Hyperboom Speaker

Hyperboom Speaker – I’ve reviewed many Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speakers over the years. Most recently, the BOOM 3. I’ve come to expect a few key features from the company’s speakers: a stylish cylinder covered in colorful woven fabric, long battery life, visible volume buttons, and a durable, waterproof design. And they sound consistently great, outperforming other portable wireless speakers in their price range. The Ultimate Ears design always produces high energy, 360-degree sound and surprising bass. The company’s new HYPERBOOM Bluetooth speaker is something completely different.

HYPERBOOM is a radical departure from previous Ultimate Ears speakers. There are few perceptible visual cues. The speaker is wrapped in a variegated two-tone fabric (black only) and has prominent “+” and “-” volume buttons – although in this case they’re smooth capacitive touchpads on top instead of physical buttons. spokesman.

Hyperboom Speaker

Hyperboom Speaker

Gone is the instantly recognizable cylindrical form factor. And HYPERBOOM definitely surpasses anything else Ultimate Ears has released before. Frankly, it outlasts most wireless speakers – portable or not. He is over 14 inches tall and weighs 13 pounds.

Fixing Ue Hyperboom Bluetooth Not Working Problem

This is a speaker with presence. Ultimate Ears describes it as “monolithic” and the description is apt.

HYPERBOOM has not only gotten significantly bigger (and, as I’ll come, more powerful), but it’s also got a few new tricks. When performing portable maintenance, its massive lithium-ion battery can provide up to 24 hours of music playback. Ultimate Ears has hidden a USB-A output port under the waterproof flap, which can be used to charge a mobile phone.

Under this flap there is also a 3.5 mm audio input and an optical input. With these gates, HYPERBOOM is much more powerful. You can connect a TV, game console or computer to get better sound. It is also possible to connect a turntable equipped with its own preamplifier (and most turntables sold today have this feature).

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As mentioned, the volume buttons are now capacitive, which makes them easier to use and makes the profile more stylish. The HYPERBOOM also features a One Touch Music Control button that lets you switch between music sources (including two simultaneous wireless Bluetooth connections) with a short volume fade when you switch between sources. The button can also be used to pause and skip streaming sources on a connected smartphone.

Ultimate Ears Unveils Its Ultimate Speaker

Another game changer? There is a microphone bump at the top of the speaker, but it’s not for voice control. The speaker is equipped with an adaptive equalizer. The microphone constantly measures the space where the speaker is located and optimizes the sound accordingly.

Previous Ultimate Ears speakers have been aimed pretty directly at portables and partygoers. HYPERBOOM is a pioneer in this space, but this speaker is also designed to anchor a compact home audio system.

The sound reproduction of the HYPERBOOM was excellent. Ultimate Ears says the new speaker delivers “three times the volume of the MEGABOOM 3 and more than six times the bass.”

Hyperboom Speaker

This means up to 100 decibels of power. The driver setup—two 4.5-inch woofers, a 1-inch tweeter, and a 5.5-by-7.5-inch passive radiator—is superior to the full-range drivers typically found in portable speakers. Plug in the adaptive EQ and it’s a very powerful speaker.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Vs Jbl Partybox Encore Essential Side By Side Speaker Comparison

The driver placement doesn’t offer the virtual 360-degree sound that other Ultimate Ears speakers offer. However, if the drivers are placed correctly (on the edge instead of flat edge towards the wall or towards the listeners), they are able to disperse the sound in a 270 degree arc. This sound can give a realistic impression of depth and stereo imaging. And it’s loud. There is plenty of space for outdoor use or large room use.

The placement of the HYPERBOOM driver shows why the speaker sounds so good and why “edge on” listening provides … [+] the best listening experience.

The Eagles’ “Hotel California” is an example of a song that sounds fantastic on HYPERBOOM. When I listen to it (straight from my iPhone), the bass rumbles and the drums kick. The guitars sound clean and clear. The cymbals have just the right amount of brightness, while the vocals are clean. When the speaker was placed on the edge, the sound convincingly sounded like it was coming from stereo speakers instead of a single box.

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Other single-speaker sound systems I’ve reviewed can do the trick, but they cost significantly more than the HYPERBOOM’s $399.99 price tag.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Speaker 984 001591 Black

Bass – always a standout feature of Ultimate Ears speakers – is truly impressive in the HYPERBOOM. I played the Who’s “Baba O’Riley” in my office at about 50% volume. When John Entwistle’s bass began at 1:05, the entire ottoman the speaker was sitting on began to resonate. i could

If you want to adjust the sound yourself, the BOOM mobile app includes presets and the ability to manually adjust and save 5-band EQ settings. The app also allows you to connect HYPERBOOM with other BOOM speakers for a multi-speaker PARTYUP.

Although HYPERBOOM is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, it does not support advanced codecs such as aptX and AAC. As a result, the music may lack some of the details you hear on systems that support it. Regardless, I had no complaints. Not for a portable speaker in this price range.

Hyperboom Speaker

24 hours of battery life is pretty impressive for a portable speaker. Of course, this is influenced by several different factors. Turn up the volume and you can expect it to drop significantly. The same if you use it outside in cold temperatures. And if you use it as a power bank for smartphones, it also shortens the battery life. However, 24 hours as a starting point sets the bar quite high. When the battery finally runs out, it takes about three hours to fully charge with the supplied power adapter.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Loud Speaker, Big Bass, Water Resistant Ipx4, 150 Ft Range

The downside of the large battery and array of drivers is that the HYPERBOOM is large and heavy, especially for a portable speaker. It’s £13 – you won’t be putting it in your pocket… Ultimate Ears included a handy built-in carrying strap (which I actually missed because I thought it was decorative). Pull the strap out and you’re good to go, although you might not want to lug this speaker too far.

Another factor to consider is durability and water resistance. Although the HYPERBOOM appears to be solidly built, Ultimate Ears does not offer a drop rating for this speaker. Water resistance is IPX4, which provides protection against splash water, but is not “waterproof”. In other words, HYPERBOOM is ready to talk at your next party—it should survive a splash—but be careful it doesn’t knock you off the table, get sandblasted, or accidentally fall into the pool.

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This is not a “smart” speaker. If you’re looking for voice control, support for your favorite digital assistant, or multi-room audio, Ultimate Ears offers options like the Wi-Fi MEGABLAST (see here). If you want a portable speaker that can withstand a pool party, a thunderstorm, or a windy day at the beach, check out the company’s other speakers.

But if you’re looking for a speaker with the power and flexibility to be the centerpiece of a compact home audio system, plus the portability and power to get any party jumping indoors and out, the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM is the new speaker. you are sure that your product is protected for a certain period of time. If during treatment of the product

The Big Question Surrounding Ultimate Ears’ Truly Enormous Portable Speaker

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Hyperboom Speaker

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The New Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Is A Big, Versatile Party Speaker

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Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

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Feel the pulse of your music with the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Bluetooth speaker.

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