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How To Troubleshoot Sonos That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

Are you facing problem in connecting the Sonos system to the home Wi-Fi network? If yes, then there is no need to search around on the internet. Just go through the list of suggestions mentioned here in this post. After executing the steps, you will be able to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem on Sonos.

  1. Power failure: If a router is not available, the wi-fi device will look for another available router. If the router is switched off, you won’t be able to connect the Sonos to the router. Check if the Sonos is connecting to the right router and to the Wi-Fi or not. If it is not connecting, then reset the Sonos unit by turning it off and then on after some seconds. Try to re-establish the connection with the Wi-Fi. If the problem still exists, then check the devices if any out of the connected devices is creating interference with the network.
  2. Interference from other devices: Sometimes, the problem occurs if any other wireless devices work on the same frequency. Devices like a cordless phone, wireless video transmitter, baby monitors and audio systems work on 24 GHz and 5 GHz frequency. So, if you are connecting the Sonos to the same frequency, then there are chances of interference errors. To get rid of such errors, you can either change the frequency or turn off the devices. Other wireless devices that are causing interference include microwave, set-top boxes, wireless cable, security camera, and other proximity sensors. Try to move the devices away from the Sonos one by one and turn off the devices and check the Wi-Fi connection if it is working or not.
  3. Faulty Wi-Fi card: If the Sonos system is not yet connecting to the Wi-Fi signal and it continues to disconnect, then connect the device to the router physically with the help of Ethernet cable. Plug one end of the cable to the Sonos and other to the router. If the network is now established, then it means there is an issue with the motherboard of Sonos. So, you can replace the wireless connection with Ethernet cable connected to the network devices. If you want to replace the communication card on your own, then go through the guide given in the link. In such a case, if the Sonos is still not connecting to the network, then there is issue with the router but not with the Sonos system.

This is how you can troubleshoot Sonos not connecting to the internet. We hope the steps mentioned above will solve the issue and you will be able to connect the Sonos again to the network.

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