Hk Onyx Studio

Hk Onyx Studio – Simplicity is undoubtedly a popular trend in today’s home decor. To achieve this goal, people naturally give importance to design while choosing home furniture. This mode of preference is also more common in speaker models. And the Harman Kardon onyx studio 5 Bluetooth speaker is one of them.

You can choose wireless Bluetooth speakers, especially Nordic-style Bluetooth speakers, which can eliminate the chains of cables and add a different atmosphere to your home environment. Today I bring you a Bluetooth speaker with the same focus on design and sound quality, the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio5.

Hk Onyx Studio

Hk Onyx Studio

Onyx Studio 5 is the fifth generation of the Harman Kardon Onyx series. Harman Kardon released Onyx Studio 6 and Onyx Studio 7. The sixth generation has a water resistance of ipx7 more than the fifth generation. Onyx Studio 7 uses a different update model.

Studio 6 Harman Kardon Ash Best Buy

The luxury audio company Harman Kardon has launched the new Harman Kardon ONYX STUDIO5 Bluetooth music speaker, redefining the classic style with a unique body design. The amazing and clean sound quality shows the perfect and focused sound, breaking the traditional chains and creating a better and more stylish home audio style.

Harman Kardon always presents beautiful sounds to the world with innovative designs, high-tech style and innovative ideas of freedom. As a result, it provides users with an excellent look and sound quality, and has won many high-profile users.

Audiophiles love them the most. The Harman/Kardon ONYX STUDIO5 Bluetooth music speaker will allow you to rediscover the elegance, freedom and sophistication of Harman Kardon.

As an in-house manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers, Harman Kardon’s onyx series has an elegant shell design as its flagship model. In addition, this series offers three colors that are suitable for modern and contemporary, which can match different types of home environment.

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Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Portable Wireless Speaker With Ipx7 Waterproof (grey)

The compact and portable light allows everyone to take it with them to any part of the house to listen to music. Indeed, the total weight of Harman Kardon onyx studio 5 is 2980g, which the user can easily carry.

Harman Kardon onyx studio 5 control buttons are located under the speaker ring and keep the same color as the fabric on top of the speaker. As a result, the color balance is very good.

All five buttons are designed with a “curved” design to facilitate the user’s operation and meet the needs of everyone’s night blind control. There will be a standard indicator light under the button.

Hk Onyx Studio

As for the main features of Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5, apart from its unique shape, it also has an attractive design. While it provides a simple and pleasant touch, and it is dusty and dusty, it shows the quality of life for users. In addition, there is a “Harman/Kardon” logo on the gold base on the bottom of the case.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Blue (hkos6blusg)

If it is not easy for everyone to see something new in the design of this speaker from the front, the visual effect from the side will be even more amazing. The product is not only three-dimensional, but also gives people a sense of visual art. This is also a special feature of Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5, and the overall design is also very harmonious.

The Onyx Studio 5 speaker has a built-in 3283mAh Li-ion battery that supports up to 8 hours of continuous playback, which can meet your entertainment needs.

The speaker charging port is located on the back of the speaker. According to the official website, this speaker is capable of outputting up to 50W which is DC powered. Therefore, even if you listen to songs in a large room, the sound can maintain a bright and true effect.

There are AUX and “SERVICE” ports on either side of the speaker charging port. The “SERVICE” port can be used to update the speaker’s firmware to meet future requirements.

Harman Kardon Onyx Review

The entire construction of the Onyx studio 5 is covered with rubber material to keep it on a smooth table. In addition, the plastic material on the floor will not be exposed, so it will not affect the overall effect

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As for the speaker units, Harman Kardon onyx studio 5 is equipped with a two-speaker system consisting of a 25MM tweeter and a 120MM bass that can deliver up to 50W RMS of balanced and amazing sound.

At the same time, Onyx studio 5 is running via Bluetooth 4.2 wireless, which can support two devices to play music in turn. In addition, the dual-channel wireless technology supports the wireless connection of two ONYX STUDIO 5s, creating beautiful sounds that last throughout the room and enhance the listening experience of the user.

Hk Onyx Studio

When I listen to ‘When You Believe’, the theme song from the movie ‘Prince of Egypt’. It can be found that the human voice is very beautiful, and there is no special decoration. The bass on this track is not heavy and the sound is just right. However, I think the music has a lot of bass, but it’s not that pleasant to listen to.

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Listening to this popular music through ONYX STUDIO 5 is truly unique. I found the treble and bass separations to be too obvious and the crossover point seemed to be a little high. But, of course, it depends on what everyone wants. I personally think it’s a bit long so it feels a bit uncomfortable.

Music works better after listening for a while. The words are not clouds. It’s a bit more analytical. The treble is not sharp and the overall integration is perfect. Although the bass is a bit heavy, I think it is very good for this price. Especially young people want more accent, so it is more suitable.

1. The speaker is the leader, so position is important. For example, placement away from the wall or listening height will affect the listening experience.

3. The view is good. The setting is also very textured. So, it is good to put it as a decoration for your home.

Hk Onyx Studio 7

4. The bass is a bit heavy, so the big music fits well and sounds very big. However, songs with vocals or music can sound good if there is a lot of bass. Conclusion

As a multi-functional Bluetooth speaker, the ONYX STUDIO 5 design is one of the highlights. Both style and simplicity make the speaker itself more technical and suitable for modern home environment. It also makes it easier for users to move the speaker around.

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Of course, the sound quality of Harman Kardon onyx studio 5 is also amazing. Even in a small room, it can provide a lot of music enjoyment, and the sound quality is very bright and natural. Today, the convenience of wireless technology has made many consumers prefer products with wireless transmission technology when making decisions. Wireless speakers in particular have convenient and easy-to-use features that make many people abandon the traditional wireless speaker system and go for it. And the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is one of the wireless options.

Hk Onyx Studio

Harman Kardon has developed many classic products in the past that have attracted consumer attention to wireless speakers. This time, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is introduced. It is an upgrade from the Harman Kardon classic ONYX studio product line.

Harman Kardon Speakers Onyx Studio 7 Gry

Audiophiles who usually pay attention to Harman Kardon speakers should not be strangers to the ONYX STUDIO Bluetooth speaker series. ONYX STUDIO Bluetooth speakers have a unique shape, high quality sound system and bass sound effect.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 continues the design of the previous models. At first glance, it looks almost indistinguishable from previous models. However, the new generation of ONYX STUDIO 4 brings improvements and innovations in terms of features, battery life and Bluetooth functions.

The unique shape of ONYX STUDIO 4 reminds me of space and stars at first glance. Although the two small stands behind the speaker support the speakers, the visual effect makes the ONYX STUDIO 4 look like a UFO in my opinion.

The ONYX STUDIO 4 box has an angle of inclination, which facilitates the propagation of sound. In addition, the speaker also uses rubber on the bottom of the legs to improve overall absorption.

Onyx Studio 3 Review

There aren’t many decorations on the front of the speaker, just the Harman/Kardon logo in the center, which looks simple and generous.

In terms of colors, the Harman Kardon ONYX STUDIO 4 has three finishes – black, white and blue – for buyers to choose from.

The front of this speaker is covered with a cloth grid that can prevent dust and dirt from forming. At the same time, the fabric is smooth and soft and is easy to clean.

Hk Onyx Studio

If the surface of the speaker is dirty, you can simply wipe it with a cloth. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is equipped with six built-in keys

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black (new Model, 100

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