF LS50 Meta Wireless Speaker Stand to any height, with the 700mm available at no extra cost to suit your needs.

Kef Ls50 Stands

KEF LS50 Meta Wireless Speaker Stands are made of solid wood, and are available in different finishes: Satin Oak, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain, Cherry Blossom, Satin Black, Satin Oak. Because for for for.

Sold Kef Ls50 Anniversary Model With 24 In Solid Stand With Sandfill

The standard finish on the legs is the same as the top and base plinth, but you can choose to have them in different colors for a striking contrast – black legs are very popular.

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The LS50 now has a dedicated platform for manufacturing, design and manufacturing with Custom Design to match the look and sound of the LS50 and LS50 Wireless models without any overlap.

Kef S2 Floor Stand

You can buy the LS50 speaker stand on our website, along with the KEF LS50 and KEF LS50 Wireless.

Custom Design is a UK based company that designs and manufactures quality audio and video equipment. It is a family company that dedicates their time and effort to creating professional HiFi and AV equipment that is not only stylish and durable, but also anti-resonant and sound-enhancing. This is the philosophy they continue with every AV rack or speaker they build – to look good and improve performance by removing unnecessary resonance from the stand as much as possible.

Their latest innovation is a companion to the popular KEF model, the EISA dedicated speaker system; LS50. Designed for them, the LS50’s Custom Design stand has a sleek and clean design that complements the LS50’s look flawlessly, using a slightly rounded grille that matches the LS50’s cabin. Two color options are available

Kef Ls50 Stands

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