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How To Connect Sonos To Alexa in the Best Possible Way?

Your obsession for Sonos Playbar Setup is understandable. It is one of the exciting product that has been introduced to the market. If you are a music-maniac, you must not think twice to purchase Sonos because it has been produced for music-lovers. An uninterrupted track can be one of the things that you always want to enjoy. This multi-speaker is nothing, but an excellent product. However, the beauty of this product reaches the next level when it’s connected to Alexa.  Keep reading this post to find Sonos Help.

This post is dedicated to the ones who want to connect Sonos to Alexa. If you don’t know How to Connect Sonos to Alexa, you don’t have to worry anymore. In this blog, you will find detailed instructions on connecting the Sonos System Setup with Alexa. You already know that Sonos is one of the simplest systems. If you spend time in understanding the tips and tricks related to Sonos, you will be able to understand it better. Keep reading to learn a few great things!

The simple guide to connecting Sonos to Alexa 

If you want to enjoy the excellent services of Sonos, you must make use of this guide. With the launch of Alexa Voice Control on Sonos, users have gained significant exposure. Also, you can enjoy all type of Sonos devices with Alexa. You will find easy steps to set up Alexa support on Sonos, so read below:

If you want to speak to the Sonos speaker, you must have Alexa-enabled device in your home. However, it can be Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, and Smartphone along with Alexa compatibility, and Fire tablet. Yet, if you want to enjoy Sonos Alexa, must join the public program, beta. If you’re going to add Sonos to your system, you must enroll in the public program.

Enroll by following these steps:

The same Wi-Fi should be used for the smartphone and Sonos System.

Begin using the Sonos application.

Click on the Settings > More tab on the navigation bar

Click open the Advanced Settings.

Open Beta Program > tap Join the Beta Program bar

Note- provide Sonos login details to verify the account.

Once you join, you can enjoy the downloaded Sonos app and system by clicking the More Menu. And then, click update to follow the rest of instructions.

Once done, it will be available on your speakers.

Guidelines to setup Alexa support

Once you have enrolled the public beta program while updating the app. You must enable Sonos support in the App. To do the needful, follow the following instructions:

Click the Amazon Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone.

Click on the menu icon > click on Skills.

You can search the skills by entering the term in the skill search bar.

The Sonos skill will be visible on the search result> click on it and then, click Enable.

But, Amazon authorization will be required for every skill. Once it is authorized, it will be linked to your account. This will be done by redirecting to the homepage and letting you sign in to your account.

Once you log in to your account, the permission will be required to allow Alexa to your Sonos speaker. Click ‘Okay’ to give access.

Then, you have to sign into the Amazon account.

And then, a message will pop up on the screen as “To continue, close this window to discover devices you can control with Alexa.” Click the X on the screen.

Click Discover Devices. With that, the network will search for compatible speakers.

With that, all your devices will be listed. It’s time to enjoy at your peace.

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