Edifier R1010bt

Edifier R1010bt – Our previously reviewed Edify R1000T4 is a great pair of speakers that sound great and don’t cost a fortune. Today, the labs have the Edify R1010BT, a new addition to the R1000 series with Bluetooth functionality and a new design. Read on to learn more about the new Edifier bookshelf speakers.

Let’s explain the obvious change from the R1000T4, the appearance. The R1010BT now has a curved design compared to the previous traditional boxy look. The speaker cabinet is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a wood texture finish. The new speaker is now available in 2 different colors, the classic brown and the new black, which is my favorite.

Edifier R1010bt

Edifier R1010bt

The fabric grill can be easily removed. Each channel has a 3/4″ tweeter and a 4″ woofer with black and gold accents.

Edifier R1010bt Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Desktop Bookshelf Speakers

The rear panel of the main right channel speaker contains input connectors and control buttons. It’s tricky if you want to adjust the volume because the buttons are on the back. Therefore, the only solution is to use the volume control of the music source, such as a computer, media player or phone.

As you can see in the picture above, there are two pairs of RCA inputs as “Line in A” and “Line in B”. They serve a different purpose as they have 2 different input sensitivity levels – 700mV and 500mV respectively. “Line In A” with high input sensitivity is suitable for media players with low signal output strength and need a built-in amplifier to reach maximum power. Meanwhile, “Line in B” is more suitable for media players with high signal output strength.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about in the previous paragraph, I think you can go ahead and use “line a”.

The most notable update to the R1000 series is support for Bluetooth audio input, hence the model name R1010BT. To connect, the user must first enable Bluetooth mode by pressing the power button on the back of the speaker. The phone then connects to the speaker.

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Edifier R1280db Bluetooth Speaker & Teac Tn 175 Turntable & Speaker Bu

However, the implementation of the Bluetooth feature is unimpressive, and there is no clear indication on the volume button to indicate what the button is capable of pressing unless you look it up in the user manual. It seems too much that they focused on implementing all their new features and forgot to redesign the user interface. Again, the placement of the buttons on the back proves problematic.

The power LED on the front will change from green to blue to indicate that the speaker is now in Bluetooth mode. Once connected from your phone, what you can do with the speaker is pretty self-explanatory. Speaking of LED lights, Edifier has decided to place the LED lights directly in front of the speaker. If you remember our review of the Edifier M2280, we commented that the speaker’s front LED lights were annoying. Although the R1010BT only has green or blue LEDs on the front, it doesn’t change the fact that the LEDs on the front are very bright.

To be honest, the Edifier R1010BT has an almost identical sound signature to the R1000T4. I put both speakers in the same configuration, trying to tell the actual difference in terms of their sound quality, to no avail. Although the stereo bookshelf speaker obviously lacks a dedicated subwoofer unit, that doesn’t mean the speaker is inferior to these multimedia speakers. In fact, these stereo speakers are the best choice if you are looking for the most original stereo experience.

Edifier R1010bt

A pair of speakers has a neutral sound signal. The bass from the 4-inch woofer driver is powerful, but not room-filling. After that, the treble is very well controlled and harmoniously complements the bass driver. I find it funny when people judge the quality of a pair of speakers only by the “boom” they produce in the speaker’s ability.

Nơi Bán Loa Bluetooth Edifier R1010bt 2.0 Giá Rẻ Nhất Tháng 10/2022

In my opinion, the main weakness of the speaker is the sound and sound. The voice of the sung text is quite flat, and the background music is usually much brighter than the vocals. The problem is less obvious if you are 1 meter or more away from the speaker. Thus, speaker placement will directly affect your listening experience.

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The Edifier R1010BT is an exciting addition to the Edifier 2.0 speaker range. The sound quality of the speakers is guaranteed to be as good as the R1000T4, with the only changes being the new functionality and appearance. My experience has been very positive, especially since I can play all my favorite tunes right from the couch on my smartphone without plugging in. Additionally, more and more smartphones are dropping the 3.5mm audio port these days. So BT Audio will definitely be gone soon.

In other words, if you’re currently looking for bookshelf speakers that are reasonably priced and produce great sound quality with Bluetooth connectivity, check out the Edifier R1010BT, which retails at RM 259.90 at Lazada Malaysia. While most manufacturers increase their prices over time, it’s nice to see Edifier offering their new technology at even lower prices than before. Meet the new R1010BT, a surprisingly affordable AUD$99 speaker with a delightful mix of features. With an interesting dual ceramic cone driver setup and a bookshelf-inspired design, the R1010BT is well below the $150 R1280T without Bluetooth and cheaper portable Bluetooth speakers like the JBL Flip 4. Along with its innovative value. Deals, let’s see how Edify’s new budget speaker works.

I would like to thank Edify for their prompt communication and providing a loaner of the R1010BT for review purposes. All words are my own and there is no financial incentive for positive reviews. Despite the fact that I get the speakers for free, I will try to be as objective as possible in my review.

Edifier R1010bt, Audio, Soundbars, Speakers & Amplifiers On Carousell

Unboxing the R1010BT makes for a simpler presentation than previous AdiFire speakers with a basic cardboard box in vector and basic specs. It is also a simple animal with very few accessories. The R1010BT comes complete with an RCA to 3.5mm cable, an RCA to 3.5mm cable and a basic connector. It has no remote, optical or other inputs, but supports Bluetooth streaming from a smart device. It’s a simple setup that gets the job done, if not much else, and AdiFire provides enough cable to use both of the R1010BT’s wire inputs.

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The R1080BT is a compact active speaker that features a more classic Edifier bookshelf design. And while they have a more traditional aesthetic, their small size and unobtrusive design make them great for desktop/laptop use. And while the speakers look rather basic, they are beautiful and well-made with an aesthetic quality that belies their affordable price.

The speakers share the same MDF construction as the R1280T, but now feature a dark wood finish on the side panels, as opposed to the more natural wood grain of Adair’s higher-end models. They are available in brown, although I personally find the black model more convincing. The main housings of the speakers also have a faux leather texture, although it is fine and subtle without causing any additional discomfort. I’m definitely a fan of the design of the R1010BT, like other Edfair speakers, a budget set of speakers has no right to look this good!

Edifier R1010bt

In terms of build quality, the speakers are very sturdy, have a decent weight to them, and don’t have the plastic construction associated with similarly priced speakers. Removing the mesh cover reveals a visually interesting driver unit with a yellow ceramic cone speaker that really steals the show. On top is a dome tweeter that is immune to damage even when the protective covers are removed.

Edifier R1010bt Review: Bookshelf Speakers For Beginners

The right speaker also has a status LED that glows blue when operating in Bluetooth mode and green when operating via a wired connection. The edges of the speakers are very rounded and smooth, although some of the angles of the side panels give them a more elegant geometric look. Each speaker sits atop 4 foam feet that prevent the speakers from moving during high volume playback and protect the surface they are placed on.

The rear of the R1010BT houses most of the interfaces, the bass port and main controls have also been moved to the rear, sharing the same basic layout as other Edfair speakers. At the bottom are two spring-loaded connectors that pass power to the left speaker via a common connector wire. This allows users to easily switch a longer cable for more space.

The speaker has a built-in power cable, which is relatively short and may limit the space of the speaker in some setups where an extension cord is not possible. It is very high

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