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How To Set Up Sonos Speakers To An iPhone And To Control It?

Sound systems have become one of the best entertaining equipment. If you are purchasing Sonos sound player you must know about it. You may have read about it and you may have developed an idea about the sound system. Yet, if you do not know How to set up Sonos you may have to read the ways to do it. It can be pretty tough if you are a new user, but once you understand the procedures you will be able to connect the speakers easily. In fact, there are different reasons why Sonos Not Connecting so you must learn it as well. Anyway, read this post to understand steps to connect Sonos.

This post is dedicated to the new users of Sonos speakers. You would have purchased the speakers but then, you do not know to connect it. And you are not alone, there are many users who face the same problem. If you also face this problem you would be able to solve the issue by reading this post. This blog post includes the information related to connecting Sonos properly. The Sonos System Setup has no difficulties, so keep reading!

General information

Basically, this sound system is an innovative product which is wireless and effective. This system will let you set up 32 components at a time as per your needs. The manufacturers of the product offer different styles of players. You may have to find out the styles and types before you purchase the product because only then, you will be able to select the preferred product.  However, once you are done selecting the speakers, you must take the next step i.e. Sonos Connect Setup. You can simply get started with the Sonos App, so read below!

Setting up

Before you begin the procedures you must download the Sonos App to your iPhone. You can do it like you do other apps. You just have to search in App Store, and the follow up the procedures.

Procedures to set up your Sonos speakers

As buyers, you must read the Sonos Connect Review because it will give a better exposure to the whole scenario. You would be able to understand the procedures better and clearer. However, in this blog post, you will find simple steps to connect the speakers.  You might have to follow a few different steps to set up the new speakers.

Creating a new account:

Launch the controller app> click create an account> add email address along with steady password> accept the terms and conditions using the toggle switch> click create an account> confirm your email address> verify the email address

Once you do, Safari app will direct you to the confirmation page and then, come back to the Sonos app.

Click Continue> again click continue to set up the speakers

After you click the setup procedures you would have to answer the question of whether it is a boost or standard setup. Usually, many users select standard setup but the choice is still yours.

Setting up the first speaker:

Press next> Select Settings> click add or sub-option player> under ‘add new speaker> Add a new speaker> connect to the power outlet> click Next> click continue (this should be done right after the green flashlight comes into life)

Helpline: In case, the green light doesn’t light up, you must tap the troubleshooting tips but make sure to select the option that is relevant to the problem.

Sonos speakers will search for compatible speakers. And then, you should tap the desired set up. You can set up multiple speakers too.

Select the pairing button on the Sonos device> press> release

Once the connection is steady you should enter the Wi-Fi network user ID and password. Then, select next> select the room to set up the speaker

Select next, and then, everything is set ready. If you want to add more speakers you should follow the procedures under the ‘add new speakers’

Final procedure guidelines:

After completing the whole procedure, you are done with setting up the speakers.

Additional information

If the Sonos speakers need updates, you will be required to update the speakers. You must update the process by selecting the ‘next’ option. Then, click continue to update the process. And then, the Sonos system will automatically register as per the account.  If you want to use Sonos’s Trueplay you must tap ‘continue’

Note: You should bear in mind, Trueplay supports only to a few types of phones. In case, your phone doesn’t support you will receive an error notification along with ‘OK dialogue’ but it is possible to setup Trueplay with the compatible device.

With the above guidelines, you would be able to set up the Sonos speakers to your iPhone. Make sure to read with complete attention.

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