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How can you set up Google Assistant on the Sonos Speaker?

If you’re a fan of Sonos, then you should know about the procedure of setting up Google Assistant on your Sonos speaker. Just follow the post below.

The good news is that Google Assistant is available now on the Sonos One as well as the Sonos Beam. That means you’re now getting another choice other than Alexa in order to handle the voice commands. However, if the Assistant is controlling your brilliant smart home gadgets or in case if only think that it is better, then you can switch over. Don’t you own a brilliantly-designed Sonos speaker along with a built-in mic, such as the Beam or One, you can also control of other speakers of the company in case you have a Google Home speaker in some places in your house. In a nutshell, the setup procedure is very similar in both of the scenarios. It’s assumed in the post that the Sonos speakers are up as well as running already.

How to set up Google Assistant on your Sonos One or Sonos Beam?

Each and every Sonos’ smart speaker can be featured with its own voice assistant. So, if you prefer, you can easily configure one for using Alexa as well as another for making use of Google Assistant. And under this scenario, the specific Sonos system remains in synchronization and also both of the voice helpers stay familiar with what is playing and it doesn’t matter from which you had requested it.

In order to select Google Assistant, you need to execute the below steps:

First, you need to open the brilliantly-designed Sonos application on the respective mobile device.

It’s time for tapping the “More” tab, present at the bottom right part followed by picking “Voice Services.”

Now, select “Google Assistant.” From that place, you’d be given a roster of compatible speakers from where you can choose which speakers you prefer to operate Google Assistant rather than Alexa.

Once you’ve selected the speaker (s), you’d be switched to the specific Google Assistant app. When it comes to iOS, first you must install it for successfully going through this particular process. Now, it’s time for signing in with the respective Sonos account information for the purpose of linking Assistant to the already-present Sonos setup. After that, Google would go through multiple steps that comprise of detection of the Sonos speaker that requests the permission for accessing and controlling the same. It will ask you about the room it has been placed in followed by adding the music services you have used. However, in case you’re an existing Google Assistant user, you might have already configured it to work with Google Play Music, Pandora, or Spotify. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that these same services have been added to the respective Sonos account via the Sonos app. Next, you’d go through the specific Google part of the particular setup for each and every Sonos Beam or One on which you’re making use of Assistant. After the completion of all of the steps, it’s possible to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” to initiate trying out music requests or voice commands.

How to control older Sonos speakers with the help of a Google Home speaker?

Actually, the process is mostly similar in case you have got a Play:1 or Play:5, which you’d wish to control with the help of a Google Home speaker within the same room or any other place within your house. In order to configure Google Assistant for controlling the Sonos speakers, you need to execute the following steps:

First, you need to just open the Sonos app on the specific mobile device. It’s time for tapping the “More” tab present at the bottom right part followed by selecting “Voice Services.” Next, select Google Assistant.

But, this time no menu will be there for selecting the speakers. Just you need to sign in with the respective Sonos account credentials within the Google Assistant app.

It’s time for linking all of the respective music services to Google Assistant in case you already haven’t done that. Next, just select which one you want to be the default source for the purpose of song requests.

Owing to Google Home or Home Mini, you can easily play as well as pause music on Sonos. Skipping tracks and adjusting volume are also possible.

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