House Of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker

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We got our first look at this beautiful portable speaker at IFA 2018. The House of Marley No Bounds speaker is made from ReWind and ReGrind Cork fabrics, so you know it’s very safe for the environment. The box is actually made from recycled materials. However, the HoM focused on the environment. Awesome.

House Of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker

House Of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker

And speaking of packaging, it looks great. There is a large screen that, when opened, shows a window to the actual product inside. Try to check the color of the speaker before you buy the type of contract where you can be sure that it is the color you want. It is very easy to get in without any damage as well. I’m a box keeper and there’s nothing worse than ripping open the packaging.

Harga House Of Marley

Inside you will find the speaker itself, a karabiner clip, so you can hang the speaker in different places, for example in the bathroom, because it is fully IP67. This means complete protection from water and dust. There is also a microUSB cable for charging, covered in a standard HoM cloth. OK, go to the speaker.

This looks good. I love the aesthetics of Marley products and the House of Marley No Bounds speaker is no different. It has the same cork look all over the world, although most of them are painted with these small features of a lighter color. The padded base has a rubber ring to provide stability when sitting at your desk.

The buttons are located on the edge of the cylinder shape. There’s your usual power and Bluetooth, as well as play/pause and skip buttons. However, it is very difficult to see what they are really doing, because there are no advanced signs of hearing. And what symbols are the same color as the body of the speaker, so they are more closed in their place.

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The carabiner clip is available to hang the speaker from a variety of places, whether you’re in the shower, inside a tent in the woods, or just want to attach the speaker to your belt. It’s nice and sturdy, so I don’t see it breaking easily.

House Of Marley No Bounds Xl Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Although it is present, especially through something like Childish Gambino’s This Is America at low volume, there is a lack of bass in the music. This becomes obvious when you get into more bass-centric music like MIA’s Boyz, which relies on tom drums to create the track. Unfortunately, it makes the soundtrack sound very dead. But the clarity of the middle and high tones as well as the voice is very good. Isolation isn’t great, but that’s pretty low sounding from the other end of the product, but it’s far from the worst speakers we’ve heard here, and it’s perfect for someone who wants some background music while chilling by the pool. . or when camping in the forest, especially since it has a 10-hour battery.

The good thing is that the House of Marley No Bounds speaker is also available in several different colors, so you can definitely match your style with the music. The speaker currently retails for around £50 from various online retailers, including HoM itself. For more information, go to the HoM website. Welcome to The Endorsement. Thoroughly researched. Thoroughly tested. These options are the best way to spend your hard earned money.

A Bluetooth speaker is as much a personal indicator as a watch. Actually, let’s use this analogy. A person who buys Bang & Olufsen has his watches and more than one Tag Heuer. Someone who chooses one of those indestructible black fish boxes available on Amazon might be interested in the G Shock. It’s the Ultimate Ears listener with the Apple Watch SE, and you’ve never heard of the iconic watch worn by a Sonos owner, but you know it looks great.

House Of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker

In all seriousness, the market is full of Bluetooth speaker options, many of which are very good. But most of them are blocked from your view by those who beat (JBL, Bose, UE, etc.). We draw our attention to one such speaker, “No Limits”. Closing the loop on the analogy, is the Todd Snyder x Timex fan watch. It’s unexpected, cheap and easy on the eyes.

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House Of Marley No Bounds Sport Em Ja016 Gy Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Over-constructed analogies, there are features. The No Bounds speaker from the House of Marley (more on the brand in a hot second) is portable – ie. It’s connected via Bluetooth, but with an Aux input just in case – the speaker is rated IP67, meaning it’s dust and waterproof. Not that if you throw it in the pool it doesn’t matter because it is strong and will ride the waves on its back. Sometimes, it hangs from its carabiner clip anywhere, like a backpack, a patio porch, or on a cool beach, wherever we wish we were right now instead of the office. And well suited for a life lived on the go, No Bounds has a 10-hour battery life.

Keep in mind that this is a $60 speaker and it has $60 quality sound. It’s not as comfortable as a big car. It will not replace your $300 sound bar. If you have Sonos speakers in every room, it can’t compete. But No Bounds will do just fine with your music anywhere in between—the shower, the campsite, and the station, just to name a few. If you are blessed with the power to hit all three in one day, it will go happily. It’s designed for outdoor use, but it’s not a hard and fast rule, especially since its fabric front, cut back and marble finish lend a ‘watching the Caribbean sunset’ vibe to any space. your mental health. And that is the key to not finding limits

Hold tight because we are about to sweeten the pot. The House of Marley brand was created in collaboration with the family of Bob Marley – yes, the Bob Marley – to respect the earth. In line with that goal, the No Bounds speaker is made from recycled materials, from scraps to fabric to aluminum. In addition, it funds global reforestation projects through its Philanthropic Project Marley. You must be the type of person who does this. Good quality, indeed.

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House Of Marley No Bounds Xl Manual (english

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20 Cool Travel Gadgets You’ll Need for Any Trip Polaroid Enters the World of Music with a New Speaker 16 Best Apple Watch Bands to Put It On Our Favorite Breville Espresso Machine on Sale is known as a must. House of Marley brings something new to its outdoor collection. The brand introduced the No Bounds family of all Bluetooth speakers made using lightweight, durable cork and Marley’s signature Rewind Fabric. The new speakers, available now, have a 10-hour battery life, are water and dust resistant (IP67) and allow wireless dual speaker pairing.

The first edition of the collection is No Bounds, the most compact outdoor Bluetooth speaker in the House of Marley. The four-tone speaker series is water and dust resistant (IP67) and has a 10+ hour battery life with dual wireless pairing capabilities so that users can play their music on two speakers without limits. Its built-in microphone enables speakerphone and Siri integration while maintaining full song and voice functionality. Users can take it on the go and attach the compact speaker to any outdoor gear with the included carabiner. The aux input allows use with hundreds of devices.

House Of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker

“Cork is lightweight, durable, anti-bacterial and waterproof, allowing it to withstand wear and tear, provide comfort and even float,” said Director of Product Development Josh Poulsen. “Not only is the low volume manufacturing process highly efficient, but cork is also harvested by hand every 7-10 years from the bark of oak trees, which regenerates naturally over time, making it an easy choice when it comes to sustainable outdoor design. …electronics for consumers”.

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To emulate Marley around, all speakers in the No Bounds series are made using signature Marley Rewind fabrics, Regrind non-toxic silicone, Regrind Cork and Recycled Aluminum. The rest of the No Bounds speaker series – the 360 ​​° Sound No Bounds Sport and the larger No Bounds XL – will be released in the summer of 2018.

Marley’s Home Bluetooth Speaker No Boundaries

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