Doss Traveler Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Doss Traveler Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Wireless speakers are one of the most purchased accessories for mobile devices outside of cases and screen protectors. We love our music and media and as a result, we have thousands of different options for wireless listening. If you’re a tech shopper and don’t want to pay for a big box store brand name, we have another wireless speaker that will meet your needs. The DOSS Traveler Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the result of two years of research and development, and its excellent ratings on Amazon show that a brand name does not define quality.

DOSS is a third-party accessory manufacturer focused on audio products for 18 years. If you’ve shopped for budget speakers on Amazon before, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the DOSS Touch #1 Best Selling wireless speaker. It costs $33.99 and packs a punch in a small package. 5,000+ reviewers endorse the expertise that DOSS brings to its products. If you look around the entire Amazon DOSS store, almost every product is highly rated.

Doss Traveler Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Doss Traveler Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve been using the Traveler for a few weeks now and I think it’s a solid buy for what it has to offer.

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The DOSS Traveler is as the name suggests: a portable speaker that can go anywhere your heart desires. It has a very tough construction with hard plastic and metal grills to protect it from anything you throw at it. Dual LED flashlights sit in front of the speaker that provide strong lighting in dark conditions or it can also be a party speaker with strobe lights. There’s even a cute fox face drawn on the front to enhance the lights. Controls sit on top of the speaker: power, Bluetooth, light functions, pause/play and +/- for volume and track control. The Traveler is built so well that it can even float in water so you can take it on a boat or put it by the pool without fear.

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The music part of the Passenger is covered by dual 10W drivers with dual passive subwoofers on each side. It will be loud enough to fill a large room with music, and it is loud enough to entertain a group sitting by a pool, picnic or campsite.

DOSS provides two options for carrying the Traveler: a short strap with a rubber handle, or a long strap that can be used over your shoulder to make it easier. I chose the short strap because I never carry speakers like a purse. However, I can see swapping out the shorter strap for the longer one when I take it on my next camping trip so I can hang it on a hook or branch.

There are even two mounting slots on the bottom of the Traveler so you can mount it on a tripod or Gorillapod as well. It comes in Olive Green in addition to the black one I was using and sells for $59.99 with free Prime shipping at

Doss Traveler Speaker Bluetooth Wireless Outdoor Portable Loudspeaker Ipx6 Waterproof Stereo Bass Subwoofer Sound Box +led Light

In terms of design, I really like the build quality of the DOSS Traveler as it is a complete package as a wireless speaker. There are no other features I can think of that I would want with it and I appreciate the addition of the lights with the cute fox on the front. This speaker is clearly a unique design built by DOSS on its own and not a rebrand of a generic product.

Usually, when you think of a budget segment speaker, you tend to compromise on sound. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is what comes to mind when you think about saving money, especially in a department full of premium devices from big brands like Beats Audio and Bose. With the DOSS Traveller, I had little understanding of “you get what you pay for.” Instead, I got a feeling of, “wow, I’m getting great value for my dollar” with this purchase.

If you’ve listened to Ultimate Ears Boom, Boom 2, or Wonderboom, you know what Travelers is all about. Its bass sound is not heavy or uneven. The sound is neutral and detailed which is what you want in an outdoor style speaker. Outdoor speakers that focus too much on the bass do not sound as good outdoors because the bass tends to disturb the details in the music. Highs and mids are good enough with the Traveler, while the bass rounds out the sound to offer a neutral tone.

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Doss Traveler Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

In terms of performance, Passengers exceeded my expectations for playback time. I often got just over 12 hours of mixed use before needing a full recharge. That’s a lot of time for a wireless speaker and it takes me three weeks to listen to music every night. It even worked well as a multimedia speaker that enhanced the sound from my iPad Pro and brought movies and TV shows to life.

Doss Wb60blk Wb60grn 20w Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The light feature came in handy on my night walks with my dog. Here in San Diego, especially in the late summer months, there are large spiders that make webs on the sidewalk. Walking into their webs is a bad thing, but Travelers helped me avoid contact with these spiders. Instead, he left them to feast on bugs without me destroying the web.

Water and dust resistance are very important features of wireless products these days. The traveler has an IPX6 rating which means it can withstand getting wet and dirty without causing breakage. It’s a nice feature to have because I don’t have to worry about it when I take it out at the pool.

The Traveler’s superb build quality and audio performance make the Traveler a complete package worth its $59.99 price tag.

The DOSS Traveler is a great choice for a wireless speaker. It is rugged and offers water and dust protection. It also has great sound quality and lasts long enough to get you through an intense weekend of partying. Most importantly, the Traveler is easy on the wallet and will make a significant DOSS history, it should last many years without issue.

Doss Traveler Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof Ipx6, 20w Stereo Sound 12h Playtime

I highly recommend checking out the DOSS Traveler if you are a discerning consumer who wants the most from their devices. Bluetooth headphones allow you to enjoy your music anytime, anywhere. But Bluetooth speakers let you share that music with your friends. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or hanging out at the beach, a Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for any summer fun.

Many of us have a Bluetooth speaker hanging around our house. However, most purchases overlook one main aspect: durability. What’s the point of a speaker that can go anywhere, if you’re worried about damaging it? From poolside showers to unpredictable weather, humidity can quickly kill your background music.

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Doss Traveler Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Fortunately, there are many options. Several manufacturers are producing speakers that are not only affordable, but durable. One of the most promising entrants to this market is the DOSS waterproof Bluetooth speaker. We already reviewed their SoundBox Touch, and found its performance to be above average for the class. Is the same true for their ultra-durable waterproof speaker? We went hand in hand to find out.

Wb60 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Teardown Internal Photos Doss Traveler_internal Photo Wonders Technology

The DOSS Traveler packs a lot of punch in a small package. It’s a bit bigger than some speakers, but it still fits the “compact” class. Dual 10-watt drivers and passive sub-woofers can pump out a lot of sound. When the sun goes down, the dual LED lights will make this speaker the centerpiece of your next meeting.

This speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1 – the latest standard. This allows uncompressed audio to be transmitted in real time, so that audio quality is not lost. You also get an AUX input, so you can connect older devices that don’t use Bluetooth.

It also has a MicroSD card slot, so you can load MP3s directly from your local storage. The Micro-USB port is only used for charging, and cannot be used to connect to external storage devices.

Unlike the sleek and modern design of the previous speakers, DOSS took an aggressive approach with this model. The entire enclosure is made of black plastic. A mesh network of holes will add some flavor to the garden. The front is very simple, because they need a lot of air flow to let the sound through. Above, these holes are arranged in an elegant angular pattern to give the speaker a unique look.

Doss Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Waterproof Ipx6, 20w Stereo Sound And Bold Bass, 12h Playtime, Durable For Phone, Tablet, Tv, Gift Ideas

The handle of the garment connects to two metal devices. It is attached to the garment with two snap rings, which can be removed in seconds. It takes a little force to remove them, so you don’t have to worry about the handle falling off while in use. DOSS provides a short handle that is 11-inches, and a long strap that is 63 inches. The strap is perfect for slinging over your shoulder, although the handle is small but in a simple way

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