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How to Guide on Sonos Bridge Setup?

It is not possible to expect a strong Wi-Fi connection to every home. This makes it hard to get the signal to every room. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Sonos speakers you should look for a solution because a strong Wi-Fi signal is important to connect Sonos. Anyway, Sonos has a solution i.e. Sonos Bridge Setup. With the Sonos Help, you can create the Sonos Bridge to reach the entire house. If you are struggling with this problem, you should read this post and you will find help.

This post is dedicated to those who have a weak Wi-Fi signal and trying to find a better way to connect Sonos. If you are in need of enjoying loud music. If you want to set up Sonos speakers to reach your entire home space, you must read this post. You will find detailed instructions on the Sonos Bridge.  The Sonos Speaker Setup wouldn’t be a big deal if you follow this post. Keep reading to find out the detailed procedures.

General guidelines

What is Sonos Bridge? The BRIDGE can be considered an accessory which helps to plug in the home router to give power to the wireless network for your Sonos system. If you don’t have a steady Wi-Fi connection, this is a much-needed one. The Sonos Bridge will provide reliable support despite the size of your home and number of devices that you use. But do you know the right to use the Bridge? Keep reading to find out!

If the Wi-Fi network is being used to streaming video, web surfing, gaming, you might need a Bridge at this point to obtain a steady signal to the Sonos Speakers.

If you need to boost up the wireless performance of the Sonos system, you can go for a Bridge connection to get coverage to all the rooms.

Are you new to Sonos?

If you are a new user, you might not understand a few steps. Yet, you just need to follow a few steps for Sonos Setup. You should follow these steps:

  • Connect Bridge to the router with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Place the Sonos products in different rooms as you prefer.
  • Download the Sonos App.
  • Follow the in-app guidelines to set up your speakers system.

Once done, you are good to enjoy. But if you purchase more products you can easily add at any time.

Setup procedures

As we mentioned, you can more speakers as per your preference. Yet, here is the setup procedure.

1. Fix the power adapter, then, plug in the Sonos BRIDGE.

2.  Select any of the following choices:

  • Add a BRIDGE or BOOST under the Manage menu > Mac or PC.
  • Add a BRIDGE or BOOST under the Settings menu > handheld controller.

While setting up, you will be requested to press and then, release ‘Join Button’ which you can find on the side of Sonos Bridge.

Also, you will be requested to update the System throughout the process.

You wouldn’t find the Bridge on the ROOMS pane once done with the setup. So, if you want to change the setting you must follow the guidelines below:

Select one of the following choices:

  • If it is for PC > Sonos Controller> click Manage > settings > select BRIDGE Settings.
  • If it is for Mac> Sonos Controller> preferences> select BRIDGE Settings.
  • If it is a handheld Controller > Select Settings -> select Settings.

Factors like 2.4 GHz cordless phones, thick walls, and other wireless devices may interfere with the network signal offered to Sonos Connect. So, if you experience any issues after setting up the product you can try a few solutions. You can change the channel of the music system, relocate the product, OR you can try connecting a router if it is currently a wireless setup.

You can enjoy listening to your favorite track if you setup Sonos in the right manner, for that you should read the guidelines with attention.

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