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How To Set Up Surround Sound System With Sonos 5.1 Setup?

You would have been impressed with the Sonos Sound System. But, how well are you aware of the system? With the Sonos Help, you can set it up without any difficulties. However, some buyers might still face issues with the system if they don’t understand the Sonos Help. If you are struggling to set up surround Sound System with Sonos 5.1 setup, you must read this blog post.  You will find the simplest steps to set it up, so make sure to read the post until the end.

This post is dedicated to the buyers who have little knowledge about Sonos Connect and Sonos 5.1 Setup. There is no hardships in bonding two Sonos, Play: 1, Play: 3 or Play: 5 speakers with a Beam, Playbar, or Playbase. You can easily set up the system to enjoy home theater sound experience. However, if you want to set up home theater you must initiate the home theater setup in your Sonos app. Or if you have already set it up, you can follow the rest of the steps. Anyway, keep reading the blog to understand the steps in detail.

General Guidelines

Before you set up the speakers you must make sure to check whether the surround and the speakers are in the same model. You wouldn’t be able to combine Play: 3 and Play: 1 to enjoy surround speaker performance. You must follow the following steps to manage the surround speakers. You shouldn’t develop a room group because you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the left and right channel functionality. You can place Play: 3 and Play: 5 horizontally or vertically. When you are setting up the speakers you must make sure that they are in same orientation.

Note- You wouldn’t find the features such as subwoofers output and Line-In on the Play: 5 when you are using it as surround speakers with Playbase, beam, or Playbar.

Possible Sonos products to be connected to the home theater speakers are:

  • Sonos One
  • Play:1
  • Play:3
  • Play:5
  • Connect: Amp

You should bear in mind that Sonos One speakers will not have microphone option when you are using it as Surround Sound System.

Steps to add Surround Speakers

You should follow these steps to add surround speakers:

  • Open the Sonos App for iOS or Android.
  • From the More tab> click Settings > Room Settings.
  • Select the room where home theater speakers are available.
  • Click “Add Surround Speakers”.
  • Finally, focus on the in-app instructions to add the surround speaker.

Steps to remove Surround Speakers

 You should follow these steps to remove surround speakers:

  • Open the Sonos App for iOS or Android.
  • From the More tab> click Settings > Room Settings.
  • Select the room where the surround speakers are associated. You will find the name as Room (+LS+RS) on the Room Settings menu.
  • Click “Remove Surround Speakers”.
  • Click “Next” to remove the surround sound speakers from home theater setup.

If the player had been there already, the player will revert with the previous name. The label unused will be visible if the player was set up out of the box. You have the liberty to rename the player by clicking the room menu. If you follow the above steps you will be able to connect and remove speakers pretty easily. You don’t have to struggle to set up Sonos speakers if you are aware of these simple steps. If you want further clarification, you can easily check the Sonos Connect Manual.

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