Ilive Wireless Tailgate Speaker

Ilive Wireless Tailgate Speaker – You can’t rock a tailgate without tunes! Make sure you’re heard above the crowd with this iLive wireless tailgate speaker. Grill up burgers (and your playlist) while streaming your favorite beats up to 60 feet away. Connect your own mic for team sing-offs or important game-day announcements (wings at the ready!), or kick it old school and choose FM radio or your own MP3 party mix. From iLive.

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Ilive Wireless Tailgate Speaker

Ilive Wireless Tailgate Speaker

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Ilive Wireless Tailgate Speaker Isb199 User Manual

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Qtx Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker With Voice Record

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Overview – Portable speakers are generally limited to individual or small group listening. Those who move beyond that size are a very small group. I was recently sent an iLive Tailgate speaker and have been testing it out. Read on to find out how it works and how it can fit into your life.

Ilive Wireless Tailgate Speaker

The iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker is a 14″ x 9″ x 6″ box with a sturdy exterior and an integrated handle on top. Under the handle (easily accessible) are all the controls and inputs. Behind the grille on the face is a 5.25-inch woofer speaker with LED light effects.

Ilive Isb380b Bluetooth Tailgate Speaker Review

The iLive tailgate is surrounded by a semi-flexible molded plastic case. There are no openings, save for the speaker grill holes and input ports. When it’s powered up, the multi-colored LED flashes randomly and reflects off the metallic cone to illuminate the entire speaker area. (It’s not bad during the day, but if you’re trying to use it at a political rally or anywhere else where the integrity of the message is at stake, remember. There’s no way I’m turning off this disco lighting. .) The grill is slotted matte metal, with a silk-screened logo in the middle.

When powered on, there is an illuminated LED clock-type panel between the volume knob and the microphone gain knob to show information such as the current input mode, FM frequency, etc. There are two knobs and inputs from the left side, below this display. -DC power in (microUSB), source select button, rewind, play/pause/BT pairing, fast forward, USB in (which charges), microSD card slot and .25″ mic jack. The entire unit weighs 4 pounds, so it’s easy to move around during setup and use.

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No advanced settings. Charge it, turn it on. Pair or connect your source and you’re off to the races.

The amount of sound the iLive produces is truly impressive for such a small box. You can increase the volume without even getting a third through the volume knob. The sound is a bit bassy/boomy but carries well as long as the speaker is not blocked. FM radio lets you listen to the pre-game show while you’re tailgating or alerts you in the event of a power outage. A USB or microSD card input lets you play from your own audio collection. Plugging in your portable devices also shares those sounds.

Ilive Bluetooth Tailgate Speaker With Fm Radio Black Isb200b

However, perhaps the most interesting feature is the microphone jack. With a standard high-impedance mic (like plugging into a guitar amp), you can not only talk and sing through the instrument, but sing along to the radio! This opens up possibilities for use at pool parties, political rallies, company outings or children’s sporting events and parties. No directly connected power means the mic and speaker can be easily transported, whether you’re taking a trip through the park with a group or doing activities at a scouting campout.

(Apologies to Ty Cobb) Most cities have multiple FM frequencies so it’s hard to lock into a single station. Also, trying to pick up stations while scanning with the arrows is a bit tricky. If you move the unit or sometimes touch something on the control panel, you introduce static interference. But if you move, you’ll find yourself on station and you’ll get better sound. I was able to lock into our local classical station and play for a while. I was blown away by Hee-Young Lim’s beautiful and perfect cello reproduction from Saint-Saëns Concerto No. 1 in Minor. The rest of the instruments came through clearly, but the cello sounded full and engaging, even through the FM radio. I forgot I was listening to the radio until the piece was over and the announcer came on.

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I have a cheap Hi-Z microphone. When I plug it in, the gain is great and the tone is accurate. A little reverb is added, but it still sounds accurate. I couldn’t make it past 40% and stay in the room. Jack was so confused when I whispered that my voice came out of the box instead of my mouth.

Ilive Wireless Tailgate Speaker

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This is a great portable sound unit for many uses. Our local bike advocacy group can use it for advertising before and after group rides. (Or even on rides!) We have a local non-profit that does trail maintenance in a park along a natural river, and I could see something like this being something to communicate during a cleanup or festival. Portability, USB charging and a tough outer shell make a standard speaker inferior in many places and overkill a PA system.

A gadget nerd since childhood, Smith has always been fascinated by solving everyday problems with ingenious devices. An Apple fan since the Mac Plus in 1987, he is usually very close to the devices. However, sometimes, he still loses his Newton 2100 messagepad. With this feature-rich wireless speaker, you can blast your playlist loud indoors and outdoors. With a portable design and rugged exterior, this speaker is the perfect sidekick to accompany you on all your outings. Connect via Bluetooth or plug in an aux in to increase your music volume. Do you have a last minute announcement during the party? No problem, just connect your microphone to the microphone input and start talking. With a built-in digital FM radio, this speaker has you covered when you want to listen to your favorite stations. For your MP3 music files, there are USB and SD memory card slots. Create a party atmosphere by turning on color-changing LED light effects so you can listen to your music wherever you go.

After the initial pairing, the unit is paired

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