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How is the Design of Sonos Ikea Symfonisk Speaker?

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If you’re a huge fan of Sonos speakers, then you will be definitely interested to know about the design of Sonos Ikea Symfonisk speaker. So, keep on reading the post below.

The Design of Sonos Ikea Symfonisk Speaker

Sonos, as well as Ikea, would disclose the first speakers in the combined Symfonisk range in the month of April; however, it has displayed a first appearance at the design. It has also confirmed the name of one of its devices. The popular Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker had been disclosed in a few images after it conferred with a Red Dot Design award. It has been displayed on top of the bookshelf within a vertical position and also in a horizontal position that plays the role of a shelf. The brilliantly-designed Sonos Play:5  as well as Sonos Play:3  are able to flip their positions between horizontal and vertical and thus the incredible Symfonisk Wi-Fi bookshelf speaker can surely reflect the design expertise of Sonos. Also, it’s a fact that it might be a shelf highlights- the practical expertise of Ikea. The incredibly-designed Symfonisk Wi-Fi bookshelf speaker is equipped with simplistic controls that have similarity with the Sonos Play:1 along with the Play/Pause as well as volume. Moreover, their appearance can be seen as physical buttons other than capacitive, such as the Sonos One. There’s also a small LED light indicator present and it’s something every single Sonos speaker features. The particular speaker might also feature a plastic casing along with the material that covers the speaker grill and it features that specifically reflect both of the Sonos as well as Scandinavian design respectively. However, a small yet subtle tag is there on the respective speaker, accompanied by Sonos as well as Ikea branding. And there are no other details have been revealed by Ikea on the incredible Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker. It might be offering both Google Assistant voice control as well as Amazon Alexa like the Sonos One is going to eventually do and it might also work with Tradfri smart home system of Ikea. However, pricing is yet to be disclosed. The range of the Sonos Ikea Symfonisk might start below the incredible Sonos One device that means less than £199. It is going to be available in the month of August.

Now, let’s discuss a bit about the Sonos One device. This device actually offers a considerably better quality of music, as compared to the average smart speaker or Bluetooth and it also includes the experience of the full Alexa. It signifies it is the first Sonos device that can be controlled via voice. It is also an incredible first step towards a multi-speaker setup for a home. Moreover, the voice controls might hold a couple of errors to fix. Moreover, Spotify is not available with the full voice control; however, more and more services, as well as functionalities, would be added with the passage of time. At first glance, you can spot the same rounded rectangular shape just like the Play:1 but it has added a couple of new design for matching the present design language of Sonos. The top part of this particular device is entirely flat now without any physical buttons like the Play:1. Rather than that, the top surface of the Sonos One doubles just like a touch panel. Moreover, spots are there on either side for increasing and lowering volume. When you’d slide your finger left to right, you can skip to the following track. Actually, this setup is similar to what Sonos launched on its Play:5 and brought that on it’s latest released PlayBase. Two LED lights are present on the top part of the respective speaker. One is actually a status light for displaying users when the device is on the working mode or facing issues connecting to the internet. The second one is below a little microphone icon. It displays if the six-microphone array within this device is active. The brilliantly-designed Sonos One makes use of the same audio components and the speakers found in the Play:1; however, its internal layout needed to be fully redesigned for fitting the microphones. If you want to know more about the Sonos devices, you can contact their customer care team.

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