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How to connect Sonos with Amp?

Sonos is a brilliant wireless Home Sound System that can fill as many rooms as you prefer with heart-warming music, TV, and movies. You can stream via Wi-Fi. If you are already using Sonos and now want to connect it with Amp, then follow the post below.

This post is dedicated to the setting up and configuration information regarding Connect:Amp to power the nearby speakers for the respective Playbase, Beam or Playbar. To know about the procedure of Sonos Connect Amp, you need to go through the entire post.

Sonos can play everything, including the most well-known streaming services, podcasts, internet radio, on-demand services, and audiobooks. It can also play the collection of downloads­. In a nutshell, whatever you prefer to listen to, Sonos is there to play that for you.

With the help of the Sonos application, you can search all around your services quickly for tracking down the preferred music and then send it to various rooms. You can also modify the volume as well as other settings.

You don’t have to remain in the same room and in case your friends have the Sonos application, they can do that as well.

You can place the respective speaker wherever you prefer. Now, you need to plug in it. Next, you ought to click the application and then it would be connected to the Wi-Fi and it is ready to work. It’s really simple and no complicated programming is required. Sonos Amp Connect process has been discussed in this particular post.

With the help of Sonos, you can easily stream from the Wi-Fi network (not the phone) that means no dropout, delay or interruption is there involved with Bluetooth.

It is also possible to amplify the speaker. Connect:Amp is featured with a brilliant built-in class-D digital amplifier that is capable of delivering 55W per channel associated with the audiophile quality sound to the respective speakers.

Adjustment of sound can be performed to acquire balance, bass, loudness, and treble, as per your preference. The aluminum casing can cool the amplifier passively that means all you listen to is the mind-blowing music.

General Guidelines:

The Sonos system needs to be in a ‘BOOST Setup’. You have to make sure that the respective Connect:Amp has been added to the existing system and has also been updated to the latest software prior to moving forward the next step.

The Subwoofer output and Line-In connections are disabled when using the Connect:Amp in this configuration.

The Subwoofer output along with the Line-In connections have been disabled while making use of the Connect:Amp in this particular configuration. The Sonos ZP100 as well as Connect can’t be utilized to power nearby speakers.

Setting up:

You have to wire the Sonos home theater speaker as well as Connect:Amp both to either the respective router, a single network switch or it can be done to each other by utilizing an Ethernet cable.

Next, you have to attach the preferred speakers to the Connect:Amp. Another worth noting point is the power rating must be minimum 75W for 8 ohm speakers and for 4 ohm speakers, it must be minimum 150W.

It’s time to place the respective speaker that has been connected to the Connect:Amp’s Left terminal as the surround speaker in the particular surround sound setup.

In this step, you have to place the respective speaker that has been connected to the Connect:Amp’s Right terminal as the right surround speaker in the setup of the surround sound.

Next, you have to locate the Internet Protocol (IP) address for the particular Playbase, Playbar or Beam and not the Connect:Amp.

If you’re using Mac, you have to go to ‘Sonos > About My Sonos System’. On PC, you need to go to ‘Help > About My Sonos System’ and on Android or iOS, you must go to ‘Sonos music menu > Settings > About My Sonos System’.

In this step, you ought to open your web browser on your mobile device or computer (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari).

Within the address bar, you need to type in the following URL by replacing ####### with the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the respective Sonos home theatre.

If you want to get more clarification, you can read the Sonos Connect Amp Manual.

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