Ion Pathfinder 4 Speaker

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When you want to enjoy the outdoors in any weather, the Pathfinder™ 280° is for you. This compact IPX5 rechargeable 100-hour waterproof speaker streams your favorite music from any Bluetooth® device and delivers great sound through a powerful 120-watt speaker system. using an 8-inch woofer and three 3-inch tweeters. Pathfinder™ 280° features 280° wide sound, so you can enjoy high-quality sound from the front, left and right of the speaker.

Ion Pathfinder 4 Speaker

Ion Pathfinder 4 Speaker

In addition, it has a water-resistant case to keep your phone, wallet or keys dry. If you need a quick charge for your phone or device, it also has a water-resistant quick charge USB port that turbo-charges your mobile device. Pathfinder™ 280° has built-in multi-colored lights that rotate to music for an exciting visual effect. When you want to get the party started, choose the Boom™ Button for instant bass, volume and lighting effects.

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When you want to further enhance your audio experience, use the Stereo-Link™ wireless feature to connect additional compatible ION Audio speakers wirelessly. For easy control of sound and lighting functions, use the ION Sound XP™ app with your iOS or Android phone. Best of all, it comes with a built-in bottle opener for your convenience, and built-in handles and feet for easy portability. With FM radio and 16 channel presets on top, the Pathfinder™280° is the ultimate underwater speaker system that’s perfect for any situation! Bluetooth Smart Under $100 Alexa Golf Cart Under $50 iPhone Google Sonos Ultimate Ears Apple

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The ION Pathfinder 280 is a large squarish speaker that is very loud, making it perfect for tailgate parties or other large gatherings. It comes with RGB lights and radio capabilities that allow you to store up to 16 radio stations. It’s rated IPX5 for water resistance, guaranteeing resistance to being in direct contact with water for up to 3 minutes, so it can get a little rain when outside. Out of the box, vocals and lead instruments sound great in the mix, though there’s an audio inconsistency that makes them sound noisy and sometimes dull. It also lacks rumble and low bass volume. Fortunately, you can adjust its sound to your liking thanks to the graphic EQ and preset EQ.

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The ION Pathfinder 280 is great for music. Lead vocals and instruments sound out of the box, though there’s an imbalance in the midrange and treble that makes them sound boomy and muffled at times. Also, it has no belly and low bass noise. Fortunately, there’s a graphic EQ and settings to tweak its sound to your liking. There is also a Boom button to help boost the bass. It makes enough noise to fill large crowds, making it perfect for parties. Unfortunately, its soundstage is perceived as too narrow and not immersive.

The ION Pathfinder 280 is an excellent unit for watching videos and movies. There is a high Bluetooth latency with iOS and Android devices, which causes synchronization problems between audio and video, which is not suitable for watching videos and movies. That said, some apps compensate for lag differently and your experience may vary. While it’s very loud, it doesn’t have a lot of bass out of the box, so you don’t hear the deep, rumbling sound you usually hear in busy venues. Also, voices and dialogue are muffled and muffled at times.

The ION Pathfinder 280 is great for podcasts. Although not necessarily designed for this, it is battery operated and has built-in arms and legs, making it easy to carry. It also gets amazing volume with little compression now at maximum volume, so the sound quality doesn’t degrade when you turn it on and you can clearly hear podcasts from a distance. Unfortunately, its midrange and treble aren’t balanced, so vocals and dialogue sound alternately sweet, and at times muffled.

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Ion Pathfinder 4 Speaker

The ION Pathfinder 280 is great for outdoor use. It has an IPX5 water resistance rating that guarantees it can withstand direct contact with water for up to three minutes, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet from light rain at your next event. It’s plenty loud and the long battery life makes it perfect for long listening sessions spent outdoors. Unfortunately, it needs to be connected to a second unit to play stereo content, and it reduces stereo to mono when used on its own, which isn’t very comfortable.

Ion Audio Pathfinder Charger

The ION Pathfinder 280 is a square-shaped speaker meant to be placed on a stand. Like the JBL PartyBox 310, it comes with adjustable RGB lights and built-in telescopic handles and feet to help you transport it to your next party.

The ION Pathfinder 280 handles well. While it’s big and heavy, it comes with two built-in handles, a telescoping handle and legs to help you take the party with you wherever you go. It’s also battery-powered, so you can use it without connecting it to a power source.

Note: The ION Pathfinder 280 size test results represent its size with the telescopic handle fully extended.

The build quality of the ION Pathfinder 280 is excellent. Its body is usually thick plastic that feels very solid, and it has a bottle opening on the right side. A plastic case protects the device’s inputs and controls are clearly labeled. The driver’s side is protected by a steel windshield and there are headlights around the front fenders. It comes with two built-in handles on each side and a telescopic handle on the back with wheels to help transport it. There’s a compartment on the top of the speaker with an AUX and USB-A port inside, which you can use to store and charge your devices.

Ion Pathfinder 4 Vs Tribit Stormbox Blast Portable Speaker: 90w Loud Stereo Sound With Xbass,

The Pathfinder 280 is also rated IPX5 for water resistance, which means it’s guaranteed to withstand direct contact with water for up to three minutes, so you don’t have to worry about it getting a little wet from light rain. That said, the manufacturer also advises against placing the speaker vertically in water.

The ION Pathfinder 280 has a solid selection of easy-to-use controls. You can press and hold the Bluetooth button to activate Bluetooth pairing mode or disconnect the connected device. You can press its light button to control the speaker lights and choose the color scheme you want. You can use its BOOM button to help boost its bass and activate the light show. You can use the link button to connect it to another ION-compatible speaker when you want to create a stereo pair.

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The Pathfinder 280 will emit audible feedback when you turn it on/off and when it successfully connects and disconnects from a device. Makes a long sound when you press the BOOM button. The display also shows the volume level you have selected and the remaining battery level of the speaker 280.

Ion Pathfinder 4 Speaker

You can use its companion app to adjust the graphic EQ. If you don’t want to use your phone, you can adjust the bass and treble by pressing the physical EQ button until the display shows ‘HI’ or ‘LO’. You can then rotate the volume knob to adjust the sound profile to your liking and confirm it by pressing the EQ button again.

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You can also press the speaker radio button to turn the radio on/off and set it to FM1 or FM2. You can use the back and forward buttons to scroll through different radio stations and you can save your favorite stations to one of the preset radio buttons numbered 1 to 8. There are two banks of eight for FM1 and FM2, they allow you to configure settings. up to 16 presets in total.

The frequency response of the ION Pathfinder 280 is perfect. Out of the box, vocals and lead instruments sound great in the mix, although there are some inconsistencies in the midrange and treble that make them sound noisy and sometimes distorted. Also, there is no deep opening and low bass volume. That said, you can use the speaker’s Boom button to help boost the bass in the audio, and you can customize the speaker’s sound profile thanks to the graphic EQ and presets displayed in its companion app. For a similar speaker that can produce great low-end bass, check out the Monster Rockin’ Roller 270X.

The sound of the ION Pathfinder 280 is disappointing. While you can connect it to another

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