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How To Fix The Wireless Sonos Surround Sound Setup?

This is a flexible sound system that you can simply setup without much effort. You don’t have to manage tons of wires if you have purchased a wireless Sonos system. For anyone who wants to purchase a sound system that gives the feel of a home theater, this is the ideal choice. You don’t need a lot of Sonos Help. In fact, the Sonos Connect Manual is enough to understand the ways to set it up. This surround sound system will configure 5.1-channels while eliminating the need for cables and wires. You would already how wonderful Sonos speakers when it comes to music. With the help of Sonos Playbar Setup, you will be able to enjoy great music. However, if you are struggling to set up Sonos Surround Sound setup, you must read this article.

This post is dedicated to ones who do not know to fix the wireless sound surround system. You will find detailed instruction on this post that you will be able to understand pretty easily. This post will include each and every step with proper explanation. Read this post completely to fix your own sound system.

Set it up:

The process of Sonos setup is not as hard as you assume, in fact, it is easier than you assume.  This is easier than a conventional arrangement. You might be surprised to know the simplicity in this system. Even the process of unboxing the system is simple, it only takes 20 minutes. Within 20 minutes you can complete everything including firmware updates. However, you need to have the following things to set up the Sonos sound system:

  • The playbar sound bar
  • A sub that has powerful bass
  • Pair of Play: 1
  • The Sonos app (this is available for both Android and Apple)

An optional component to ease up the setup

Your Sonos gear will work perfectly with the Wi-Fi network, also it can create the dedicated network pretty easily. In order to get this, you need a wired connection that is connected with one wire to your router. You must connect the playbar using an Ethernet. You can connect it from wherever it is located.

Connecting everything together

First of all, connect the playbar to your TV along with the optical digital audio cable. And then, you have to keep it somewhere closer to the TV. And then, keep the Play: 1 speaker somewhere at the ear level.

Each and every Sonos component should be plugged to the power outlet. And it is better to use power protection.

Use the app to handle everything

Once you have set up the speakers. You have to open the app. It will question you whether you are adding another speaker. You can then add the speaker that you have selected.

If the playbar is new you would be requested to update the system. It will take a minute to do it. Then, you can add other speakers to it.

The app will help you throughout the process to add the Play: 1 and the SUB while downloading the firmware if needed. Meanwhile, you would be requested to click a button on the device.

You would have to set up the sound as per your needs and preferences. Once you are done, the app will request you to switch on the TV. Once you do, the signal will be detected and you can enjoy the 5.1-channel surround sound.

Note– Some TVs audio settings need to be changed to external speakers.

You can easily control the volume using the cable remote or the TV remote. With the help of Sonos, you can do it pretty easily. You will have different listening modes to choose from so it is your preferences to pick the one you need.

You can enjoy this hassle-free sound system if you set it up in the right manner.

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