How to Group Sonos Speakers by Using the Android Application?

How to Group Sonos Speakers – If you’re an owner of more than one Sonos speakers in your home, then the addition of them to a group will enable you to stream the same podcast or song on a simultaneous basis throughout all of them so that you could listen to it anywhere.

In case you’re not sure how you can make use of groups, this post will teach you how you can make one in the Sonos Android application.

How can you group Sonos Speakers using the Android Application?

You need to implement the following steps to group your Sonos speakers by making use of the Android application:

First, you need to open the Sonos application on your phone. Next, you have to tap the “Rooms” button on the respective bottom navigation bar.

Now, you have to tap the “Group” button. Now, you have to click on “rooms” that you want to add to the particular group. Next, just click on “Done.”

Congratulations! You have successfully grouped Sonos speakers into a group. Now, just sit back and enjoy the tunes – irrespective of the room in your house in which you’re.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular Sonos devices. So, let’s get started:

Sonos One is a small, budget-friendly, and powerful device. Moreover, one of the best ways to start your friendship with Sonos is to purchase the brilliantly-designed Sonos One device.

The best part is that the Sonos One is the most affordable speaker in the line-up of the company. It sounds really fantastic!

Moreover, it provides support to a vast range of music or podcast services accompanied by Amazon Alexa. And in case you want to purchase two, you could pair them for surrounding sound.

The Sonos One is just about the smallest Sonos speaker; however, it is still featured with incredible features and functionalities to fill most of the rooms.

Nonetheless, its hands-free Alexa integration is meant to lots of fun.

Sonos had taken the time to make Alexa sound just outstanding- all credit goes to its incredible voice commands.

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The brilliantly-designed Sonos One has become one of the must-have speakers. Alexa works just as normal and is capable of playing music, finding a recipe, saying about the weather, and answering simple questions.

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam is the best soundbar available on the market. Undoubtedly, the Sonos Beam is an outstanding update, as compared to the TV’s speakers.

However, it’s much more that. It works great for listening to your preferred music, works with two Sonos Ones for delivering 5.1 surround sound and it can work with Alexa as well.

The Beam is among the three soundbars that Sonos offers. It doesn’t sound quite as incredible as the former, larger Playbar; however, it still sounds just awesome.

Moreover, its smaller size and additional features are really worth the tradeoff. And it’s a less expensive device as well.

As opposed to the Playbar, this device can make a connection to your TV through HDMI ARC that enables you to turn the respective tube on and off with the help of your own voice.

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And of course, it is also featured with Alexa built-in as well as Apple Airplay 2. Even if you don’t specifically need a voice assistant today, you might alter your tune in a couple of years.

If you own a Fire TV Stick, it is already possible to make use of fundamental Alexa commands on the Beam for watching any movie or TV show. They are improving every time.

Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar is a soundbar that can make all the difference in the home theatre but it costs a considerably less, as compared to an entire surround sound sleep.

The incredibly-designed Sonos Beam is an ideal choice for apartments; however, in case you’re enthusiastic about a powerful soundbar, the Sonos Playbar would be the best option for you.

In simple words, Sonos devices are absolutely outstanding and offer incredible features and functionalities to its users.