Jbl Charge 4 No Sound

Jbl Charge 4 No Sound – Most JBL Bluetooth speakers, including the Charge 4, offer off-grid sound via an internal battery. And when the portable power runs out, you can charge it through an AC or car adapter. To make charging this speaker easier, you can use the USB 2 charger with the speaker, which supplies 5 volts at 2.3 amps. However, sometimes you notice that the JBL Charge 4 does not charge fully or at all, even if you plug the adapter into the power and then the speaker.

One of the ways you can tell that this speaker isn’t charging is by reading the battery status meter on the front of the device. Now this meter will start flashing red during gameplay to let you know that the battery is low. And the flashing dot doesn’t stop even when you plug in the charger. However, the light should change to blinking white at this point. If everything is working properly, this indicates that the speaker is getting less power from the adapter. But if it stays red, charging won’t happen.

Jbl Charge 4 No Sound

Jbl Charge 4 No Sound

You can also feel that the power adapter is in the charging cycle for fifteen minutes or more. The Charge 4 itself gets a little warm and charging continues. But if you don’t feel any heat, the speaker won’t charge again.

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Also, the battery meter usually shows the progress of the battery charging. I.e. as the Charge 4 charges, more and more lights glow white. But if you don’t see many lights blinking after a few hours of charging, chances are the charging is bad.

So if you find that the Charge 4 isn’t charging even though it should, you’ll want to see what’s wrong and how to fix it. So in this piece we provide reasons why JBL Charge 4 may not charge. Then we offer possible solutions to this common problem.

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As we mentioned above, it is normal for the battery status meter to flash red when the speaker is about to die. But this meter should flash white when you plug the Charge 4 into the charger, and the charger into a suitable outlet, and begin charging the battery.

Normally this meter only displays white lights. The number of these lights that light up tells you how full the battery is. It can be seen as follows.

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Or, if the speaker is OFF when charging begins, and you do not turn it ON while charging, and when charging is complete, all lights on this meter will turn off. See it in the next photo.

If the meter does not turn white when you plug the charger into the discharged speaker, several things could be the cause. We have listed them as such below.

The AC or car adapter for the JBL Charge 4 may not provide power because it is not receiving startup. This happens because of a faulty AC or automotive circuit, tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, faulty wiring, power outage, etc.

Jbl Charge 4 No Sound

Check if your outlet has power by plugging in a lamp or other device. Reset circuit breakers when they are tripped, and if the outlet has a light switch that controls it, make sure the switch is in the ON position.

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Charge 4 will not charge because the AC or car adapter provides some but not enough charging power to fully charge the speaker, even if it is receiving the correct power supply. As the device ages, the power output may decrease over time. It is therefore possible that the adapter now does not give the correct value.

When this happens, you may notice that the meter illuminates a blinking white light, but does not go slowly to full charge, or go slower than normal. Please note that this speaker requires 2.3 amps at 5 volts from the USB adapter to fully charge in the specified time of 4 hours. But charging may not work as we expect, and probably slower, if the charger doesn’t meet these requirements.

The solution is to replace the power adapter, preferably a USB power supply that provides a minimum of 5 volts at 2.3 amps.

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As lithium-ion batteries such as one of these speakers age, they lose their ability to fully charge, and the characteristics of the charging current they absorb change with age. Usually, as this type of battery charges, it will charge less and less as it fills up. But in the event of a cell failure, it can draw too much or too little amps, confusing the charging circuitry into pretending it’s not charging. So the meter indicates that it is not charging.

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Replace the battery to resolve this. But keep in mind that you can’t easily remove the old one from the Charge 4. In fact, replacing the battery means taking the speaker apart, and this is a delicate and potentially time-consuming job.

Also keep in mind that this will destroy the water resistant seal. So the speaker may not be safe to use if you expose it to water.

Breaking this seal can also change the sound quality. So make sure that someone replaces the battery who knows how to choose the right replacement. They also had to restore the seal as it was while reassembling the speaker. A good battery should fit in it and deliver 3.6 volts at 7,500 mAh (27 watt-hours). But we recommend using only JBL certified batteries for this speaker.

Jbl Charge 4 No Sound

Even if you have a good power supply, with a working battery in the speaker, the charging current coming to the battery may be too low or too high. This can happen if the Charge 4’s battery management circuitry is faulty.

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Note that these charging systems read the state of the battery and turn off the charging current when they consider the battery as full. But if they break, the battery may not get power. Therefore it cannot be charged. Again, in this case, the battery meter may not stop flashing even when the charger is plugged in. Also, the speaker may not play for long before dying, if at all, until you plug in the charger. Or maybe it doesn’t play.

The best answer here is to just buy a new JBL Charge 4. Why? Because the electronic parts of this model are small. So unless you can replace the motherboard(s) yourself, or know someone who will do it for you, just buy another speaker to save a lot of trouble. The built-in rechargeable Li-ion 7500 mAh battery supports up to 20 hours of playback and charges your device via the USB port.

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Jbl Charge 4 No Sound

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