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How To Manage The Sonos Play 1 Setup Like A Pro?

Technology keeps developing better and better. One day you see an innovative product, the other day something better than the previous product has been introduced to the market. Anyway, it is the same with Sonos Sound system. If you are struggling with Sonos Play 1 Setup, call to mind, you are not alone.  There are many buyers who purchase the product with the love of entertainment, yet they struggle to manage the setup procedures. So, there are many like you which are why there are blogs on the steps to set up the Sonos Play 1. Read the below post to get the clear understanding of the Sonos Play 1 Setup.

This post is dedicated to the one who is struggling with Sonos Play 1 Setup. By reading this post you will be able to manage the setup procedures accordingly. You will be able to gather detailed instructions on each step with a simple explanation. You have to read each step with attention.

If you are a new buyer, you might find it hard to install the Sonos Player. When the sound system was first introduced to the market, it was a headache for the buyers to handle the multi-speakers. Luckily, we have overcome the grim days, yet, things can be tough for a person with zero knowledge about the sound system. This post will explain everything precisely.

Setting up

Step 1: Unpack and plug in the speaker

First and foremost, you must unpack the speaker from the box. And then, place it in a comfortable place. You can connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi. You should place it near the router, to ensure better signal. If you are opting for a wired connection, you should have an Ethernet cable as the main tool. You can only get access if you connect the cable to Sonos. The Sonos cable can be used to connect it to the power plug. Once the light turns green, it is ready for the setup procedures.

Step 2- Install the Sonos App

It is obvious that you need to have the App to move on with the rest of the steps. Both Android and iOS users must use the Play Store and Apple Store respectively.

Note- for a Mac or Pc user, use the to install the app.

Step 3- select the setup type

Once done with the installation step, you should click the ‘Set up a new Sonos system’. In this step, you will be required to select a setup type. If you nor use Ethernet Cable neither Sonos Boost, you would have to select the ‘Standard Setup’ this can be beneficial to anyone who is using Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4: choose the speakers

If you have internet connection on any of the device that you are using, you would be able to find the Sonos speakers at your place right now. If you have more than one speaker, you can select one by swiping the screen of your device.

Step 5: change the speakers into ‘Join’ option (read to find the Sonos Play 1 method)

You would have to follow the instructions on the app, which will mention a few things to be done to the Sonos speakers. The instructions will vary according to the speaker. Your device will require Wi-Fi network on a temporary basis, and it will be created to boot up the setup.

So, here is the gist.

As the user of Sonos Play 1, you need to click the Play/Pause and Volume up buttons together. However, you need not worry, the app will provide instructions if needed.

Step 6: connect to Wi-Fi

Once the above step is done, there will be a chime sound. The speaker will flash the orange light. And then, the speaker will ask for the confirmation of what just happened.

Once you confirm, it will configure the Sonos speaker. At this time, it is important to connect the temporary network.

Note: some tablet and Android users might not need a temporary network. Also, if it is a Play 5 Sonos, you wouldn’t need it either.

If the temporary connection is required, follow > Device’s Wi-Fi settings > click ‘Sonos’

Once connected, you can select the Sonos app and you will be provided with a password. And then, select a name for the speaker as per your preferences.

Step 7: Add the speakers if you purchase

If you purchase more speakers because they are entertaining, a person cannot stay without buying more of it. You just have to follow a few steps to add more. You should click the ‘Add Another Player’ and then, follow the setup again. Remember, you need to have different names for different speakers.

With that, you are good to go. You can enjoy as much as you want!

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