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How To Connect Alexa To Sonos As A Beginner?

It is not easy to understand the sound system. You would have to spend a lot of time reading and learning on how to control it and how to connect it. Especially, if you are a beginner you wouldn’t have an understanding of the way to Connect Alexa To Sonos. Yet, if you want to enjoy to the next level, you must know the procedures. Before you learn the steps to Sonos Connect Alexa, you must know what it is. You should at least know the basics, only then, you would be able to proceed with the rest. Certainly, you would want to know the steps to Connect Alexa To Sonos, so read the post below:

This post is dedicated to new buyers who cannot Connect Sonos To Alexa. If you are looking for simple methods to understand the guidelines to fix it, this post will be a great piece of information. We will include the necessary information that is easy to understand and execute. Yet, you must make sure to read and understand each and every step to get the complete picture.

Understanding Alexa

Before you think about connecting Alexa to Sonos you should know what it is. So, what is Alexa?  This is a voice service which is easy and simple to use. This helps you to control the volume, find traffic report, to get details on weather, and many others.

This is controlled by your voice. So, now you know the benefit in connecting the Sonos System with Alexa.  Once you connect, you will be able to control the sound system easily with the help of your voice.

 If you request Alexa to increase the volume or to change the track from Sonos speakers. In fact, you can use Alexa to control any type of Sonos player.  Using Alexa is simple because you only need an internet connection. And you must make sure that your Sonos system has been updated.

Now, you know what Alexa means, without knowing this you cannot proceed further. Nevertheless, let us check out the steps to Connect Alexa To Sonos.

Setting up

If you need great music you should connect Sonos to Alexa. It is easy to use and you can enjoy the hands-free control option while laying on your cozy bed. You can play your favorite music while cooking or while doing dishes, you just have to ask Alexa to play what you want to listen. If you want to turn up the volume, you can simply ask Alexa to do it. If you need a lullaby to put your baby to sleep, you should say Alexa to play a lullaby.

How will you do Sonos Connect Setup to Alexa? Read the below steps with complete attention.

Step one

First of all, you should place the Sonos speakers in the desired place, plugin, and then let it boot up. Once it starts lighting the green LED light, it means the system is ready. And then, download the Alexa and Sonos apps to your mobile.

Open the Sonos app and make sure to follow the setup instruction correctly. If you are already using a Sonos System and planning to add a Sonos you should follow this.

More> Settings> Add a Player or SUB

Note- for MAC and PC users, you must find the “Add a Player or SUB” in the Manage menu.

From step 2, you will need a mobile to follow the steps.

Step two

You must add the voice control. You can do this step in two methods such as:

Method 1- click “Add Alexa” on the Browse tab

Method 2- More tab, click Voice Services> Alexa

Step three

And then, you should connect the account Amazon account to Sonos. Once you click the “connect Amazon account” you would have to log in to the app with the Amazon credentials. Next, you will be able to test Alexa to check whether it is working.

But you cannot play music once you complete this step, rather you can try a few basic commands. For example, you can ask Alexa, “What’s the weather today?” You must Alexa to identify your device in this step.

Step four

In this step, you have to download, Alexa App. You must download it to the device that you are using. Click the “Download the Alexa app” and then the app store or play store will be opened. By any chance, if you had already installed Alexa, you can move to step five directly.

Step five

This is the final step. You should verify the music services on the Alexa App. You should click “Verify music services on Alexa.”

You should simply link the music services to your Alexa account and then, make sure to default a music service. In the meantime, you should add Sonos to the music service as well.

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