Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review – Here, we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing hundreds of different Bluetooth speakers over the years. There are countless brands that are always trying to outdo each other, releasing new models and promising to be better than before. However, very few stand out with unique features that set them apart.

Security, sound quality, durability, wireless range, battery life and compatibility all play a role. But we’re always fans of brands that incorporate more unique features that others overlook.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

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Hercules Wae Outdoor 04plus Pack Bluetooth Speaker 4780850 B&h

Take for example the new Hercules WAE Field 04Plus FM. It’s a newly released, outdoor-oriented, Bluetooth wireless speaker designed for adventurers who tend to be “out and about.” Most of the same tech as the competition is installed, but it’s a lot more appealing with the inclusion of an FM radio tuner.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

We were recently invited to test it, use it and see exactly how it handles in a real environment. We take an in-depth, unbiased approach to help you decide which portable outdoor speaker is right for your situation.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the Hercules WAE Field 04Plus FM has a nice triangular design. Measuring 15.1 x 6.1 x 6.1 cm, it’s quite compact and feels nice and solid in your hand. One of the first things we noticed was the aesthetically pleasing metal grille that surrounds everything. It gives it a premium look and carries nicely with the standard jet black color scheme.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

Hercules Wae Outdoor 04plus Fm Review: Sound That Will Leave Bigger Speakers Whimpering

On the top is the power button, LED indicator, AUX input, micro USB input. Additionally, there are plus and minus buttons that act as volume and skip/forward buttons. Tap to change track or tap to adjust volume.

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Near the center, you’ll see three holes on the sides. Two of them form a loop to attach the included wristband, and the other is a 1/4″ screw thread for mounting. This small screw-in in-wall speaker can be mounted on a tripod or stand (not included).

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

The rest of the speakers are pretty basic – which we love. Simplicity gives good results that correlate well with the convenience it offers.

Hercules Wae Outdoor Rush Bluetooth Speaker

The initial setup process is very simple. First, make sure your Bluetooth settings are enabled on your mobile device. Then, press and hold the Power button for two seconds. The LED indicator will then flash blue to let you know it’s searching for a pair. To see which Bluetooth devices are available on your phone, look for “WAE Outdoor 04Plus” listed in the list of connections. Just click it and wait a few seconds. Once the connection is established, the blue LED will be solid. At this point you are ready to play any track or music you want!

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

If you’re not a fan of Bluetooth, you can always opt to use an AUX cable. Although it’s not included, it allows you to connect any device directly to the speaker, skipping the entire pairing process.

Perhaps the most important factor for most people is the sound quality itself. With the WAE Field 04Plus, we weren’t expecting much sound, but it honestly impressed us quite a bit. During testing over the past week, we put all kinds of music through it. Rock, rap, country, classical – you name it. We found the sound to be crisp, clear and full of accurate tone. Holding it all the way through, we were really surprised at how energetic the sound was. There were no distortions or chattering effects, and the music sounded true to form.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

Hercules Wae Outdoor 04plus Pack

Although rock and bass are not manually adjustable, we found it to be reasonably adjustable. The bass wasn’t as impressive, but it never overpowered the lyrical or harmonic aspects of the song. We can’t compare it to something twice the price, but for the price range, we’re very pleased with how the speaker handles such a wide variety of placements.

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Since the WAE Field 04Plus is IP67 certified, you can rest easy knowing it’s built to withstand some abuse. Specifically, IP67 ensures that it is sealed and fully submersible from 15cm to 1m for up to 30 minutes. This blocks dust, water, snow and other problematic particles or debris. Since it can handle the elements, it’s safe to take with you on almost any field trip. In fact, we took it in the pouring rain for over an hour and it was just fine.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

When you hold the speaker in your hands, you immediately feel the solidity and rigidity of its build. Each tip is reinforced with a rubber coating that provides continued grip and durability. Although we don’t recommend doing this on purpose, dropping it from several feet to the ground shouldn’t break it. We’ve been testing it for the past week, putting it through a bit of abuse and it still looks like new.

Hercules Wae Outdoor Btp04 Ip64 Certified Bluetooth Speaker (black): Buy Online In Oman At Desertcart

As mentioned above, the integrated FM tuner sets the WAE Outdoor 04Plus apart from other Bluetooth speakers. This is really cool. To start it, press and hold the FM button located next to the volume button. When you do this, you will see the LED indicator turn green. It then performs an automatic scan and saves all detected points. Once this is done, you can manually search for stations by pressing the + or – (Volume) button.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

FM tuner quality was pretty standard for any FM tuner. A little clunky here and there, but that’s to be expected. FM transmission depends entirely on your specific location and the stations in your area.

Wireless range and battery life are critical factors with any Bluetooth speaker. Plus, they walk hand in hand. You’ll need a battery that allows you to use the wireless, but you can run the battery in any situation you encounter. Fortunately, the Hercules includes a built-in lithium-ion battery that can easily be charged via the micro USB port on the top of the speaker.

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Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

Hands On With The Hercules Wae Outdoor Rush Bluetooth Speaker

In our experience, we found the battery to last about 10-12 hours in most cases. Now. This depends entirely on several factors, including wireless range, temperature, and volume. Often each of these factors changes and requires less “juice” than the others. However, we found that an FM tuner doesn’t drain the battery like a wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet.

In terms of wireless range, we found that the speaker worked best at a distance of 25-30 feet. In some cases where there is a direct line of sight between the connected device and the speaker, this can be improved to about 40 feet. In practice, ~30 feet of wireless range is pretty standard and most listeners will be happy with it.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

One of the most glaring flaws we found with the WAE Outdoor 04Plus is speaker directionality. At first glance, it appears that a metal grille surrounds the speaker. The problem is, half of it is for looks. Sound only comes from one side of the speaker (side + volume button). While this might not be a big deal to most people, it could be a deal breaker for those looking for 360-degree audio.

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Overall, we found the Hercules WAE Field 04Plus to be a great little Bluetooth speaker. It is packed with useful features and is a good choice for those looking for the perfect blend of portability, durability and sound quality. Sure, it’s not the best, but the sound quality comes down to its retail price.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

We’re big fans of functionality and ease of use. After boxing for a minute or less, we blasted the music and enjoyed every second of it. Despite one notable drawback, other aspects of it impressed us.

Known as the ‘Tech Guru’, he is an expert on current and trending technologies. Here he makes the technology easy to understand for the common man. I get tired of testing speakers from new audio brands because most of them are mediocre. The Hercules WAE Field 04Plus FM Bluetooth Speaker was sent to my office a while back and I haven’t tried it yet. I thought it was just another quality product because this was my first time hearing the Hercules brand.

Hercules Wae Wireless Speaker Review

Hercules Wae Outdoor Btp04 Adventure Pack Ip64 Certified Bluetooth Speaker (blk)

In terms of design, the WAE 04Plus FM speaker is not very interesting. It is black in color and has a shape

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