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Home Assistant Bluetooth – Happy October! October is always a special month for a project. This is the month everyone starts working on their home automation again, the month Hacktoberfest brings a lot of new contributions and contributors to the project (👋 welcome!), and also this year: “What the hell?!” month.

The month of WTH already looks very promising and many good and interesting topics, ideas and suggestions for improvement have been presented. Continue these topics and polls ❤️.

Home Assistant Bluetooth

Home Assistant Bluetooth

Last month’s release was great; this month’s release basically continues to improve it. Unsurprisingly, the biggest improvement (once again) has been in Bluetooth! There’s a lot more out there, although this release is a bit “ubiquitous”, which is actually quite nice.

Plant Moisture Notification

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Marcel is known for his contributions to Z-Wave integration, Hue integration rewrite, Music Assistant custom integration, and more!

Marcel is working on Matter support in Home Assistant. In case you missed it, Matter is now officially available/released 🎉.

Two releases ago, we introduced Bluetooth integration. In a previous release, we brought Bluetooth to your home by adding support for Bluetooth proxy servers. Let’s not stop there!

Intel Nuc Bluetooth?

Let me quickly explain this: before, we could only listen to Bluetooth devices and receive data through a proxy (passive connection); now we can actively start a conversation with these devices and send data (active connection). This increases the ability to expand the range of controlled Bluetooth devices 💙.

For this, ESPHome will receive an additional release that will add this functionality. We have also updated our Bluetooth proxy installation site to support live connections.

So you want to control a SwitchBot Bluetooth device on the other side of the house that seems out of reach? Now you can install the proxy on a simple ESP32 device.

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Home Assistant Bluetooth

This is true! Bonus: Bluetooth performance has also been improved! In particular, local Bluetooth adapters should be slightly faster. 🚀

Hassio List Bluetooth Le Devices?

This release also added support for iBeacons. These are Bluetooth devices that transmit tags to indicate their location. Home Assistant can now pick them up and show the approximate distance to such an iBeacon.

IBeacons can open up many great use cases for automation. For example, you can attach an iBeacon to your car to let you know the car is home. Or in the trash and allows you to determine if there is still garbage in the garage on the day of collection and send a notification.

We recently introduced “Supported Brands” which allows you to find integrations under different brands. Now we’re taking it a step further by making it easier to add new devices or services.

We have several integrations available for some device brands. For example, we have many integrations with Google. Some brands offer devices that can run over Zigbee or a similar hub, which means you have the option to integrate their hub or access devices directly through Zigbee (using ZHA, for example).

Xiaomi Mijia Multimode Gateway Review And Home Assistant Integration

You can now categorize integrations by brand for a clearer choice. Home Assistant shows the options available for that brand. For example, the Google brand:

Thus, you no longer have to “figure out” how your device can be integrated. Now we will show whether the integration uses the “cloud” or not, so you know in advance.

We often get questions about YAML-only integrations that aren’t in the UI. While we love that they’re accessible through the interface, we understand that being unable to find them can be confusing.

Home Assistant Bluetooth

To make this easier, we now show all integrations when adding a new integration, including those that are only available via YAML. Although they cannot be configured through the user interface, we now provide links to documentation with configuration instructions.

Mhz Rf And Ir Gateway

This is possibly one of the coolest and most impressive features recently added to our dashboards: nested views!

Subviews do not appear in the navigation bar of the control panel, so you can only navigate to them using, for example, the button navigation feature.

When you navigate to a subview, the subview itself does not display the dashboard navigation bar. Instead, it displays a button to return to the previous view you came from.

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Most notably, dialog boxes now have more rounded edges, and action buttons are formatted and named more consistently. This brings Home Assistant closer to Material Design version 3, which Home Assistant follows.

Hassio (addon: Bluetooth Bcm43xx) Bluetooth Tracker Messing With Yeelight Bulbs

In the latest release, we have updated our automation editor and we are very happy to read how many of you liked these changes ❤️

However, if you manage the automation manually in YAML, you will always get an error when you try to open the automation in the UI. Not very helpful, right?

It has been improved! You can now open any automation (or script) in the user interface. This allows you to view your automation and give you a quick overview of how it works.

Home Assistant Bluetooth

Also, as a bonus, if you’ve been considering bringing an automation to the UI, you can now preview and experience how it will look/work in those automations and bring them to the UI with the click of a button in the top right corner. .

Monitor] Reliable, Multi User, Distributed Bluetooth Occupancy/presence Detection

It can be used to get version number information, compare version numbers, and even check for differences between two versions.

Can be useful when building automation or updating assemblies. For example, it will be easier for you to decide to update automatically or send more detailed notifications if a fix is ​​available.

This integration allows you to add new rows to a Google Sheet from a service call, allowing you to export data from automation for further processing, visualization, or analysis.

Maybe you want to export your daily energy intake or track the number of diapers used on a spreadsheet in your baby’s feeding diary.

Home Assistant · Github Topics · Github

There is a lot more juice in this release; here are some other notable changes in this release:

Home Assistant has a large community of users who are more than willing to help each other. So join us!

Our very active Discord chat server is a great place to be and don’t forget to join our great forums.

Home Assistant Bluetooth

Found a bug or problem? Please report it to our bug tracker so we can fix it! Or visit our how-to page for other places you can go.

Problem With Automation / Connecion With Bluetooth Devices

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The following is a list of breaking changes in this release by theme or integration. Click on one of them to learn more about the broken change for that element.

; it didn’t really have any mathematical basis, so it was removed. You can use this documentation to calculate what it should be, or restore the old functionality by installing it

The Bayesian sensor logic has been greatly improved. Previously, the configurations shown in the examples above did not work as expected. For example, if the device

How To Turn An Esp32 Board Into A Bluetooth Proxy For Home Assistant

To solve (2) you need to re-evaluate your probabilities with this documentation – this will likely lead to better performance in the long run.

A workaround to restore the previous functionality would be to add a mirror entry for each observation.

. This results in the same behavior as before – the negative, counterfactual observation is essentially ignored. Warning – this may break or bug in future versions and will not work.

Home Assistant Bluetooth

When the player is grouped and not the host, the status will no longer show as “grouped”, but will instead show as “empty”.

Raspberry Pi As A Bluetooth Ir Relay

HERE Travel times are now configurable through the UI, all existing YAML configs have been imported into previous releases and can now be safely removed from YAML config files.

When a player is inactive, the status will no longer be displayed as “problem”, but instead will be displayed as “off”.

When a player is active but their status does not match known statuses, the status will no longer be displayed as “good”, but instead will be “eat”.

Some breaking changes have been made to disable the amount detector for movies as a precaution. This sensor can cause problems with massive databases. If you still want to use it, you can.

Including Bluetooth Bulb In Ha

Movie titles are no longer included as attributes in the movie ID. The future has been removed. It will be upgraded in accordance with calendar entries. Disk space is now divided into different probes, one for each folder. Statuses and commands have been removed because they have no real value for automation.

In Home Assistant 2022.4, the binary probes to display the Supervisor integration update have been removed in place of update objects.

In Home Assistant 2022.4, a Synology DSM binary probe indicating that the update has been deprecated in favor of a newer update package.

Home Assistant Bluetooth

Fan speed levels

You Can Fix It!

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