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How to Connect and Control Sonos From Alexa?

Sonos is a brilliantly-designed wireless Home Sound System with which you can fill as many rooms as per your choice with heart-warming and immersive sound. Now, if you want to know the process of controlling Sonos from Alexa, go through the post below.

You can choose what is playing in one of your rooms or all of your rooms. And it is also possible to move music easily throughout the entire home. Another praiseworthy point is that everything would be synchronized. You can stream everything with only one application. More than 30 music services can be accessed.

Sonos Connect is one of the important questions of many users and in this post, I’ll discuss how to control Sonos from Alexa.

Choose a room, pick a song and then click play

You can select your preferred song and the room where you want to play it and with how much loudness. It’s up to you whether music would be played in one room or the entire home.

You can easily track down songs throughout all of your music services just with a single search. Creation of playlists can be performed instantly. In a nutshell, The Sonos application has been doing a tremendous job.

Getting the Application is very simple

The particular application is for everyone in one household who has devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Now, you are prepared to set up the Sonos. Once properly installed, you can start streaming your favorite music. Your friends can also download this application as well and start playing DJ as well.

Simple Navigation

Sonos is featured with the new Navigation bar that has made your searching tremendously effortless. The options- My Sonos, Search, Browse, Rooms, and others are available at the bottom part of this application. That means you can switch between music in a blazing fast speed.

You can move between one song to another playlist whenever you want. It sounds really good, isn’t it?

Connect Alexa To Sonos is a simple process and you have to just follow the below segment.

The procedure of controlling Sonos from Alexa

You need to follow the below steps in order to connect the Amazon Alexa to the Sonos system. And by any chance, if you experience any difficulties, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide of Sonos.

First, you have to set up your Sonos system and Amazon Alexa device if you’ve not already done that.

Now, you need to open the Alexa application. Open this app on the respective mobile device. Alternatively, you can also visit the Alexa website on your PC (

Now, you ought to add the Sonos skill. And for that, you have to tap ‘Skills’ (placed in the menu in the Alexa application). And then you have to search for ‘Sonos’ and select the ‘Sonos skill’. Next, click ‘Enable’ and then sign-in to the respective Sonos account.

In this step, you have to find out devices in the Alexa application. There are two options to do it.

Option 1

You have to say “Alexa, discover devices”.

Option 2:

In this option, you need to open the Alexa application and then click ‘Smart Home’ from the available menu.

Next, click ‘Devices and Discover’.

When all of the Sonos devices have been discovered, you are prepared to control the Sonos with Alexa.

Which Music Services can you use with Alexa?

Music services must be added to the Alexa application and Sonos both. At present, the following services are supported.

Amazon Music (It is not available in Canada), TuneIn Radio, Deezer, Spotify, iHeartRadio (it is not available Canada or the UK), SiriusXM (it is not available Australia, the UK or Canada), and Pandora (it is not available in Canada, Australia or UK) etc are included in this list.

At present, Amazon Alexa is available in Australia, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and Austria.

For more information on how to Connect Sonos To Alexa, you can contact the Sonos customer care team.

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