Jbl Outdoor Loudspeakers

Jbl Outdoor Loudspeakers – Northridge, CA — May 17, 2022 —The HARMAN Luxury Audio Group today announced the launch of the Stage XD series loudspeakers using patented acoustic technology and featuring an IP67 rated weatherproof and waterproof enclosure. Available in two sizes, the Stage series is finished in black and white and includes a wall mounting bracket.

Based on a strong heritage, the Stage XD series is designed to work in a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. The unique combination of speakers and patented acoustic technology delivers the highest level of audio while providing extreme durability.

Jbl Outdoor Loudspeakers

Jbl Outdoor Loudspeakers

Jim Garrett, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio Group, said: “We bring high-performance sound ‘with durability and sustainability in mind to the outdoors. The IP67 rating of the Stage XD series’ means one. The best This level of entry protection certification provides protection against ingress of hazardous dust and airborne particles, as well as protection against water and liquids, including immersion in water up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.”

Jbl Control 25 1 Compact Indoor/outdoor Speaker

Featuring a sustainably designed package and product, the Stage XD series speakers are the first repairable IP67 outdoor speakers. Instead of throwing away your speaker when it fails, it’s designed to be opened and repaired if damaged by prolonged exposure to adverse conditions.

The Stage XD loudspeaker features a 1″/25mm aluminum tweeter with an acoustic lens and a High Definition Imaging (HDI™) waveguide to deliver dynamic and clear sound over a wide listening area. The larger Stage XD-6 uses a 6.5″ cellulose cone woofer. /165mm, while the smaller Stage XD-5 uses a 5.25″/130mm woofer. Both all-weather speakers are ideal for outdoor locations that require protection from the weather. The stylish design and mounting flexibility make them equally versatile in your home. Wall mounting is included and the Stage XD series also features a Zero Bezel magnetic grill and rotatable logo for horizontal and vertical applications.

The new Stage XD series all-weather speakers bring sustainability, durability and great sound to any outdoor entertainment application.

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For more information about the Stage XD series speakers, visit https://www..com/specialty-audio/ or your local sales representative.

Jbl Professional Control 28 1l 2 Way Indoor/outdoor Wall Mountable Speaker

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Jbl Outdoor Loudspeakers

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The Control® 25-1 is a two-way 5-inch loudspeaker with rich acoustic characteristics, wide range, consistent dispersion, a modern high-design look suitable for various mountings and various decorations. So the Control 25-1 requires high-powered indoor/outdoor foreground/background (and/or courtyard) speakers in retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, theme parks, educational institutions, hospitality, music cafes, leisure venues and the highest quality .

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Jbl Control 25 1 5.25

Program continuous 200 W (2 hours) 100 W (peak 400 W), pink noise continuous (2 hours) 75 W (peak 300 W) pink noise continuous (100 hours)

LF: 135 mm (5.25 in), pure butyl rubber surround with Weather-Edge frame protection, high temperature fiberglass voice coil housing, high temperature voice coil wire, optimized cone shape, linear suspension spider and fiberglass cone with motor structure which is FEA optimized.

High impact polystyrene (HIPS) painted with high UV resistance in white (-WH) version for maximum UV fade resistance.

Jbl Outdoor Loudspeakers

Highly galvanized and durable TGIC polyester powder coated finish. The MTC-25WMG-1(&-WH) is available with WeatherMax™ multi-layer foam and tightly woven mesh vapor barrier backing.

Jbl Speaker Comparison 2022

InvisiBall wall mounting system included. Two 6mm attachment points (top and bottom) for optional MTC-25UB-1 (&-WH) U-bracket. Secondary safety attachment loop points on rear panel.

IP-44 per IEC529 (IP-55 when installed with optional MTC-25WMG-1 WeatherMax™ grill and MTC-PC2 or MTC-PC3 panel cover) Exceeds MilSpec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature and UV . Passes MilStd-202F for salt spray and ASTM G85 for acid air and salt spray. The optional MTC-25WMG-1 WeatherMax™ Grille provides protection from driving rain and can be used in very challenging environments.

Threaded terminal strips, galvanized copper base, nickel plated metal screws and washers. Accommodates up to 9mm outer 4mm inner 4mm, including open lug (#6, #8 or #10 lug) and bare wire (up to 12AWG/2.5mm2). MTC-PC2 and MTC-PC3 protective panel covers (optional) are available to provide closed openings for additional weather protection.

243 x 188 x 145 mm (9.6 x 7.4 x 5.7 in) Total depth 203 mm (8.0 in) when mounted on the InvisiBall wall mounting bracket.

Jbl Control 25 1 Compact Indoor/outdoor Background/foreground Speakers

MTC-25UB-1 – Yolk U Bracket (&-WH) MTC-25WMG-1 – WeatherMax Grill with Backing (&-WH) MTC-28/25CM – Ideal for Ceiling Installation InvisiBall Adapter (&-WH) Home or Rugged, Weatherproof housing protects against outdoor environments Modern, compact design blends into any environment Built-in rear 3/8″-16 threaded insert and secure fasteners provide secure mounting (mounting hardware included)

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5.25″ (130mm) polypropylene graphite filled cone woofer for High Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide deep and powerful bass delivers stunning imaging, natural balance and stunning detail from any position1″ (25mm) CMMD® Lite tweeter delivers sharp, detailed It radiates sound.

The all-new design reflects the best-selling Control form factor with an updated spinSleek angled profile for a sleek, modern look. Front and back protective rubber finish

Jbl Outdoor Loudspeakers

Gold binding post terminals for secure, high-quality connection to multi-zone receivers or amplifiers. Includes a wall-mount bracket that can be rotated, tilted, and tilted toward the listener. Available in black or white finish

Brand New** Jbl Control One Outdoor Speakers With Mounts!, Audio, Other Audio Equipment On Carousell

Over the years, the iconic Control speaker has perfected the perfect combination of compact form and high-performance features. The new Control X package places equal emphasis on design and sound quality with rugged all-weather stereo speakers suitable for indoor or outdoor use. High Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide technology delivers stunning imaging, natural balance and stunning detail from any position. The 5.25″ (130mm) woofer and 1″ (25mm) CMMD® Lite tweeter deliver powerful bass and clear treble from any interior or exterior.

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It turns out you already have spare parts in your shopping cart. You must empty your current shopping cart to add new products. Designed for outdoor use, the weatherproof Control 80 series horizontal speakers provide superior full sonic sound quality and 360-degree coverage. Designed for ground or ground installation, the Control 80 series landscape loudspeakers are ideal for shopping malls, theme parks, sports venues, hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, hospitality and leisure venues, entrances and anywhere music and/or paging high-quality speakers horizontal speakers are required.Can be used. The speaker’s compact design is unobtrusive and easily blends into its surroundings. The rugged polyethylene enclosure prevents abuse of lawn care equipment and elements, and the color of the enclosure extends throughout the material, retaining its color even if the speaker is scratched or scratched.

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Jbl Control 25 1 Indoor/outdoor Speakers

Continuous program 160W (2 hours) 80W (peak 320W), continuous pink noise (2 hours) 45W (peak 180W) continuous pink noise (100 hours)

65 Hz

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