Jbl Link 10 Wifi

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We’re testing JBL’s smallest speaker in its new line of audio-enabled Chromecast speakers to find out.

Jbl Link 10 Wifi

Jbl Link 10 Wifi

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Jbl Link 10 Voice Activated Bluetooth Speaker Review

One of the great things about both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants is that they are both very open. It’s easy for third-party companies to make smart home devices that work with both. In fact, companies can also make their own smart speakers to compete directly with those created by Google and Amazon.

The Google Assistant-enabled JBL Link 10 has Google Chromecast built-in and can be connected to other Link and Chromecast speakers to create multi-room setups. It provides good sound for its size, is waterproof and has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

While the JBL Link 10 may not deliver as much sound (or have as much battery life) as the Link 20, it’s still one of the better-sounding Wi-Fi speakers out there.

JBL is the latest company to take on the Google Assistant smart speaker. In late 2017, it released a new line of voice-enabled speakers under its new Link sub-brand. This line consists of a combination of two battery-powered portable speakers – the JBL Link 10 ($150, £150, AU$230, review here ) and the Link 20 ($200, £180, AU$300) – together with two only AC. models, the Link 300 ($250. £250, AU$350) and the Link 500 ($400, £350, not available in Australia). The Future Link, meanwhile, is a new wave of Google Assistant devices with a screen built into it.

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Parlantes Jbl Link 10 Bluetooth Y Wifi Google Assistant

In addition to using Google Assistant for its commands, all Link speakers are equipped with Google Chromecast, which allows them to share not only with other Link speakers but with any Chromecast-based device to create a multi-room audio setup in Wi-Fi. . network (All Android apps and many iOS devices can send audio to Chromecast speakers at the touch of a button.) The speakers are also equipped with Bluetooth, which offers universal compatibility.

The Link 10 and Link 20 are like cousins ​​of JBL’s cylindrical portable Bluetooth speakers. In fact, in terms of sound quality, the small Link 10 (see here) is at the same level as the JBL Flip 4 and has a battery life of 5 hours on a Wi-Fi network.

The only problem with the Link 10 is that the upgraded Link 20 has a fuller sound with better bass, and has twice the battery life for $50 more. That’s not to say the 1.6-pound (0.73 kg) Link 10 is an inconsistent speaker. It is suitable for its size. But its sound is a bit of a find when I compare it to its big brother, which weighs in at 2.1 lbs. or 0.95 kg.

Jbl Link 10 Wifi

The 20 is probably the best-sounding portable speaker for the money at the time this was published, but the competition is pretty limited, with the UE Blast and Megablast being among the giants. enemies with Amazon Tap (all three. which use Alexa , not Google Assistant).

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Setting up the speaker is easy with the Google Home app on iOS and Android devices. You log into the speaker via a direct Wi-Fi connection, then enter your network of choice to get the speaker online. You can then assign it a tag for a specific room and connect it to other Chromecast-enabled speakers if you have them.

The biggest problem I encountered was the speaker’s slow start-up time. When you use it, it will take 10 to 20 seconds to connect to your wireless network and prepare to receive commands. AC-powered models like the Link 300 and Link 500 are always on (like the Amazon Echo) and don’t have a slow start.

It would also be nice if the speaker has a choice of ports like UE Blast, Megablast and Amazon Tap. No big deal, but every time you want to charge the speaker, you have to expose the Micro-USB port (there is a guard that covers it) and plug in the USB cable. For those who use home speakers a lot, the docking station is a handy feature.

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Joining the other Link speakers in the line, the Link 10 has two microphones on the top as well as some physical buttons, including a volume control. You can access Google Assistant by pressing the middle button at the top of the speaker and setting up commands without having to say “Hey, Google” or “Okay, Google” first.

Fixing The Jbl Link 10 Not Turning On Problem

Alternatively, you can call the speaker with “Hey, Google” and the set of LEDs, which also acts as a battery life indicator, light up to tell you that the speaker is ready to take your command. Thanks to the dual microphones, I had no problem giving commands from a few feet away (above the middle of the room) in a normal voice. If the speaker is playing music at a higher level, you will need to raise your voice so that he can hear your music.

You can argue about which voice assistant is the best. Alexa now dominates the wireless speaker market with Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby all in play. And while the arrival of Apple’s HomePod may disrupt things, the speaker is comparatively affordable and useful: You can access Apple-based music services by voice, and it requires an iOS device on the same network to perform basic tasks like notifications.

Google Assistant works well and maybe even better than Alexa for simple tasks like accessing music services (such as Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn), getting the latest news and weather and cooking schedule. It is also the best for answering general questions because it is linked to the famous Google search engine. Where it falls short compared to Alexa is in the smart home realm, where Alexa can control many things. Needless to say, like Alexa, Google Assistant will grow more and more over time. (This list of Google Assistant commands will give you an idea of ​​all the ways to control this speaker with your voice.)

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Jbl Link 10 Wifi

As I said, the Link 10 delivers powerful sound for its size. It’s a little bigger than the 1.4-pound (1.17 kg) UE Blast, which is a little slimmer and a little easier to transport (I like UE’s design a little better).

Jbl Link 20 Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Google Assistant Black Jbllink20blkus

Not surprisingly, the Link 10 isn’t as big and powerful as AC-powered speakers like the Sonos One, Apple’s HomePod, and JBL’s Link 300 and Link 500, which deliver loud, rich, and cohesive sound again at higher volumes. (It does sound better than Amazon’s second-gen Echo, though.)

Like the Link 20, the Link 10 sounds best at 75 percent or less. It can be loud when cranked, but you’ll get some distortion when you push the volume to the highest level, especially with the bass-heavy and more complex tracks available that the instruments are playing at the same time.

Sometimes, it sounds better than the UE Blast, which costs $50 more. That may seem like a strange thing to say, but all of these wireless speakers have digital signal processors (DSP) that process sound within themselves. This can lead to some inconsistent performance.

After listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” I thought the JBL sounded a little warmer and more natural. The Blast has some powerful boost (otherwise known as treble boost) that can make some riffs sound a bit harsh. However, when I played Bruno Mars’ “What I Like,” the Blast had a bit more punch and sounded clearer, while the Link 10’s bass had less definition.

Jbl Link 10 Review: An Affordable, Portable Google Assistant Speaker

Alas, cylindrical compact speakers have their moments when they sound great – and then they have their moments where they show their limitations. (None of these tiny speakers can handle Vampire’s Weekend’s “Diane Young” track at high volume, for example).

It is also worth noting that they sound different indoors and outdoors. I maintain that these speakers – like Link 10/20 and UE Blast / Megablast – are better for outdoor use. They are designed to block out your music in an open space so your ears don’t hear any of their nasty sounds. Instead, you just say to yourself, “Wow, that speaker is loud for its small size.”

I’ll finish by mentioning the price of the Link 10. At $150, it’s a good price. But it’s usually reduced by $50, which puts it at $100, or not much more

Jbl Link 10 Wifi

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