Jbl Link Music Wifi

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JBL Link’s music sounds great and can reach incredible volumes for its small size. Although it lacks a few features, it’s still a great value smart speaker for those looking for high-quality sound with plenty of connectivity options and a smart voice assistant. The best part? You can pick it up for less than $70.

Jbl Link Music Wifi

Jbl Link Music Wifi

I’ve been a longtime fan of JBL products, especially their portable Bluetooth speakers, which pack powerful, punchy sound into small, easy-to-carry packages. With that in mind, I had high hopes for JBL Link Music. It looks good on paper: the smarts of Google Assistant paired with the high-quality sound that JBL is known for. While there are a few minor issues, overall JBL has delivered a very solid little smart speaker.

Jbl Link Portable Wi Fi Speaker With Google Assistant

“Overpriced” is not a word I would normally use for JBL products. While their speakers are usually good enough to compete against Bose and Sonos, they usually cost hundreds of dollars less. Value for money is JBL’s thing, which is why Link Music stands out. When it was released last year, it cost $169.95. It’s not exactly expensive, but considering its cheap competitors like the Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot (hell, even the Apple HomePod Mini is $20 cheaper), it’s not ideal.

Fortunately, JBL seems to have quickly realized the error of their ways and more than halved the price to just $69. That puts it even lower than the Nest Mini and Echo Dot, making it a much more attractive proposition and easier for us to earn more than three stars.

The JBL Link Music isn’t the biggest thing in the world, but for its diminutive stature, it certainly punches above its weight when it comes to producing powerful bass and sound, so much so that I’m worried my neighbors across the floor will complain. Overall, the music sounds well balanced and stays that way even when it’s bordering on obnoxious. Compared to the similarly priced Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot, it has the best sound quality. But then again, that’s to be expected since JBL is a company that literally specializes in audio products.

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However, if you want to pair and play stereo, you might want to opt for one of the Google or Amazon baby speakers—unfortunately, you can’t do that with the two JBL Link Music speakers.

Jbl Link Smart Portable Wi Fi And Bluetooth Speaker With Google Assistant Black Jbllinkporblkam

Strangely, the Google Assistant is even clearer than what I found on the Google Nest Audio and Nest Mini, but hey, I’m not complaining. The mics were good enough to pick up my voice even when I was speaking softly or loudly, so you shouldn’t have any issues there.

Thanks to the mesh fabric that seems to be standard on every damn model, the smart speakers look a lot alike — even when they’re completely different shapes. As such, JBL Link Music is designed to be as secure as any other smart speaker and can blend into almost any decor.

If you were hoping for a physical control option, you won’t find it on the JBL Link Music. Instead, you’ll find just three buttons on top: one for volume up, one for volume down, and one for launching Google Assistant. While this is all nice and minimal, it would be great to have at least one more button for basic play/pause controls.

Jbl Link Music Wifi

There are two more buttons on the back (one to mute the microphone, one to pair the speaker with another Bluetooth device. Both are useful, but they’re overlaid with other controls.

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Aside from Google’s Nest speakers and Amazon’s Echo products, most third-party smart speaker manufacturers offer smart assistants. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for Alexa and Google Assistant to appear on the JBL Link Music, you’ll be disappointed — you’re stuck with the latter.

That being said, Google Assistant is generally the superior voice assistant for most users (although regular Amazon customers may disagree), and it works like a dream in Link Music. As you’d expect, this smart speaker can answer all your burning questions about the weather, the headlines, who the star of that obscure 90s movie was… oh, and your assistant can also help you control the light bulb. Smart security cameras help. , doorbells, robotic vacuum cleaners and all other smart companions you have at home.

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Perhaps the only real downside to JBL Link Music is the poor performance of its Google Home app. Unlike Bose and Sonos, which have their own apps for adjusting equalizer settings and discovering music, there is no such app for this smart speaker. Instead, you’ll have to settle for Google Home, which offers very few options and no place to adjust bass and treble. This is a real shame.

On the plus side, this speaker has AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity, so if you don’t feel like talking, you can control this bad boy from any compatible device.

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It’s really good that JBL dropped the price of the Link Music, because I probably wouldn’t recommend it for its original price of $169.95. Still, at $69, it’s great value, with great sound quality, plenty of connectivity, and the best smart assistant out there. It doesn’t work as well with Google Home, and we’d like to see more physical controls, but at such a low price, it’s a good deal to pass up.

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JBL 360 degree professional sound. With Google Assistant, play and control your favorite music, access Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music and listen without interruption. To get started, just say “Hey Google.” Choose the JBL Link music that’s right for you with a choice of six stylish colors.

Jbl Link Music Wifi

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Jbl Link Music Wifi

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Surround yourself with music. JBL Link music sounds in any direction thanks to a full-range transducer with 360-degree capability. Enjoy clear highs, clear mids and deep, powerful bass.

Stream music effortlessly on JBL Link Music. Keep your music on with seamless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth streaming and easily access Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music without interruption.

Just say “Hey Google” to ask the Google Assistant to play your favorite songs and have easy access to all your music.

Easily set up and control JBL Link with the free Google Home app for iOS and Android. Download, install and play.

Jbl Link Music Wi Fi Speaker 家用語音助理公司貨| 蝦皮購物

JBL Link Music sounds as good as it sounds. Choose from six bold colors to complete your style. (please check it

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