How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

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The $50 Jam Plus version is an improvement over the original Jam version, and if you buy two, it’s “entertainment in stereo.”

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

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Stood out from the rest of the mini Bluetooth speaker set with a low price tag ($39.99) and some creative packaging: the speaker came in a hard clear plastic jam jar with a flip-top lid.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

The available HMDX Jam Plus sounds better than the original Jam, has an attractive, fun design, and if you buy a second speaker, you can create a completely wireless pair of true stereo speakers.

No speaker capability; while the bass is slightly improved, the speaker still sounds thin and distorts at higher volumes.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

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With an attractive design, an affordable price and the ability to combine another Jam Plus to create a left/right stereo pair, the Jam Plus is a decent and inexpensive Bluetooth speaker.

Now the company is back with a new, improved version, the Jam Plus, which retails for around $50 and is available in a variety of colors. The speaker is slightly larger than the original and also sounds slightly better, but the advantage is that if you buy two, you can combine the two speakers to create a pair of left/right wireless stereo speakers. The Jam Plus is one of the first Bluetooth speakers to include such a stereo option, and it certainly makes for a better listening experience, although it doesn’t hide the speaker’s shortcomings in the bass department.

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How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

Design and Features The original or “classic” jam is sold in six “flavors”—strawberry, grape, blueberry, blackberry, apricot, and apple—corresponding to different color options. This model avoids the fruit reference, but is available in five different colors. Interestingly, the Plus is slightly larger than the original, but slightly smaller (8 ounces vs. 9.6 ounces).

Hmdx Jam Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker is attractively designed in a fun way and seems aimed at teenagers and younger tech users who might have, say, an iPod Touch (yes, the iPod Touch is skewed towards a younger audience). It’s easy to pick up and move from room to room, and although it doesn’t come with a carrying case, you can use a plastic jar as a case.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

Like all Bluetooth speakers, the HMDX Jam connects wirelessly up to 30 feet away and works with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and laptop/desktop computers. The rechargeable Li-ion battery is rated for up to 4 hours of wireless playback, which is good but not great (battery life depends on volume level, so you might be better at lower volumes). It charges via USB and has an audio input for playing audio from non-Bluetooth devices.

At the bottom of the speakers is a switch that allows you to combine two speakers in “stereo” mode. Sarah Tew/

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

Hmdx Jam Rewind Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

There are no hands-free capabilities, but as mentioned you can combine two speakers to create a stereo pair. If you take a quick look at the instructions, connecting the two speakers is pretty easy (switch on the bottom left for one speaker, switch on the right for the other).

HMDX also sells the rugged Jam Extreme ($59.99), which is “splash, drop and dirt resistant.” However, this model does not offer a stereo link function.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

The Jam Plus performance sounds better than the original with a bit more bass. Despite the high regard users have for the original Jam, I thought it sounded very thin. In contrast, this model just looks thin, which is an improvement.

Hmdx Audio’s Jam Collection

With all these mini Bluetooth speakers, I try to put them in a larger context. If an audiophile listened to them, he or she wouldn’t be overly impressed (or rather disappointed), but casual users should be quite happy with the sound.

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How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

The Jam Plus really plays bigger than its size, and its sound can be improved a bit by placing it on a wall for reflection. It will distort with bass-heavy material, especially at high volumes, so you’re better off not driving the speaker and listening at more moderate volume levels.

As I’ve noted in many of my reviews of small wireless speakers (and even some larger ones), they don’t offer stereo separation. The good news is that combining two of these speakers solves this problem. And thanks to the creation of a wider soundstage, your music will sound fuller. The only problem is that the speakers don’t produce a ton of bass, so the sound is a bit weak. To be clear, almost all of these tiny speakers sound thin, though the Jawbone Jambox and JBL Flip (and JBL Charge) produce noticeably more bass. The Philips SoundShooter is a slightly smaller speaker that retails for the same price (around $50). It offers twice the battery life, slightly more bass and has hands-free capabilities. But the Jam Plus looks like a more robust speaker.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

Hmdx Jam Classic Png Images

Conclusion Jam Plus has a few nice pluses going in its favor. I liked its design, the speaker sounds better than the original and you have the option to buy a second speaker and make a stereo pair. Oh, and at around $50, it’s pretty affordable.

There are plenty of other options to choose from, including the Philips SoundShooter and the more expensive JBL Flip i

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

, which offer better performance. However, the HMDX Jam Plus is one of those products that may have some flaws (so-so battery life, no bass, no hands-free function), but the combination of its parts makes it highly recommendable, especially for kids and teenagers.

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Shop your favorite items, and we’ll find the best deal with one click. Designed to make shopping easy. Small, light and colorful best describe the JAM Plus speakers from HMDX. To be clear, this is the second iteration of the speaker – the first was simply called JAM.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

What makes JAM Plus different? In addition to the ultra-bright colors, the Plus versions are 0.5 inches taller and 3 inches wider. They can also be combined into a stereo pair. Other than that, they’re actually the same speaker with a similar design and Bluetooth connectivity. This is great considering that the Grace Digital Mini Bullets II speaker system only uses a wireless connection. shit

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Each speaker is packaged in plastic packaging that probably looks more like candy than consumer electronics. It’s fun and a good representation of the product and its $60 value. You’ll want to read our HMDX Jam review for a speaker that’s $10 cheaper.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

Hmdx Jam Plus Speaker Review: $50 Never Sounded So Good

At the heart of each of these premium Bluetooth speakers are pause/play and speaker volume buttons. Below it is a rubberized power button and a switch for selecting mono, left or right channels. To create a stereo pair, you need to hold down the power button on each speaker – make sure one is set to L and the other to R – for 5 seconds. If the stereo connection is complete, you will hear the sound of a steel drum. In my testing, it took about 20-30 seconds to connect – you’ll hear a quick series of tones between each speaker, indicating that the HMDX Plus are talking to each other.

Connecting your phone or tablet to the HMDX Plus is as simple as turning on the speaker or speakers and selecting a profile from your device’s Bluetooth menu. Make sure the HMDX Plus is set to mono if you plan to use only one speaker, otherwise the Bluetooth pairing process will not work. That said, the HMDX Plus speaker is incredibly quick to connect, and surprisingly, it’s one of the fastest and easiest I’ve tested. That’s not to say that connecting Bluetooth speakers is a difficult task, but even the tech-averse were able to connect their phone to these speakers in seconds; no bluetooth button to press or key combination to hold.

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

In terms of build, I’d say the HMDX Plus doesn’t shy away from durability. Keep in mind that they only cost $60, so the mostly plastic finish is adequate if not overpriced. That being said, I’d choose two of them over UE’s Mobile Boombox, as the stereo pair easily beats the sonic capabilities of this speaker and yet costs only $20 more (note: you can get the HMDX Plus for $50 each on Amazon, meaning that their pair cost the same as UE’s Mobile Boombox).

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The sound of the HMDX Plus is impressive. Although it is not able to achieve the spectrum of the UE Boom – a speaker that costs 3.5 times more – the stereo system

How To Set Up Hmdx Jam Wireless Speaker

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