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How to Setup Sonos? The Standard Setup Procedure

Sonos is an incredibly-designed wireless Home Sound System that is capable of filing multiple rooms with brilliant music, TV, and movies. And now if you want to set up the Sonos system, you should follow the below steps. 

Sonos is able to play everything that is ranging from on-demand services, the most famous streaming services, your download collections, and your preferred audiobooks and podcasts to internet radio. In a nutshell, Sonos is ready to play whatever you want to listen. In this post, I’ll discuss Sonos Setup procedure.

The incredible Sonos application is tremendously helpful in search via each and every service of a particular user (in a quick manner) to track down his/her preferred music. And then it would send that music to different rooms and make the adjustment of the volume as well as other settings.

It is not mandatory to be present in the same room. If your friends have Sonos application, they can also do the same thing. You can place your speaker in your preferred location. And then plug in it and tap the application. It is capable of connecting to the Wi-Fi. And voila- you’re ready to go. There is no complicated programming, no wires, and no hassles with Sonos.

Within a Standard Setup, the Sonos products are going to straightforwardly connect to the Wi-Fi network of your home. The Sonos product can be placed in any of your rooms that host a good connection to the Wi-Fi of your home.

Another worth noting point is that an alternative to the respective Setup is a BOOST Setup that designs a dedicated wireless network for Sonos. You can contact Sonos Help to know more about this particular topic.

In order to set up Sonos on the home Wi-Fi, you ought to execute the steps below.

First, you need to plug in the respective Sonos product to power.

Next, it is time to download the Sonos application to your PC, tablet or phone that has been connected to the specific home Wi-Fi network.

Now, you have to open the Sonos application and then select “Setup New System”.

Whenever you are given a choice between BOOST and STANDARD setup, you ought to select ‘STANDARD’. And then you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Troubleshooting Help

You have to remember that if you want the respective Sonos product and the application to make a communication in times of the Standard Setup procedure, both of them have to be in the range of Wi-Fi of your home.

In case you are experiencing difficulties in times of the setup process, you have to make sure that the computer, tablet or phone, operating the Sonos application, has been connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Some particular network types don’t provide support to a Standard Setup. In case you are trying to install Sonos on a network that is compatible with one or more of the following condition, you would need to choose BOOST Setup.

Enterprise access points have been configured to need certificates or certain there formats of enterprise authentication. In case you’re making use of multiple access points, ensure that all of them have been set to the same wireless channel of 2.4GHz.

Routers that are able to operate on only the spectrum of 5GHz.

Guest networks/ networks that make use of a portal page for logging in purpose

Networks along with wireless range extenders.

Now, you are familiar with the Sonos Connect Setup procedure.

Your system has been set up. In the below segment, I’ll discuss how you can play music.

TuneIn Radio: Sonos has come with preconfigured, accompanied by more than 100,000 worldwide radio stations. And this particular facility is provided by TuneIn. You just have to click ‘Radio by TuneIn’ in the Sonos application to initiate listening.

Local Music Library

You can also share the tracks of your personal Music Library with Sonos within only a number of easy-to-implement steps.

Music Services

It is also possible to add one or more of the large collection of Music Services that is available on Sonos.

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