Jam Hang Up Speaker

Jam Hang Up Speaker – Small package, big feeling. The Hang Up Bluetooth® waterproof speaker has a handle to attach to any wall, bathroom tile, or wherever you’re looking to sing along. With an impressive range of 30/100 Meters you can stay connected well, and for a long time thanks to 8 hours of play between charges, also made easier by the built-in charging cable.

Hang Up is designed to put music above anything else. The IP67 rating means it’s dustproof and can be submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes.

Jam Hang Up Speaker

Jam Hang Up Speaker

The innovative stick pad allows you to attach the Hang Up to almost anything, even gravity. You can stick the Hang Up on your bathroom wall, boat, ceiling, standing mirror, solar panels or anywhere with a deep, smooth surface.

Jual Jam Audio Speaker Bluetooth Hang Up Black Speaker Jam Audio Garansi Resmi Di Bali

You’ll never hear ‘I can’t find the charger’ again. Hang Up includes an integrated USB charging cable that can’t wander off and get lost.

You can answer your call without disconnecting Hang Up. Hang Up detects an incoming call and will pause before the music plays. When you hang up, the music starts where the song left off. If you are on the phone, just initiate the call from your phone, Hang Up does its job without touching.

If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, we’re here to help! Returns for products purchased from this site can be made within 30 days of receipt of full payment for the product. For listeners who just need something to feed their personal concerts, then Jam Hang Up is a great thing. and a cheap gift. Although the buttons are hard to press, the rugged IP67-certified design makes up for it. In addition, the adhesive back makes it easy to stick to any flat surface.

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The art of singing in the shower is underappreciated, but the Jam Hang Up stands out as an affordable shower speaker for bathroom singers. It comes in a variety of attractive designs and is equipped with an adhesive pad that easily adheres to installed tiles. For ~$20, it’s hard to find anything wrong with this little speaker.

Jam Hang Around Usb Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Black

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Included with the Jam Hang Up is a micro USB charging cable and a waterproof speaker. Users can use a 3.5mm audio cable, but one is not provided for Hang Up.

Its plastic body is sensitive and durable: Hang Up does not shake and receives an IP67 dust and water-resistant certificate, meaning it is dust-proof and waterproof. The front speaker grill is covered with a fabric cloth, while the edge of the speaker is a hard plastic rubber. One edge has three buttons for playback and volume. The middle button, a vertical line, appears to be an “X” and “O” volume divider but functions as a multifunction button.

Jam Hang Up Speaker

If you find a phone call in the shower, feel free to answer it as the Hang Up includes a built-in microphone. That said, don’t expect anything different or great from the microphone array, especially if you’re taking calls in the bathroom. Its possibly round design can’t reduce background noise while isolating the human voice, so any running water will hinder sound clarity.

Jam Hang Up Hx P101 Bluetooth Speaker

Listeners can pick up calls from the shower, but that doesn’t mean the sounds are clearly carried by the running water in the background.

One edge of the speaker has an open entry design that houses the included microUSB cable, eliminating the confusing times of searching for a microUSB cable in the ever-increasing USB-C world. A removable rubber flap covers the micro-USB and auxiliary ports, which you’ll need to cover when you’re near water.

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On the back of the speaker sits a silicone cloth that can be pulled back to reveal an adhesive pad, which sticks to any flat surface without issue. The instructions suggest that a silicone flap can be used to remove any dirt or grime that collects on the adhesive pad, but I haven’t gotten into that yet.

Battery life is solid: the speaker has a playback time of eight hours and needs two hours to complete a full cycle. Remember, if it doesn’t work for two minutes, the speaker turns off automatically to save battery, which can be annoying if it happens often.

Jam Hxp101bk Hang Up Bluetooth Speaker Black

The volume buttons up and down have a raised button, which does not reflect the color of the speaker. This makes it difficult to see relatives for the other two.

The Jam Hang Up maintains a solid connection within a range of ~80 feet—with a claimed Bluetooth range of 100 feet. Beyond that, though, he starts to worry; in all fairness, there were two walls separating the speaker and my phone.

Unlike many cheap Bluetooth speakers, this one includes an integrated auxiliary input for wired listening when the Bluetooth connection is too weak. Of course, for listeners who will be using this as a shower speaker, a cable ax may not be the best connection option in terms of durability.

Jam Hang Up Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Micro is a great companion for outdoor gatherings from the grill to the table; also ~$80 more than Hang Up.

Jam Hang Up Bluetooth Speaker

Although it looks similar to the Bose SoundLink Micro, the Hang Up’s sound quality is unmatched. That said, it’s also 80 percent cheaper, so that can be forgiven. Plus, we’re talking about a unique shower speaker, which means it’s there to stream your shower singing sessions. In general, the frequency response is biased toward mid-range sound. As soon as the water comes out of the shower head, everything is closed and the transparency falls aside.

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The undertones are subtle, easy to pick out from Phoebe Bridgers’ Smoke Signals. At 3:40, a pick-up on the bass guitar accentuates Bridgers’ voice with a sinister tone. The information is completely lost, indistinguishable from Bridgers’ violin and voice. The mids are emphasized more as Bridgers lower register remains important in the patient ballad. His voice is always laid back with heavy bass guitar accompaniment at the start of each chorus as he sings the word “you.”

Jam Hang Up doesn’t have the best sound quality, and the running water in your shower can block it.

In Regina Spektor’s song The Calculation, the playing is based on a repetitive metal beat that continues until the chorus, which starts at 1:07. Here, Spektor breaks into a powerfully sung line, “Hey this fire is burning us,” and the energy levels are hard to describe in his voice. As things settle down during the next verse, it’s easy to hear the drum-scoot-beat pattern. However, the next chorus at 2:06 suffers from the same problem of three blocked frequencies and a general lack of clarity.

Jam Audio Uk Hang Up Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Underneath the rubber grip is an adhesive pad that allows the Jam Hang Up to stick to any flat surface.

Yes. If what you need is a speaker stand that works and can withstand dust, drops and water, the Jam Hang Up is one of the most affordable and well-built options. If you do end up investing in this bathroom speaker, set expectations as it sounds like a $20 speaker. If you’re in the shower, the sound of water running over your shower head can drown out movement anyway, which makes sound quality one of the most important features of a shower speaker. Overall, this is a good choice for listeners looking to save money on something practical.

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