Enacfire Bluetooth Speaker

Enacfire Bluetooth Speaker – As you know, it is committed to producing cheaper and higher performance bluetooth audio products. We currently have two models of bluetooth speakers that we sell. This article aims to help everyone know a little more about both and how to choose between them.

Soundtank Speaker: The most interesting thing about the Soundtank would be its tws feature. Thanks to this feature, if you own two Soundtanks, you can connect these two speakers with just one click. Unlike other brands that need a separate phone app to connect two speakers, this feature can be easily installed by plug and play. Just imagine the sense of theater or party mood they can create. Additionally, there is a bass+ button that can boost the bass by an additional 50%.

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Enacfire Bluetooth Speaker

Enacfire Bluetooth Speaker

Soundbar speaker: With dual ultra-large 12-watt high-power drivers, the speaker creates a 360-degree sound area. This Soundbar is perfect for a 4-8 party situation or when you need to set up a room for audio travel. While it’s not as versatile as the Soundtank, it’s certainly the best choice for the display speaker selection below. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, outdoor activities will be fully supported. But don’t put them in water because you won’t be able to hear a thing or take them out without damaging them. Finally, the Soundbar has a battery that can keep playing music for up to 25 hours. Don’t worry about partying all day.

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I have been using bluetooth buds and speakers for over a year and they have performed very well! Great brand

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