Ecoxgear Solar

Ecoxgear Solar – ECOXGEAR, a Grace Digital brand, has partnered with SunCore, a well-known semiconductor solar-based product company and developer of custom photovoltaic technology, to help create ECOXGEAR’s high-density solar panels. This new, exclusive partnership in solar-powered products will enable sustainable experiences anywhere, including portable Bluetooth speakers.

Based in San Diego, California, audio manufacturer Grace Digital sells its products under the brands Grace Digital, ECOXGEAR and Victoria. The company specializes in mobile audio solutions, from Wi-Fi music players and apps to Internet radios and waterproof speakers. Now, the company has partnered with SunCore, a well-known semiconductor solar-based product company and developer of custom photovoltaic (PV) panel technology, to help create ECOXGEAR’s high-density (HD) solar panels.

Ecoxgear Solar

Ecoxgear Solar

“With only SunCore’s impressive solar technology, we will be able to provide our users with an offline experience like no other,” says Greg Fadul, founder of ECOXGEAR. “Our devices will harness the incredible power of the sun at all times of the day, making the galaxy’s brightest star your power outlet.”

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PV panel technology consists of a solar panel made with a 3-D crystal structure, which allows more efficient light capture over more daylight hours, resulting in more useful solar energy. By delivering more energy, SunCore solar panels are 22-23 percent more efficient than conventional panels that are 10-15 percent more efficient. This allows ECOXGEAR’s HD solar panel users to receive more light and collect more energy than with conventional panels.

In addition to increased efficiency in direct sunlight, HD cells reap the broader light spectrum of PV panel technology. Where conventional panels are limited to the amount of ​​energy they can harvest on overcast and cloudy days, SunCore panels can harvest energy across the IR and UV light spectrum making the panel much more efficient on less than ideal days.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to develop a platform that works the way our partners need it to,” said Steven Brimmer, CEO and founder of SunCore. “People don’t use solar-based products only during the times when the best light conditions occur.” Knowing this, our goal was to create technology that will enable our partners to provide products that would maximize energy collection, no matter what lighting conditions exist. We believe we have developed the best possible solution for solar and are delighted that Grace Digital has used our patented system in their ECOXGEAR products. We are extremely proud to support Grace Digital in their quest to provide the best deal for their consumers.

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Not only prioritizing optimal light collection, ECOXGEAR will also use SunCore’s patented Power Management circuit to deliver more battery power to its products. Using this technology, the solar panel can provide more energy to the battery and double the efficiency in low light and nighttime conditions. Summer is a great time for new Bluetooth speakers, and Ecoxgear’s Sol Jam ($150) seems to fit the summer vibe perfectly. The IP67 waterproof speaker is topped with a solar panel that purports to use “power from virtually any light source” to charge the speaker continuously. The Sol Jam packs two 10-watt speakers and a subwoofer into a fairly compact frame. A closable panel on the back of the speaker covers the 1A iPhone charging port. The Sol Jam comes with a micro-USB cable, an optional power adapter for charging, and a carabiner that can be clipped to either side of the speaker.

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The Sol Jam is a small speaker, weighing just over 1.5 pounds and measuring approximately 6.2″ x 5″ x 3. A solar panel sits on top of the speaker, along with a host of buttons – power, bluetooth, volume, back , forward, play/pause/speaker and battery level The speakers are front-facing and the sides have holes for the included carabiner If that’s not enough, there’s a hole for a standard mount at the bottom of the speaker and the sealed port The back allows you to recharge the Sol Jam, charge your iPhone and plug in an audio cable.

It is worth noting that the Sol Jam is IP67 rated, which gives it complete dust protection and allows it to be submerged – but this point probably won’t make much of a difference because the speaker certainly flies. The Sol Jam is feature-heavy for its size, but its design doesn’t do much for us aesthetically. Aside from solar panels, we’re tired of all the black matte rubber that’s almost ubiquitous in Bluetooth speakers. (There’s a Sol Jam model with an orange speaker grill, not seen here, which looks like it adds at least a bit of welcome color.)

