Jbl Eon 600 Bluetooth

Jbl Eon 600 Bluetooth – The JBL Professional EON 600 series of powered speakers represent incredible flexibility for both artists and sound engineers who want to build a rig that can handle anything from a solo act in a showcase to a full band performance in a 500-inch room. With three medium-high sized boxes and a matching subwoofer, this range is perfect for growing as your success grows, with fantastic tools on board to help you adapt and learn as you go.

Before we delve into how you can use the EON 600 to grow your PA inventory, here are the vital stats on the line:

Jbl Eon 600 Bluetooth

Jbl Eon 600 Bluetooth

This is a two-way instrument with a 10 “woofer and a 1” compression driver. It is powered by a 1000W amplifier and produces 124dB of max SPL with a frequency response of 52Hz – 20kHz. With its small wedge size and profile, it is perfect for use as a stage monitor, or as a FOH in small venues. The horizontal distribution is an extremely wide 110 degrees.

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The 612 is a 12 “woofer two way instrument with 1” compression driver, powered by a 1000W amplifier producing 126dB max SPL with a frequency response of 52Hz – 20kHz. It is perfect as a FOH for medium sized venues and for placement on larger stages where more powerful wedges are needed. The horizontal distribution is 100 degrees wide.

The 615 is a two-way instrument with a 15 “woofer with a 1” compression driver, powered by a 1000 W amplifier producing 127 dB of max SPL with a frequency response of 39 Hz – 20 kHz. A couple of these will provide excellent FOH coverage for midsize venues, especially when paired with subs. The horizontal dispersion is 90 degrees.

The 618S is a single 18 ”subwoofer that produces 134 dB of SPL max with a range of 31Hz – 150Hz. Powered by a 1000W amplifier, a couple of these running on 612 or 615 at FOH will provide an extension of the deep and powerful bass for any musical genre.

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All EON 600 series have built-in DSP which includes a three-band parametric EQ with full control over gain, frequency and Q, high and low pass filters, delay, access to the signal mixer and the ability to recall from factory and user presets . All this processing can be easily controlled via the EON 600 Connect app for iOS and Android, which connects via Bluetooth and also functions as a simple master volume.

Jbl Professional Eon615 1000w Bluetooth, Xlr Subwoofer

From 610 to 615, all EON cases are transportable, with safe manual handling via cleverly designed handles. Weighing between 11 and 17 kg, all models are a safe and legal lift for one person.

Both inputs of the 610, 612 and 615 can accept mic or line sources and mix them together, which means that a singer-songwriter with a vocal mic playing guitar or keys, an MC with a backing track or a duo can only use one. speaker in a stand to cover a fairly wide range of spaces. Thanks to the specially designed waveguides, coverage is wide and consistent across all models, so a single EON 600 in one corner is more than enough for small solo or duo gigs.

It’s amazing how many gigs can be covered by a good pair of FOH speakers and a few wedges. A power trio or DJ can do most of their gigs with a pair of EON615s on FOH and two EON610s or EON612s on stage. Due to the EON615’s extended frequency response, subwoofers can be excluded for most gigs, unless the music genre requires extreme bass.

Jbl Eon 600 Bluetooth

Saving time and space for the strap and technician, the EON Connect app can connect to four EONs simultaneously via Bluetooth, making it easy to set up and adjust from a tablet. The ability to walk around the room and stage, hear each speaker’s response and correct it via EQ while standing in front of it is invaluable – once you’ve got wireless DSP control, you’ll never want to go back!

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As a band or small production company, if you had two EON615s and two EON618Ss you could set up for FOH, with three EON610s or EON612s on stage as a fold, there wouldn’t be many rooms you couldn’t play in. Even if you were to push the limits of this system’s coverage, you could easily grab an extra pair of EON615s to stack or stack and add two more EON618Ss for mind-blowing bass expansion.

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The other benefit of this system as a production inventory owner is the fact that you can break it down and send it to multiple small gigs at the same time for maximum ROI. A pair of EON610s can cover a corporate function while the EON615 and EON618S are out with a DJ, and your EON612 doubles as an announcer at a community event. From a rental point of view they are durable, simple, easy to use and extremely reliable.

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Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with all our best articles and exclusive freebies through our newsletter. The shell design is optimized for ideal acoustic resonance by leveraging injection molding techniques and mechanical shaping of the shells. This results in huge increases in cabinet volumes that allow for better acoustic performance while maintaining the same footprint. Two cleverly placed handles make the 600 easy to hold and move. Integrated hardware mounts, designed in case, allow each model to fly when needed. And the indexable molded case feet allow for convenient storage and transportation, secure stacking for stage monitor setups and traditional stand up setups and unique acoustic setups.

The outstanding performance of the EON610 comes from a new approach to waveform design. Engineers examined the radiation characteristics of EON’s high- and low-frequency drivers at 36 different points using state-of-the-art unique measurement techniques, then designed the image control waveform ensuring sound radiation and pattern matching. . dot and low frequencies. The result is consistent responsiveness through its 110-degree coverage pattern. The quality and consistency between on-axis and off-axis response provides uniform coverage and high intelligibility throughout the coverage area, meaning the EON610’s smooth and transparent sound is the same for all audiences.

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Knowing that sound tuning requires sophisticated yet convenient control, the engineers developed a Bluetooth v4.0 compatible interface supported by iOS and Android for master volume control, directional 5-parameter equalization adjustment, user defined and saving and restoring user presets.

Jbl Eon 600 Bluetooth

More than just a great sound system, the new EON600 is a real breakthrough in technology specifically developed to deliver the best possible sound regardless of its application. Thinking completely about how good an affordable and affordable PA system really can be, the engineers purpose-built and built the EON600 from the ground up with advanced wave technology, designed and built transducers, and a convenient wireless remote control. EQ parameters via Bluetooth. This total redesign of the EON platform uses the latest technologies in terms of cabinet materials, acoustic science, transducer design and ease of use offering the exceptional quality of a high-end studio monitor in a fully professional, highly portable system. flexible. for today’s working musicians and sound providers.

Jbl Professional Eon612 Portable 2 Way Multipurpose Self Powered Sound Reinforcement, 12 Inch

“A significant upgrade to the Eon range that not only adds a built-in remote equalizer, but also sounds (and looks) fantastic.

“The EON 610 is an extremely lightweight speaker, perfect for mobile artists. On the volume front, it can go up to 124 dB, which is more than enough to cover a small to medium-sized room. At 26 lbs (11.79 kg) it feels like a feather compared to other speakers. “

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Jbl Professional Expands Eon600 Portable Pa Series With Eon610 And Eon612 Loudspeakers

The preferred PA / speaker rental for weddings, musicians and high-end venues. JBL EON is more than just a JBL sound system, the new EON600 is a true step forward in technology specifically developed to deliver the best possible sound regardless of its application. Thinking completely about how good an affordable and affordable PA system really can be, JBL engineers have purpose-built and built the EON600 from the ground up with JBL’s advanced wave technology, JBL-designed and built transducers, and affordable wireless remote control. on board.

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