Denon Heos Speakers

Denon Heos Speakers – You can pair the HEOS speaker with other wireless HEOS speakers to give you even more sound. Alternatively, you can pair it with a HEOS bar and two HEOS speakers as follows. You get a full wireless 5.1 cinema surround sound experience.

Two custom-designed 5-1/4inch drivers combine with quality Class D amplification to deliver clean and clear, yet punchy bass. The HEOS loudspeaker’s proprietary DSP algorithms provide optimal low-frequency response throughout the entire dynamic range. In the HEOS app, you’ll find advanced settings for various settings, such as chat enhancement and night features integrated into the HEOS bar. Used together, this wireless speaker will automatically adapt to your location.

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Denon Heos Speakers

Denon Heos Speakers

Installing the HEOS speaker only takes a few minutes. Connect it to your home network and other HEOS devices, and you can enjoy bass right away. Control all your audio from the HEOS app. It’s actually quite simple.

Denon Heos 5hs2bke2 Portable Wireless Speaker, Black

Connect the HEOS speaker with your favorite HEOS devices and get a whole-house sound system. Different music for different rooms or same music for all rooms. Keep everything at your fingertips with the intuitive HEOS app. The HEOS Amp is designed to add HEOS multi-room functionality to a pair of stereo speakers and has the same phone-less convenience as our self-powered HEOS speaker model.

Featuring advanced Class D digital amplification in a sleek compact chassis, the HEOS Amp delivers 100 watts of power per channel, with low distortion and high current capability.

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Wireless connectivity: Supports new dual-band wireless connections (such as 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standard). Wired Connectivity: Single RJ-45 jack for connecting to wired Ethernet

ITunes music stored locally on your iOS device or music files on your Android or Kindle Fire device. NAS (Network Attached Storage): Play from your home network: DLNA compatible.

Demo Set] Denon Heos 7 Hs2 Wireless Speaker System (white)

Aux Input: Analog or optical digital source connected to HEOS Amp or other HEOS players. Music downloads: DRM-free downloads from all services**. Internet radio support: streaming AAC, MP3, WMA (via TuneIn service).

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WMA: up to 192kbps AAC and MP3: up to 320kbps FLAC, WAV and ALAC: up to and including 24-bit / 192kHz. * AIFF and DSD support coming soon Bluetooth support: Play on one speaker or add another HEOS speaker in party mode.

• Volume Up/Down • Mute | Mood Button LED Indicator • Multi-Color LED Indicator • Network ‘Connect’ Button (Rear) • Bluetooth ‘Connect’ Button (Rear)

Denon Heos Speakers

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