Jbl Go 2 Plus Price

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JBL’s second-generation compact, entry-level Bluetooth speaker packs a punch with great design and sound.

Jbl Go 2 Plus Price

Jbl Go 2 Plus Price

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JBL sells a variety of wireless Bluetooth speakers, and its Go line, now in its second generation, the Go 2, is the smallest and cheapest.

The JBL Go 2 is a very small wireless speaker that fits in your pocket and produces great sound for its small size. Its design and sound have been improved from the ground up, and it’s now fully waterproof. It also has speakerphone capabilities.

To be honest, the original JBL Gospeaker looks like a toy speaker, weighing only 130 grams. Available in several color options, and priced at $40, this new version is slightly larger – weighing 184g – and has rounded corners. It’s also fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating, which means it can be submerged in 3 feet of water (1 meter) up to 30 feet.

Although the speaker is slightly heavier, it is the same size as the original and designed for maximum portability. It takes up little space in a backpack, laptop bag or purse and fits in most pockets. In general, it is more meaningful and looks like a real speaker than a child’s toy

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Battery life, like the original, is rated at 5 hours at medium volume (which isn’t great), and the power of this speaker is 3 watts for its price. It also works well as a speaker (there is a built-in microphone).

On top of the speaker you’ll find volume controls, a pause/play button, and a dedicated Bluetooth button for pairing the speaker with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. A 3.5mm audio input and a micro-USB charging port (the speaker takes 2.5 hours to charge) are located under the right-side bezel.

Sound quality is relatively good when the small speakers work. I compared it to the original Go and the Go 2 sounds a bit louder with more bass. Still, as you’d expect, this speaker lacks overall bass and doesn’t rock the room. Bose’s more expensive SoundLink Micro plays bigger and sounds better, but costs 2.5 times more.

Jbl Go 2 Plus Price

It may not be the best speaker for listening to music, although I found it to be a great companion speaker for watching movies or streaming other video content. Since the speaker is called Go, I watched the 1999 movie Go (remember that?) and had no audio/video sync issues. Because these smaller speakers are stronger in the midrange, dialogue plays especially well through the speakers.

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If you’re deciding between this and JBL’s Clip 2 or Clip 3, you’ll get the same audio quality, but in a different form factor. I haven’t tried the Clip 3 yet, but it should offer a slightly better sound than the Clip 2, so it might sound a little better than the Go 2, with a slightly better bass response. The big difference is that you get twice as much battery life (10 hours) as the Clip 3, but it costs $20 more. (We’ll update this review once we get clip 3.)

Despite its audio limitations, the JBL Go 2 is an interesting little Bluetooth speaker. It should cost around $30, or around £22, or AU$40 (you can get the original Go for around $25), but I’d rather pay more for it. I don’t. It should decrease in value over time and become a better value

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Buy your favorite products and we’ll find the best deals with just one click Designed to make shopping easy Not only does it offer plenty of great sound in its impressive speaker lineup, JBL goes above and beyond in design. The company also ensures that you get a device that looks great and can withstand a lot of abuse.

Many of JBL’s flagship products come with extra features like waterproofing, smartphone charging, and even party lights.

Jbl Speaker Comparison 2022

The JBL Go 2 may not be JBL’s most advanced Bluetooth speaker, but it’s the best option for those looking for portable sound.

Small and lightweight, this handy pocket-sized speaker blows away the competition for a ready-made durable speaker.

JBL has a knack for creating great looking and sounding devices and the JBL Go 2 is no exception.This mini speaker is the same size as a bar of soap and small enough to fit in most large pockets.

Jbl Go 2 Plus Price

Moreover, the product is available in different colors including orange, red, blue, green and many more.

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Measuring approximately 5.6 x 3.1 x 7.1 cm and weighing 186 grams, the JBL packs a lot of great performance into a small package.

The front of the product is a solid speaker grille, and on the top panel you’ll find the necessary controls for power, volume, Bluetooth, and more.

There is a right panel for fast charging and a bottom panel with small rubber feet to prevent slipping while listening to music.

While the JBL Go 2 speaker isn’t anything special on the outside, the design is worth bragging about. It’s simple, clean and compact – plus it’s IPX7 rated and fully waterproof.

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You can do a lot with a speaker that fits in the palm of your hand, but JBL knows how to turn a standard pocket speaker into something you can’t imagine.

The JBL Go Speaker comes with a 3-watt mono speaker—enough to turn up the volume in almost any room or car.

It also has a built-in microphone so you can take voice memos or handle calls silently if you’re busy in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Jbl Go 2 Plus Price

Since the JBL Go 2 is completely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet if you want to listen to your favorite music in the shower.

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The great thing about the JBL Go 2 is that you feel so comfortable taking it with you wherever you go. It’s such a convenient size that it can follow you around the house while you shower, clean, or even cook dinner.

We haven’t dared to drop it in the lake, but we know it will hold up well to the occasional splash or kitchen steam.

The only thing that lets the JBL Go 2 stand out is that it lacks the much-needed battery life.

On the plus side, for less than $30 you can get a speaker hook with the following features:

Jbl Go 2 Review: A Portable Bluetooth Speaker On A Budget

There’s nothing advanced here, like charging your phone from the speaker or connecting to Amazon Alexa. However, for a budget speaker, you wouldn’t expect the JBL Go to knock the features out of the park.

In terms of connectivity, the JBL Go 2 speaker gives you what you expect – quick and easy connection to your smartphone. There is a special Bluetooth button on the top of the device, so you can easily connect it to your smartphone in a few seconds.

If for some reason you have trouble with Bluetooth, the JBL Go 2 also connects to your device via an additional cable, so you can just walk away.

Jbl Go 2 Plus Price

There’s no built-in app on your smartphone to control your EQ or change your playlist. You usually control your speakers using the basic music functions on your smartphone.

Jbl Go2 Plus, Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Mic, Jbl Signature Sound, Vibrant Color Options With Ipx7 Waterproof & Aux (blue)

The JBL Go 2 also doesn’t come with any advanced smart assistant features that we could find, but it still works very well without it.

The JBL Go 2 portable Bluetooth speaker is the only device that delivers a consistent and reliable experience time and time again. It won’t wow you with any LED light shows or advanced wireless charging features.

However, it gives you a great way to listen to your music wherever you go without compromising on sound quality.

Despite its small size, JBL Go 2 excels in playing music with impressive sound. Even at just 50%, this amazing device gives you all the volume you need to fill a small room.

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