Jbl Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jbl Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – JBL FLIP 5 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers IPX7 Waterproof Portable Kit with Boomph Hardshell Protective Case – Black

I needed a device that played quality music for training, cooking and recharging on tough days. I enjoyed having ALEXA, but didn’t like all the privacy rights I gave up for the sake of convenience. I have a very basic level of technology and was able to connect my phone to the speaker in a few quick steps. I like doumf and the quality base, it has a decent range for my phone as far as it goes. What I liked the most was that I could be in the kitchen, not worry about water or damage, and use my speaker. It also cleans very well. I waited 6 months to think about speaker cost before finally doing it. My only regret is that I waited so long. … show more

Jbl Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jbl Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I was a little hesitant to buy this but I was amazed at the sound quality. I consider myself an audiophile and am very picky about sound, I even make my own speakers but I needed/wanted something for my daughter by the pool and this exceeded my expectations. I recommend adjusting the volume from the phone to get the best, otherwise it will be a little smooth, after that it’s amazing. … show more

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Jbl Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

It’s a pity that it only lasts 3-4 hours at 80% volume. Advertised for 12 hours. I bought it for work and I work over 10 hours a day so when JBL said it would last 12 hours it was perfect. Now I have to carry my power bank charger with me to keep it running during the work day.

Jbl Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The sound quality coming out of this little package is LOUD! love it, highly recommend it. I would love to hear a JBL boombox, but I can’t afford it.

I have always struggled to find the right Bluetooth speaker for listening to music while I work. Being a chef is a difficult and responsible job that not everyone can handle. Severe stress sometimes calls for music to cheer you up in a hot kitchen. I ordered several brands of speakers and was disappointed with the sound quality and battery life. Finally decided to look at the reviews for a great speaker at a reasonable price and this speaker had very high reviews. After I ordered it, I received it in the mail very quickly and was very happy to open it. Instead, I waited and made sure it was full before using it. Turned on and installed the speaker. Made a great playlist for everyone. I found that the sound quality of the speaker was not as described and the battery ran out after only 3 hours. Doesn’t suit me at all. This makes me think that the speaker was placed on the floor of the showroom so that people could listen to it too, and then put back in the box and sold. This is the only answer I could think of that the quality would be so lacking. Since I have been waiting for a while to test the speaker, I have already exceeded the 30 day return policy. Now I’ll just add that a bunch of speakers I bought in the past will never be used again. … show more

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Jbl Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jbl Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Best Rated Portable Speakers

This product was a gift for my husband. He saw a small JBL speaker with great sound and wanted to use it on our screen porch. This speaker is slightly larger, but small enough to be used anywhere and carried around with no fuss. Just grab and go! He is very pleased with this speaker.

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I would like to have something to use when I clean my house! It’s high. This is a small speaker that is easy to take with you. Pairs very easily with my iPhone. My son has more when he rides so I knew the quality would be great! The case is beautiful and durable!!

Jbl Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker has great battery life, if it ran for 6 hours straight and had half the battery left I would definitely recommend it.

Jbl Xtreme 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (blue) Jblxtreme3bluam

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