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How To Setup Sonos Connect Amp as a Surround Speaker?

With technological advancement, great products have been manufactured. Definitely, Sonos can become an addiction. It is one of the best products in the market for the ones who love music. There are a lot of benefits in this product. Also, you wouldn’t regret paying for it. If you are crazy about songs, you must have this product at home. Anyway, along with the Sonos speakers, there are many other things that you need to learn, one of it is surrounded speaker setup. However, if you want to enjoy surround speaker and if you want to know the steps of connecting and configuring, keep reading this post to find Sonos Help.

This post is dedicated to the ones who want to know the setup procedures for Sonos Connect Amp as a surround speaker. If you did not know it, you don’t have to worry. In this blog, you will find detailed instructions to connect along with some more details. Sonos is one of the simplest systems, as you already know. Keep reading to learn a few great things!

Guide to Setup Sonos Connect Amp as a surround speaker

You would have already gathered information on Sonos products because you are purchasing it. But, you wouldn’t have collected information on setting up Sonos Connect Amp Setup as a surround speaker. In this blog post, you will find all the required information to set up Sonos Connect Amp as a surround speaker. However, it is much better to keep digging for information even if you have read this post. You will be learning the steps for setting up and configuring Amp or Connect: Amp to playbar, beam, or playbase.

General guidelines:

If Connect is powering your surround speakers: Amp, you must have the wired setup for your Sonos speaker system. Also, you will be able to check the status of the system setup and the ways to switch in between pretty easily. When you don’t have to struggle to switch between one setup to another, hence, if you Google it, you will receive guidelines.  When you are using Connect: Amp or Amp in a TV surround, your line-connection and subwoofer output will be disabled.

Even before you start, you must make sure to ensure that connect: Amp or Amp is added to the existing system.  Also, it is essential to keep your system updated with the latest software. There are different types of configuration related to surround speaker, hence, you must decide the type that you are going to utilize. Even though there are varieties, you must make sure to read and understand the type before using it.  In order to connect the TV to Sonos Amp, it is possible to do it with optical port or HDMI ARC. In case, you miss these two options; you can consider an Optical Audio Adapter.

Steps to connect speakers:

You don’t have to join the speakers to Connect: Amp or Amp if you have done it already. However, you must make sure that you are handling the right wire gauge and the wires support Ohm rating. There are a lot of articles that are centered on this topic. Hence, you can consider reading them.

Connect the speaker to Connect: Amp or Amp

Once you have connected the speakers, you can move on to the steps of adding surrounds. However, to follow the steps, you must have a mobile device.

In the Sonos app, you will find surround speakers, so add them

Click the Sonos app for Android or iOS.  In the More tab, click Settings > click Room Settings.

Select the room that the Playbar, Beam, or Playbase are located.

Click “Add surrounds.” and then, select the Connect: Amp or Amp.

Then, follow in-app instructions to complete the rest of the setup.

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