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How To Connect Sonos To Alexa Or Sonos Beam?

It is obvious that Alexa supports the functionality of the Sonos Setup in an incredible way. And there is no counter argument that Alexa has taken the world by shock because of its praiseworthy features and functions. You would be able to connect Alexa to Amazon devices as well as many other devices which includes Sonos speakers as well. When you consider the Sonos speaker, it is an amazing thing too because it offers the best experience when listening to your favorite track.  It is considered the best multi-room speaker till date. But, if you are thinking How To Connect Sonos To Alexa it can be pretty easier once you read the guidelines. You just have to know a few things, and then, you are good to go. If you want to know the step-by-step guide, read this blog.

This post is dedicated to the ones who do not know the proper procedures to connect the Sonos speakers or Sonos Beam to Alexa. Well, if you think that it is a big deal to connect Alexa to Sonos, it is not! If you know How To Connect to Sonos to TV, then you can understand this too. It is all about understanding the simple steps of connecting the speakers to the excellent device. And, read the below steps with proper attention and understanding. Once you read you will be able to connect it pretty easily. Keep reading!

Guidelines to connect Sonos to Alexa

You should simply follow these guidelines in the right order and procedures. Let’s go:

Step one- Placement and connecting to the power cord

The very first thing that you must do is to decide the right place to keep your speakers in the house. Then, decide the power cord and outlet to connect the speaker.  Once you plug in, you will see the LED light flashing in green, which means the speaker is ready. You just have to add your account on the app.

Step two- Sonos setup and the app instructions

You have to download the Alexa and Sonos Apps to your device via Google Play Store and App Store. Open the Sonos App and follow the instruction if you are setting up the speaker for the first time.


If adding another speaker the same account you just have to click >More> settings> click  “Add a Player or SUB.” And then, you have to follow the instructions to add the additional speaker.

Step three- follow the Amazon setup

Open “Browse” which is in the Sonos App, click “Add Amazon Alexa” if you cannot find it, you should click the “More” table and click “Voice Services” and then, click “Amazon Alexa”

Once done, you will be required to connect the Amazon account to Sonos. Click  “Connect your Amazon account,” and then, enter the Amazon credentials. Once done, you will have the access to Alexa commands, but basic commands. You have to ask Alexa to find your device.

Once you set setup Alexa, you have to download the Alexa app. Then, click “Verify music services on Alexa,” choose service that you want to see.

Make sure that you have added the preferred service to Sonos too because adding it to Alexa is not enough. There are some music services that are not supported by Alexa, so you should bear this in mind.

Note: Google Play Music will not support Alexa devices.

Additional information

Once you set up everything, you can use your excellent digital assistant. You can command it to play your favorite track.

Even if the Sonos App all set up and ready, you might be asked to open the Alexa app and to log in as well.

You will get the chance to add Alexa “skills” which offers the new feature i.e. to work with third-party devices.

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