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How to Set Up Sonos and Alexa?

If your Sonos speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa, then you’d be asked to set up Alexa by clicking Sign in to Amazon. Now, you have to correctly enter the respective Amazon credentials and then click on “Sign in.” Now, you have to click on “I agree” and press “Continue.” In case you have non-Alexa Sonos speakers as a segment of this system, you can use Alexa to recognize them by commanding “Alexa, discover my devices” to the respective Alexa-enabled Sonos speaker. Now, it’s time to switch to the Alexa application on your iPhone. Click on the hamburger menu icon in the particular upper left corner. Next, click on “Skills.” Next, under the segment “Search all skills,” you need to type Sonos. Now, just click on “Enable Skill.”

How can you add Apple Music or another Music Streaming Service to the Sonos Speaker?

First, launch the Sonos Controller application. Next, click on “More” in the bottom right corner of the application. Now, click on “Add Music Services” and then click on the respective streaming service that you want to add. Next, click on “Add to Sonos.” Next, it’s time to click on the button for connecting the service (it’d read set up or log in or something like that). It’s time for authorizing the streaming service with the help of your account credentials. In case you’ve left the Sonos application to log in, return the Sonos application and click on “Continue” for completing the process.

How can you play a Streaming Service on Your Sonos Speakers?

In case you wish to stream music from Apple Music, podcasts from audiobooks or Overcast from Audible, you can easily choose the streaming service and start browsing content from there. Launch the Sonos Controller application and click on the “Browse” tab. Next, choose the streaming service that you wish to use. Now, choose content that you like to stream and then click on “Play Now.”

How can you Add Content to My Sonos in the Sonos Application?

You can easily add songs, playlists, albums, radio stations, audiobooks, and more directly to the Sonos application. And it’s like preferring content so that you could find it easier later on. Whenever you add something to My Sonos, it would appear in the dashboard of “My Sonos” in the Sonos Controller application. You have to launch the Sonos Controller application and then click on the “Browse” tab. It’s time to choose the streaming service that you want to use. Choose content that you like to add to “My Sonos.” In this step, you need to click on the “More” button, present next to the content and it appears as three dots. Now, click on “Add to My Sonos.” Do remember that you can’t add songs from the particular iTunes library on the respective iPhone to My Sonos.

How Can You Play Music from your iTunes Library on your Sonos Speakers?

First, launch the Sonos Controller application and next you have to click on the “Browse” tab and click on “this iPhone.” It’s time to tap a particular category from artists, genres, playlists, compilations, songs, composers, albums, and podcasts. Next, choose the content that you want to play. And in case it’s an individual song, audiobook, or podcast, it would start playing. In case you want to choose an album or playlist, click on “play all” to start playing it immediately. Next, click “more” button (if it appears as three dots) if you want to play next, add to end of the respective queue or replace the present queue with it.

How to Set Up Sonos on Your Home Wi-Fi?

First, plug in the Sonos product to power. Next, download the Sonos application to your tablet or phone that has been connected to the respective home Wi-Fi network. It’s time to open the Sonos application and then choose the option for setting up a new Sonos system. Next, create or sign in to the respective Sonos account. Whenever asked what you’re setting up, just select “Set up speakers.”

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