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How to Handle Sonos WIFI Setup?

If you are looking forward to enjoying loud music without any trouble, there is one option i.e. you have to purchase Sonos Sound System. The Sonos Setup is one of the best sound systems that you can enjoy. Besides, you don’t have to spend too much time to purchase this product if you are aware of the details. In fact, there are many articles and blogs that you can find online if you are looking forward to purchasing the Sonos Connect. It is better to read the articles and blogs if you want to get a clear understanding of the product. However, once you purchase the product you must focus on the Sonos Wi-Fi Setup. Keep reading the blog to get a better understanding.

This post is dedicated to the buyers who do not know to handle Sonos Wifi Setup. If you are one of those buyers you need to allocate time to know the methods and set up to connect the speaker to Wi-Fi. Without the Wi-Fi connection you wouldn’t be able to enjoy or setup Sonos speakers so it is one of the must-know things for a buyer. In order to enjoy good music, you must make sure to spend time in understanding the ways to setup Wi-Fi with the help of this blog post. Keep reading.

Standard Setup

Actually, even if you don’t read any articles or blogs you would be able to understand the procedures by reading the Sonos Connect Manual. But, some buyers find it hard so this kind of blogs help them make a clear decision. When you consider the Standard Setup, it will connect to the Wi-Fi without any hassle. You just have to keep your Sonos in any of your rooms where there is a good network connection to WiFi signals. The alternative setup to the Standard setup is the BOOST that you might already know about. So, BOOST will create a network to connect. If you want to learn about types of setup you can find a lot of articles and blogs online.

Note- there is a different setup for replaced routes so you can use this setup if you have replaced the routers.

Steps to set up your WiFi:

  • First of all, plug in the Sonos product to the power outlet.
  • Then, download the Sonos app to any device comfortable, be it your phone or your tablet which is connected to the WiFi network.
  • And then, open the Sonos app> select “Setup New System”
  • Next, you will be offered with two choices such as BOOST and STANDARD setup. You must select Standard and then, you must follow the instructions accordingly.

Troubleshooting guidelines

You must bear one factor in mind that is, in order to gain proper communication your Wi-Fi should be accessible for both the app and Sonos product. If you face any connection issues while setting it up you might need to ensure that the app is receiving a proper connection and network including the phone.

There are certain networks that will not support the standard setup, so you need to be mindful about it. If you face any of the below-mentioned issues you must make sure to opt for BOOST setup:

  • Require certificates any other form of authentication when you handle multiple access points.
  • Routers with the 5GHz spectrum.
  • Guest networks with a portal page to login.
  • Wireless range extenders.

 So, you must make sure to consider the above points and you shouldn’t think twice to troubleshoot. However, with the above steps, you will be able to setup WiFi pretty easily.

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