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The Sol Jam’s sound is good, not great, for the size and a little disappointing for the price. The bass is nice – the subwoofer can actually shake the speaker over a flat surface – but the speaker lacks clarity compared to rivals, and certain songs can sound muddled at higher volumes. Based on the sound alone, we feel the Sol Jam is more than an $80-$100 speaker. We also had a strange volume issue: while our iPhone could control the speaker volume at first, that wasn’t the case in later tests. Pressing the speaker’s own volume buttons worked as expected, controlling the music – but the volume could no longer be controlled from the iPhone. Perhaps there was something minor wrong with our camera, but we thought it was worth noting, because Bluetooth speaker users generally don’t want to be close to the speaker to change the volume.

Ecoxgear Solar

While we love Sol Jam’s great features, most of them aren’t that unique at this point, and regardless, sound still comes first. So while this strikes us as a speaker that should be somewhere in the $100 range, is the solar panel enough to justify the extra money?

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Consider this: It’s hard to measure how much a solar panel affects your speaker in real-world use, especially when you don’t see exact battery percentages. But let’s say the Sol Jam does provide a minor battery boost from a nearby light source. The speaker already has a battery that lasts for 12 hours, which seems like much longer than you would run the Sol Jam, even for a few outings. (It’s not a speaker we’d choose for a long outdoor party, for example.) So any effect of the solar panel would likely be negligible. If you’re still intrigued by the idea of ​​extra backup power, the Sol Jam is worth a look—it has a lot of notable features. But its audio limitations hold back our overall recommendation.

Phil Dzikey was the editor of . He primarily edited and oversaw all of the site’s editorial content, managed staff and freelancers, rounded up product review ratings and awards, and led online coverage of all Apple events and global CES 2015 live coverage. Powered by the sun so you can play music all day. The new SolJam speaker is a compact and highly waterproof Bluetooth speaker with integrated high performance solar charging technology.

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IP67 waterproof and rugged design Bluetooth 4.2 streams wireless audio wirelessly up to 100 feet away via your smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth device. Two loud 10W speakers (20W total) and a large passive subwoofer Built-in High-performance Suncore solar panel Rechargeable battery provides 12+ hours of playtime Charging port to recharge your devices 3-year warranty

Powered by rechargeable built-in lithium battery Charging time approx. 3 hours includes USB to AC adapter wall charger 12+ hours of playtime at medium volume

Eco Jam Ecoxgear Sol Jam Bluetooth Rugged Waterproof Portable Speaker(new) в интернет магазине с Ebay с доставкой из США, низкие цены

Is SolJam waterproof and can SolJam be used in water? Yes. SolJam meets the IPX7 waterproof standard. SolJam can be used in the pool, hot tub and ocean without any problems. Knock down the hatch and play your songs carefree! Plus, SolJam is fast! (Be careful, the charging cap must be properly closed to keep the Soljam waterproof.) What is IPX7? IPX7 waterproof standard means that the product is protected against water. Test all its products by immersing them in at least 3 feet of water. This means that our products, including SolJam, can withstand use in water. Be careful with other products that claim to be waterproof but are only IPX5 or less. They will leak and sink to the bottom of the pool in the fun conditions above. Will SolJam’s solar panel keep the battery charged even while playing music? Yes, the solar panel will use energy from the sun to recharge the battery in the SolJam. The amount of charge achieved by the solar panel depends on several factors: time of year, time of day, global location, cloud cover and the angle of the panel to the sun. We designed the SolJam solar panel to produce about 350mA of current in “good” solar conditions (midday, no clouds, etc.), and the SolJam consumes about 300-400mA of current when played at high volume. .. , the sunlight keeps the SolJam battery charged while playing music. Please note that if you use the charge out

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