Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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Aukey’s Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker is a mid-sized portable speaker for on-the-go listening. With 20W of total power, 12 hours of total listening time and dual passive radiators, you’ll find plenty of bass.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

The design of the speaker is something I really like, with a rounded fabric exterior that feels and looks great. In other words, you can place it anywhere in your home and it won’t be an eyesore. The sides have a metallic finish that adds a pop to the design.

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For a portable speaker, I’d say the Eclipse is a medium size. Part of this size is due to the dual passive radiators on each side of the speaker, which provide extra bass when listening. The speaker weighs just over 800 grams, which makes it a little heavy to carry around, but it’s easy to carry around.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

On the top of the speaker are functional buttons for switching between Bluetooth and AUX, as well as recording and volume controls. It’s nice to be able to control the volume and track directly from the speaker.

These features aside, the design is quite simple and the speaker drivers are protected as the outer fabric hides them. It doesn’t slide on textured surfaces. Connections are on the back of the base. The speaker has a micro USB port for charging and an AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices.

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Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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The Eclipse speakers provide great listening for the price. The speaker lacks a bit of clarity in the mids and highs, but for casual listening the sound provided is good. The passive subwoofer allows the speaker to produce a more distinctive sound without overpowering the other frequencies. It does a great job of providing deep and clear bass for helping to generate.

The speakers are driven by two 10W drivers, both front-facing. This means that the speaker does not provide 360-degree sound and has two passive radiators on either end of the speaker.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

I wish the speakers had more spatial separation when listening to them. At close range, the sound coming from the speakers is very direct. I’ve only found this to be a problem when sitting close to the speakers. speaker.

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The speakers are also quite loud, which is useful when you need to fill a large area with sound.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

The microphone on the speaker isn’t that good and in my testing it failed to pick up my voice clearly.

The functionality of the speaker is very simple compared to other speakers in the market. The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.2 instead of Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless communication with devices. The new devices are backwards compatible so it’s not a big deal. The speaker also doesn’t have a water resistance rating, so you won’t be going anywhere near a pool party anytime soon.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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The speaker is powered by two internal 2000 mAh batteries that can power the speaker for up to 12 hours at 50% volume. Of course, battery life depends on listening volume.

When recharging the speaker, it may take up to 4 hours to fully charge it. Unfortunately, this is via micro-USB instead of the modern USB Type-C. It would be nice to have a more modern Type-C port on this speaker and some sort of fast charging capability.

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Eclipse Wireless Speaker

If you’re looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker with a premium design that can provide great listening, Aukey’s Eclipse Speaker is a good choice.

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If you’re looking for feature by feature, this speaker doesn’t have it, but it does a good job at an affordable price.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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Eclipse Wireless Speaker

Aukey Sk M30 Eclipse Wireless Speaker

The packaging should be the same as in stores. Unless the item is handmade or packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging such as an unsealed box or plastic bag.

Item 1 IJOY Eclipse Genuine Wireless Compact Speakers with Carrying Case – White IJOY Eclipse Genuine Wireless Compact Speakers with Carrying Case – White

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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Item 6 iJoy ECLIPSE White Bluetooth Pairing Speaker with Carrying Case iJoy ECLIPSE White Bluetooth Pairing Speaker with Carrying Case

Item 7 iJOY CORE ECLIPSE – True Wireless Compact Stereo Speaker with White Case iJOY CORE ECLIPSE – True Wireless Compact Stereo Speaker with White Case As digital content grows in popularity, the concept of active speakers with multiple connectivity options is becoming more and more useful. Paul Rigby reviews the great looking Eclipse TD-M1 speakers

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

There is absolutely no need to provide meaningful briefings when introducing Eclipse speakers. I have no choice but to let people see it. It’s basically a speaker. There are many active designs on the market, and there are also numerous wireless models, many of which offer multiple connection options, but only this example seems to come from the brains of 50s sci-fi writers. I see.

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The speaker offers a unique and bold design when it comes to the body shape. This is a real Marmite problem. Some people love it, some hate it, but I admire Eclipse’s courage to try to create something that deviates from the standard clone and box efforts.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

The chassis is made of resin and has a shape that eliminates harmful standing waves. A single 8cm fiberglass driver dominates the front end, with a 20W amplifier for the right speaker, a Wi-Fi adapter that can work with Apple’s AirPlay technology, up to 24-bit/192kHz, plus a USB controller that can work with the same. These speakers may be able to search content wirelessly, but they require a cable to connect the amplifier to the mains and another cable to connect the right speaker to the left speaker. Each speaker features a built-in stem-like stand or foot with a friction lever on the back that lets you tilt the chassis head to the right listening angle.

All connections are also shown on the right speaker and include Aux In and USB (types A and B). There is also a Wi-Fi antenna connector here. But unfortunately there is no Bluetooth option.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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Sources can be switched via touch-sensitive controls at the base of the right speaker, including source control and volume. You can download the manual from the company’s website to see the full set of instructions provided. You can also use AirPlay in Direct or Wi-Fi mode. The latter lets you access music stored on other devices on your wireless network, while the former doesn’t require a Wi-Fi router at all.

Generally, when setting up speakers in this genre, the usual way to connect the two before using other media content is to run a cable from one speaker to the other. In this way, both speakers produce the same sound. The only issue with the TD-M1 was the relative length of that umbilical cord compared to some systems I reviewed. While this wire length is more than sufficient for most users, it may not be sufficient for home systems looking at these speakers on a separate stand in front of a static hi-fi system. No doubt the company will say, “Oh, then you need our larger model…follow me while I explain the more expensive…”. Because it is, well, bigger and you may not be able to afford them. So before you buy, make sure that this cable is long enough for your needs.

Eclipse Wireless Speaker

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