Gtkxb5bc – Fire up every party with club sound from this single box system. EXTRA BASS™ delivers low energy to roaring EDM bass lines, with lighting effects for a festive atmosphere.

Flexible Setup A built-in sensor automatically activates the top two tweeters, so you can enjoy stereo sound vertically or horizontally from the speaker system.



Connect instantly Stream your digital music library instantly when you make a one-touch connection via NFC

Sony Home Audio System Speaker, Model Gtk Xb5

This is for bass lovers. Press the extra BASS button for deep, powerful sound and lose yourself as the beat flows through you.

Liven up the party with line lights and speaker lights. For a nightclub vibe, flash in sync with the beat.

Keep the party going even after closing time. Carrying handles and a lightweight body make it easy to pick up and take anywhere.

Connect other GTK-XB5 systems to Party Chain to synchronize lights and sound and take the party to the next level.

Sony Gtk Xb5 Review: A Powerful Sony Party Speaker

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As one of the market leaders in audio technology, Sony offers a range of amazing party speakers, all with outstanding capabilities.

Sony Gtk Xb5 High Power Bluetooth Home Audio System With Strobe And Led Fx

The Sony GTK-XB5 is a portable and powerful party speaker ideal for creating an amazing atmosphere at any barbecue or small event.

There’s line, strobe and speaker lighting included, and you can position the speaker horizontally or vertically to suit your needs.

Here’s our summary of the Sony GTK-XB5 specs to help you decide if this is the device for you.

Intended to give you party-level sound on demand, the Sony GTK-XB5 is a high-performance speaker that’s big on bass.

Gtkxb5 Home Audio System User Manual Gtk Xb5_(english) Sony

While this product is naturally much larger than pocket-sized Sony speaker alternatives, it’s still very portable.

The GTK-XB5 should easily fit in the back seat of your car or in your trunk. What’s more, the speaker is easy to carry around thanks to built-in handles on top and bottom.

Since the Sony GTK-XB5 works well placed either horizontally or vertically, it’s much easier to find a place for the system when you’re ready to listen.

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Available in a range of colors, the Sony GTK-XB5 is designed to be as eye-catching as it is functional.

Sony Gtk Xb5 Bluetooth Hangfal

To add to the “party” vibe, the speaker even includes a set of lights that can provide club-like lighting, strobes, and more.

At first glance, the Sony GTK-XB5 is an easy read. While it looks great, especially if you choose one of Sony’s trendy colors, it’s much smaller and simpler than other boombox options.

Extra bass action means you get deeper and stronger basslines for house and EDM music.

All you have to do is press the Extra Bass button to add more power to the bottom end of your audio On top of that, if you really want to take the party vibe to the next level, Sony allows users to add additional Bluetooth speakers to the mix.

Light Up Party Speakers With Bluetooth

You can add extra power to your audio system whenever you want by daisy chaining different Sony products. Choose one device to be the “party host” and the other speakers work in unison.

Unfortunately, some of the features we’ve come to expect from Sony party speakers are missing. For example, there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated app where you can manage all your music

What’s more, there’s no smart speaker access, which is a shame if you want to control your audio remotely.


As mentioned above, the Sony GTK-XB5 specs lack some connectivity options we would have liked to see, such as smart speaker functionality. That’s not to say these speakers miss the connection mark entirely.

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Gtkxb5 Home Audio System Teardown Internal Photos Internal Photo Sony

LDAC settings allow users to access high quality wireless audio, thanks to much faster data transfer.

On top of that, Sony lets you choose from a variety of ways to connect your devices. Either you can press the Bluetooth button on the Sony speaker or you can use the NFC technology.

Near Field Communication technology means you only need to touch an active device to the Sony GTK-XB5’s logo to pair in seconds. We love this added feature on today’s party speakers because it makes setup so much easier.

In terms of ease of use, GTK-XB5 performs well. You can connect to Bluetooth in seconds and it’s easy enough to control different aspects of your speaker experience.

Coluna Sony Gtk Xb5 Como Nova Viseu • Olx Portugal

However, we think the experience would be better with smart speaker connectivity and access to a dedicated app.

In terms of sound quality, the Sony GTK-XB5 ticks most of the right boxes too. The extra bass action really adds something to house and electronic music. The basslines sound powerful and catchy, ideal for a party atmosphere.

Unfortunately, at very high volumes, it’s easy for the bass to start drowning out the mids and highs.


Also, the Sony GTK-XB5’s ClearAudio+ technology helps enrich the listening experience. Built-in technology ensures you get the best possible sound quality regardless of what you’re listening to without forcing you to play with EQ settings.

Gtk Xb5 High Power Bluetooth Speaker

We found the Sony GTK-XB5 to be a reliable and well-designed party speaker. There are plenty of great features to explore, including sensors for lighting, extra bass and great sound quality for a more immersive atmosphere.

The only things missing from this product were smart speaker access, a dedicated app, and enhanced clarity for midrange and highs.

It’s a shame that the Sony GTK-XB5 doesn’t have the same IP67 rating that many of Sony’s other wireless speaker products offer.

Sony gtkxb5bc