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How To Connect To Sonos with Amazon Echo?

Technology is not a narrow path. You may have to learn a lot before you move forward. It might be something as simple as buying a Sonos speaker. Yet, it is not as easy as think. It is important to be aware of the product that you are purchasing. Once you are aware of the product you would be able to make the right choice. Even when purchasing Sonos speakers you must make sure to read the Sonos Connect Review so that you know what you are purchasing. However, most buyers don’t have the mindset to read and understand a product before purchasing the speakers. Once you purchase the product you would have to learn a lot about related things. So, if you are searching for How To Connect To Sonos with Amazon Echo, you can read this blog.

This blog is dedicated to the ones who do not know about Sonos Connect with Amazon Echo. If you are not aware of it, yet you want to know the process. It is not as complex as it sounds. You should read the blog thoroughly before you move on with the rest of the procedures. Well, there are reasons why people purchase sound systems, reasons may differ from one person to another. But generally, the sound system is essential if you want to enjoy your time without any interruptions. In fact, you would be able to set up your own home theater. Read the rest of the post to understand.

Step of understanding

You already that Alexa has the ability to perform a wide range of activities along with music streaming. Once the connection is improved with Sonos, things get more than better. Now, you must find the methods to Connect Alexa To Sonos.

Getting Started:

Sonos and Amazon offer two options to connect the platforms:

  • Connect Amazon Echo with Sonos Player, Playbase, and Playbar. And then, connect Amp to use the Amazon Echo to manage the Sonos features.
  • You should buy Sonos speaker (wireless) which has built-in Amazon Echo functions.
  • To connect Amazon Echo to Sonos speaker you need:
  • Wi-Fi router with an internet connection.
  • Updated Sonos system
  • A device with Alexa, like Connect Echo Dot To Sonos

Set Up the Sonos Speaker

If you are an existing user, you can skip to the next section. Or else, if you are purchasing a new player you can focus on the following:

  • You should plug in the Sonos System to power.
  • Download the App to your mobile, computer, the tablet that is being connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • You can find the Sonos App in Google Play, App Store, or even Amazon as per the device that you are using.
  • Open the App and then, select the Setup New System.
  • You must select Boost or standard setup: better go for the standard setup.
  • Special note: Sometimes, you may need Boost Setup.
  • If there are additional setup steps indicated in the App, make sure to follow it.
  • Set up the Amazon Echo Device
  • Once done with the Sonos system, you should follow the steps to set up Amazon Echo.

If you have already done the installation process of Alexa app, you need not follow this step. But if you have not, you should download it to the device. As mentioned, you can find the app on Google Play, Apple Store, or Amazon.

  • Open the app on the device, click setup Echo device
  • Click skills
  • Search> Sonos> click Sonos skills
  • Click enable> sign in to the Sonos account
  • Click menu> click Smart Home
  • Click> Devices and Discover. Once you click, check whether the discover list discovers all the available Sonos players.
  • If it has been determined, you can use the Alexa control to enjoy the Sonos system.

Additional steps for better experience

If you want to access Sonos streaming music with the help of Alexa control, there are a few things that Sonos and Alexa apps might need. Read below to find out:

  • Amazon Music (cannot find in Canada)
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • iHeartRadio (cannot find in Canada or the UK)
  • Pandora (cannot find in Canada, the UK, and Australia)
  • SiriusXM (cannot find in Canada, the UK, and Australia)

It is better to know more than knowing less, so if you have additional information you must make sure to read it thoroughly. The entire procedure mentioned in the blog is simple and easier to understand. If you focus on each step with 100% attention you would be able to do it really well. You don’t have to make it complex by thinking too much. If you can, it is much better to read the manual and the additional information. It might take some time to understand, but it is worth spending time for. So, be vigilant no matter what you do!

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