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How To Connect Sonos To Wifi If You Have Changed The Wifi Router?

The multi-room speakers are something great happened to the world of entertainment. It provides the best experience for the ones who are interested in music and sound systems. However, like for all the other things, even Sonos Setup is considered tough by the ones who are new to it. If you have purchased a Sonos Sound System you would have to set it up so you will face difficulties. Yet, you do not have to feel overwhelmed because you can get help from the Sonos Connect Manual. In the meantime, if you need help to Connect Sonos To Wifi you must read this post.

This post is dedicated to the buyers who are struggling to Connect Sonos To Wifi after changing the Wifi router. Generally, Sonos Connect Setup is not as hard as you assume so you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on it. Similarly, you don’t have to worry if you do not know to connect Sonos to the new router because in this post you will find simple steps to set it up.

Basic introduction

Nothing is as annoying as slow download rates and buffering when streaming your favorite movie. Thus, you would have decided to upgrade the WiFi network or change the router. But, this can be a little confusing for your Sound System. It wouldn’t get connected to the new Wifi router unless you change the settings.

Note- the steps mentioned below can be followed if you have changed the Wi-Fi password.

There are two methods to reconnect Sonos if you have changed or upgraded the WiFi router. The options will be based on your current Sonos System Setup.

Method 1- The wireless mode

You should follow this method if your Sonos products are not wired using an Ethernet Cable to connect to the router.

Step 1- make sure that Sonos controller has been set up on the network.

Step 2- Connect Sonos player using an Ethernet cable to connect to the router> Open Sonos app> Settings > Advanced Settings > Wireless Setup.

And then, you will be guided throughout.

Step 3- Enter the new password, then you will receive a message that says that your Sonos Player has been set up on the new network. Then, you must unplug the cable and use the Sonos Player as you have been using before.

Method 2- The wired mode

You should follow this method if your Sonos products are wired using an Ethernet Cable to connect to the router.

Step 1- Connect the Boost to the new WiFi router using an Ethernet cable

Step 2- You must unplug the player and then, reconnect it to the power cord. You must repeat this for all the Sonos speakers in your home. Once you see the white light on the speakers, they will reappear on the app. And with that, you are ready to enjoy Sonos Sound System as before.

Additional information

Well, you will be offered with an Ethernet Cable for every Sonos product. But, if you are not willing to use the Ethernet Cable, the only choice you are left with is the option of factory reset. You must reset your Sonos System.

Of course, your Sonos speaker and the app will be restored too. You will be losing the Sonos Playlist and the favorite tracks that you have saved.

If you don’t like both methods that are mentioned in the post, you have to settle for this but you will have to face the consequences.

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