How to Listen to Apple Music on Your Sonos Speakers?

Sonos had started its journey in the year 2002 and it has literally transformed the home sound system for the digital era. The software and products of Sonos have been designed to fill each and every room of its users’ home with music. The functionality and flexibility of Sonos products have made it a very popular name. The brilliantly-designed Sonos wireless sound system performs its work by making a connection of one single speaker to its user’s home network. And then users can add more Sonos units (a maximum of 32, present throughout the house) into the mix by making use of a dedicated wireless secure mesh network, called Sonosnet. The Sonos Controller app is available on iOS and Android and it helps the users to go through the setup process. The easy-to-use, slick Controller application has made regular use even easier.

Within the application, it’s possible to assign each and every speaker to a room of the users’ house. The users can also programme it so that they can control the volume through their TV’s standard remote. They can also add their preferred streaming services. The application is capable of recognizing which speaker the user is using and in which room it’s being used. The present listing of Sonos products is the Playbar, the Sonos One smart speaker, the Play:1 and Play:5 wireless speakers, Playbase and Sub, and so on. Also, ancillary products are there, including the Sonos Boost and making the connection of this particular box straightforwardly to the router would expand and strengthen the respective Wi-Fi for Sonos products.

In case you have subscribed to Apple Music, you can stream the particular service to any of the Sonos speakers you have, by making use of the Sonos Controller application on your iPad or iPhone. Once added your Apple Music subscription via the Sonos Controller application, you can listen to the whole Apple Music catalog or you can also listen to your personal music library, have music recommendations, and so on via the respective Sonos system.

How can you link Apple Music to the Sonos Speakers?

In the first step, you need to download as well as install the Sonos Controller application on the respective iOS device.

Next, you need to launch the respective Sonos Controller application.

It’s time to tap “More,” present in the bottom right part of the screen.

Next, just tap “Add Music Services,” present in the main menu.

Now, you have to tap “Apple Music.”

You need to tap “Add to Sonos.”

In this step, you need to log in to the respective Apple Music account by making use of your Apple ID as well as your password. Next, tap “Open.” In case you have left the Sonos application for logging in to Apple Music, you need to come back to the application and then tap “Continue” for completing the procedure.

How can you play Apple Music on the Sonos Speakers?

You need to launch the Sonos Controller application.

Next, you need to tap “Browse” tab and then tap “Apple Music.” It’s time to choose an album, song, or playlist whatever you like to listen to.

Next, you need to tap “Play” or “Play All.” Next, you need to tap the respective mini-player banner, present at the screen’s bottom part. And if it hasn’t been chosen already, tap the respective Sonos speaker within the list.

You can play Apple Music songs to your each and every Sonos speaker immediately by making use of the built-in Apple Music feature within the Sonos application. In case you have already owned AirPlay 2-enabled Sonos speakers, accompanied by other AirPlay 2 speakers, you are free to play the same music to each and every one of them immediately to get incredible whole-home audio experience; however, you’d want to make use of the options of Apple’s Control Center for that instead of the Sonos application, as the Sonos application can control Sonos speakers only.

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