Harbinger Bluetooth Speakers

Harbinger Bluetooth Speakers – The VARI 2300 series includes 8-inch and 10-inch 400-watt speakers, 12-inch and 15-inch 2000-watt speakers, a compact 12-inch 1000-watt subwoofer, and a 2400-watt subwoofer. DSP optimization.

Powered speakers can be used as main speakers or a floor monitor with DSP adjustments tailored to these applications.

Harbinger Bluetooth Speakers

Harbinger Bluetooth Speakers

Powered Subs are the perfect addition to any loudspeaker or PA system, providing extended low frequencies and powerful bass, with high-fidelity, limiting DSP crossover.

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Harbinger Rt25 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The VARI 2300 full-range loudspeakers have a built-in multipurpose stereo mixer where all inputs are available simultaneously.

Solo musicians and small band musicians can connect several microphones or instruments, as well as a stereo keyboard or electronics, and still have an aux input and Bluetooth.

The innovative Smart Stereo easily connects VARI 2300 full-range speakers for optimal audio routing and uniform control.

You will connect all inputs to the first speaker and then connect the speakers with a single microphone cable to connect them. The first speaker will set all the volume and tuning of the pair, making true stereo setups simple.

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Harbinger Roadtrip 25 8in. Battery Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker W/ Mic 656238052207

Simply add an S12 or V2318S subwoofer to this setup and all VARIs will work as a single sound system, sharing the same input sources, volume controls and tones.

Selectable voices instantly configure the DSP that optimizes the sound of the full-range VARI speakers for monitor use in normal or reclining mode. The bass and treble knobs allow you to adjust this DSP tuning.

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The V2312 and V2315 high powered speakers feature 4 voices, each optimizing the sound for a different application. V2308 and V2310 provide 2 voices.

Harbinger Bluetooth Speakers

No matter which full-range VARI speaker you choose, full-bandwidth frequency management ensures ultra-precise and high-fidelity sound, while transparent DSP limiting ensures ideal sound quality and system protection at maximum volume.

Harbinger Vari V2315 Powered Speaker With Bluetooth

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