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Ikea and Sonos designed the Ultimate Speaker Lamp

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The wonderful news has come out that Ikea and Sonos designed the incredible speaker lamp. Actually, the incredible lamp speaker and the brilliant bookshelf speaker are going to launch in August. It’s a high time to shed some light on this topic.

Sonos along with Ikea has completely revealed the incredible pair of speakers, which the two companies teamed up for several years. The brilliantly-designed Symfonisk table lamp, as well as the incredible bookshelf speaker, would ship in the coming August. And the users will be capable of controlling them with the help of Sonos application and it will enable each and every speaker to be completely integrated as a segment of a brilliant multiroom audio setup. The two products will perform excellently. Both of these companies provided their best possible effort and so the output will be definitely great. The lamp is featured with a dial on its body for the control. Moreover, some track control buttons are also there on the respective base plate part. However, the particular lamp doesn’t feature an extraordinary smart bulb and so you’d need to purchase one on your own.

The smart home application of Ikea is going to combine music controls targeted to the speakers, enabling customers to design scenes, which factor in the respective lamp, the smart blinds of Ikea, and any other bulbs you have. However, Sonos speakers can be completely controlled within iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other applications already. That means the extension of Sonos to Ikea is not a big surprise. One of the best parts is that users won’t need to look for an alarm anymore while their bedroom lamp can generate brilliant music. Moreover, the incredibly-designed bookshelf speaker is also the smallest speaker whatever Sonos has ever designed. Actually, it’s smaller in the comparison of what you can expect by perceiving its name). Furthermore, the TruePlay feature of Sonos can tune the audio output of a speaker depending upon its placement in a room, which makes a striking difference in the improvement of sound quality for both of the lamp as well as the bookshelf products. It can be hoped that both of these speakers would sound better, as compared to anything at their specific price points. It seems that the incredible bookshelf speaker has come in a good size and maybe it can be taken outside in times of a party. But, the scenario is different. Maybe the goal was to design something enough decent for the public.

When it comes to technical specifications, the following information has been collected till now:

While it comes to the lamp, users will get two class-D digital amplifiers, sealed enclosure, one mid-woofer, and one tweeter. Within bookshelf speaker, the features are two class-D digital amplifiers, ported enclosure, one mid-woofer, and one tweeter. Definitely, the sizes of such components would vary in each and every product even in case the internal layout seems similar. Furthermore, the lamp as well as bookshelf speakers would be full-fledged members, belonged to the Sonos ecosystem. They can connect an existing setup or can also serve in the form of the users’ entry into multiroom audio. When it comes to the concept of purchasing two of each, users can easily stereo pair them or make use of them in the form of the rears within a 5.1 audio setup by assuming that the user already holds a Playbar, Playbase, or Sonos Beam. Both of the speakers also provide support to Apple’s AirPlay 2 for the purpose of playing music from some apps or with the help of voice commands through Siri.

Both of the Symfonisk speakers share certain chips with the incredible Sonos One; however, no microphone is built there into either of the devices. Moreover, both of them have come with conventional, physical buttons for the purpose of music controls versus the respective touch-sensitive buttons on the incredible Sonos speakers. Both of the SYMFONISK speakers are going to appear in white and black; however, IKEA is trying to make the lamp as more like a blank canvas, at least within smart-home terms. However, the knobs for controlling the speaker-lamp would be changeable as well as removable. As per the users’ choice, they can easily add a smart bulb or alter the shade as well.

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